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First, the other reviewer on is correct when stating that there s something wrong about carefully distinguishing between Italy, Germany, and France but then having one person from Latin America and another from Asia These are continents, not countries continents with diverse ethnic groups and cultures, and, of course, many different nations.I also found the format of the book, while visually interesting, to be difficult and frustrating to read It s hard to manage as a read aloud and it may also be too complicated for some young readers. Young Madlenka sets out to share the good news she has a loose tooth in this engaging picture book from the talented Peter Sis, visiting all of her many neighbors in the diverse New York City neighborhood she calls home From Mr Gaston, the French baker, to Mr Singh, the Indian newspaper seller, from Mr Eduardo, the greengrocer, to Mrs Kham the shopkeeper, Madlenka moves from friend to friend, and from culture to culture, receiving congratulations and good wishes from all, and becoming Madeleine, Madela, Magdalena and Mandala in turn, until, returning home, she is Madlenka again.As a celebration of diversity, Madelenka is immensely appealing, highlighting the many cultures to be found on one small block in the city of New York I did wonder a bit as I see, have other reviewers at Sis decision to describe some of Madlenka s neighbors by their national affiliation India, Germany, France and others by their regional one Latin America, Asia , as I think this is rather confusing Mrs Kham is clearly meant to be Tibetan, for instance, so why is she described as Asian, when Mr Singh is described as Indian Leaving this inconsistency aside, I enjoyed Madlenka s world tour, and the idea, implicit in the story, that knowing people from different cultures can enrich one s life The artwork is, as can be expected, this being Peter Sis, outstanding Fine etching like details, sometimes dizzying perspectives, and exciting cut outs all combine, creating pages that young children will enjoy turning, and poring over Highly recommended to anyone looking for good children s stories set in New York City, or to fan of Peter Sis [Download Epub] ⚔ Madlenka ⚇ A Trip Around A City Block Is Like A Trip Around The World Peeking Out Through A Die Cut Window On The Jacket, Madlenka Invites The Reader To Enter Her World And What A World It Is On The Surface, It Looks Like An Ordinary City Block, But As We Meet Madlenka S Neighbors The French Baker, The Indian News Vendor, The Italian Ice Cream Man, The Latin American Grocer, A Retired Opera Singer From Germany, An African American School Friend, And The Asian Shopkeeper And Look Through Die Cut Windows To The Images And Memories They Have Carried From Old Country To New, We Can See That Madlenka S Block Is As Richly Varied As Its Inhabitants And Why Is Madlenka Going Around The Block, Jumping For Joy Her Tooth Is Loose, And She Wants Everyone To Know Madlenka Is A New York Times Book Review Notable Children S Book Of The Year This Title Has Common Core Connections I read Madlenka with my 2 year old Three times at her request Part of the thrill of the book had a little something to do with the way we would call out Madlenka s name when we were looking for her on every page.The story is about a little girl whose tooth is loose She goes around her New York neighborhood sharing this information with neighbors from around the world I liked how each person cheerfully greeted Madlenka and said something in their native language.We enjoyed the cutouts However, I wasn t a fan of some of the pages Those particular pages were dark and harder to see Some of the descriptions of cultures puzzled me One was the description of things from Asian culture, different smells A children s picture book club read found here Madlenka by Peter Sis follows a small girl as she visits shop owners on her block to tell them about her loose tooth This trip around the world on her own square block is a multicultural look at the world from New York City.The sparse text is supplemented with writing on each side of some pictures, making the reader turn the book around to read it, thus changing their perspective There are lists, with pictures, of what is in a shop, or what is in a country Each person says hello or greetings in their native language and changes Madlenka s name to the version used in that language or country.Sis begins by visually pinpointing Madlenka s position, starting with Earth, then New York, then Manhattan, then her area, and her block Sis used a variety of perspectives in this book particularly with the views of the block The design of the book, featuring cutouts square and round, generally works well It is imaginative, adventurous and dreamy.Several things bothered me about this book People are sometimes referred to by their native country, others by their continent, which I found inconsistent and confusing The dark illustrations for France and Germany made it difficult to identify buildings or figures The lack of a complete list of the cultural and literary elements shown, which would have made this book very useful, was disappointing and frustrating to me A few of the images might frighten very sensitive children The concept of a small girl going around her urban block by herself is a bit disconcerting.Despite these objections, this book should be in school and library collections for its positive qualities of showing diversity in the United States and the world, its imagination, and its artistry and design elements For ages 4 to 8, New York City, diversity, loose tooth, multicultural, geography, perspective, and fans of Peter Sis. I really loved the illustrations in this one This books takes a visually exciting look at the multiculturalism of an American city It introduces children to a variety of cultures quickly, a few foreign words, and, in the end, offers a world map that pinpoints the origins of all of the people Madlenka tells about her loose tooth However, it oddly distinguishes some people by country and others by continent Is this because children are expected to be able to distinguish the German from the Frenchman but not the Korean from the Chinaman or the Mexican from the Guatamalan Although the book s portrayls were a bit stereotypical, overall Madelenka wasn t as inspid and condenscending as most yay for mutliculturalism books I have read I think that s because it doesn t make a point of lecturing the child about tolerating people of different cultures as though if not for such lectures children would naturally go up to the Indian newstandman and scream, Go back to your own country instead, it just presents a variety of diverse figures as a normal part of life I liked the way the cut outs revealed the often intriguing illustrations on the next page.It s a very busy book, with words all over the pages you have to turn the book to read the words, as they are written around the pictures , I guess to reflect the general busy nature of city life I always find that kind of writing in all directions annoying than cute. This is an interesting story about a micro cosm of world cultures in a NY neighborhood Madlenka, Madeline, Maddalena, etc as she is called by her neighbors has a loose tooth and wants to share the news with everyone The interesting cultures, foods, and languages that are incorporated into this story along with the fun writing that is written around the edges of several of the pages is a creative way to expose children to the diversity and differences among people from different nations and backgrounds His illustrations are intricate and gorgeous, if a bit dark, and the story is much engaging for younger children than the last book we read of his, The Wall Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain.This book was featured as one of the selections for the August 2011 Maps and Geography themed books for the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books group here at Goodreads. I saw this book and Madlenka s Dog on the library s shelf and borrowed them both I started off with a Huh and ended up being charmed However, a few of the inclusions for various places perplexed me Madlenka lives in New York City, and when she finds a loose tooth she goes off to tell everybody in the neighborhood, a diverse neighborhood Depending on whom she s relating with, depending on where they re originally from, they call her variations of her name There is a map at the back and throughout the book there are miniature pictures of things associated with various parts of the world There are cutouts Readers frequently have to turn pages a full 360 degrees to properly read and see everything I love tiny pictures and I loved many that are in this book There are also several pictures, ones that tend to take up a full page, that some children might find frightening they re not horrifying, but I think their potential for scaring some kids should be noted I d guess most kids will be fine when viewing them It s a great book for girls ages 6 7 and thereabouts, and all kids who are losing baby teeth and are excited about it, as Madlenka is I like how Madlenka goes around the world right in her NYC neighborhood NYC kids should appreciate this book too Madlenka is a children s book by Peter Sis, illustrator of Rabbit Ears Rumpelstiltskin, and was a selection for the Goodreads Children s book Picture Book Club and it details how a young girl named Madlenka goes around the city telling everyone that her tooth is loose while learning about other cultures from her neighbors Madlenka is a truly cute story about exploring different cultures one neighborhood at a time When I first started reading this little unique gem of a book, I was totally blown away by the concept and the illustrations of this book Peter Sis has done a brilliant job with both the writing and the illustrations in this book and I truly enjoyed the different perspectives of the world that this book takes I loved the way that Peter Sis gave the readers information about various countries that were explained through Madlenka s neighbors and my favorite parts of this story was how Peter Sis introduced a variety of different greetings from each person that Madlenka meets along the way such as Mr Gaston, the French baker greeting Madlenka by saying Bonjour, which is French for hello and Ms Grimm, an old lady from Germany who greets Madlenka by saying Guten tag It was always interesting learning about the different greetings from around the world and I had the pleasure of repeating these phrases and learning about them every time Peter Sis illustrations are extremely beautiful and creative at the same time as Madlenka is always exploring different cultures through her mind I loved the way that Peter Sis designed the pages to have die cut out windows in the middle of the pages so that way, when children turn the pages, not only will they see another country through Madlenka s eyes, but they will spot Madlenka on the other side of the page through the die cute window in the middle of the page The images that really stood out for me were of how Madlenka viewed the other countries through her eyes as countries like France, Latin America, Germany and Asia were colored in dark and shadowed coloring which gives the images a somewhat creepy yet imaginative view on the other countries and their cultures I especially loved the image of Germany through Madlenka s mind as it is mainly in dark green shadowing colors and you can see various surreal creatures popping out at you such as monsters and animals in the background.The reason why I gave this book a four star rating is because even though I loved the concept about exploring different countries, I sort of wished that this book also explored other countries that were rarely mentioned such as Russia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Greece and many others I know that is a lot to ask for a children s book, but I wanted to explore countries I have barely heard of and I am always looking forward to exploring every single country around the world since I want to learn about various cultures around the world and this book could have shown a simplistic version of exploring various countries that were rarely discussed through a children s book.Overall, Madlenka is a cute story for children who are interested in learning about other countries and their cultures and many children will surely enjoy this book I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since some of the images might be a tad bit too creepy for smaller children.