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Honestly, what the FUCK I wonder how much money Palahniuk made on sales of this piece of shit from fools like me who wanted to give the author one chance.Behold, one sentence just pages after the ass rape scene in mangled English in the Wal Mart bathroom Here worship shrine, all male neck must bind around with knotted banner, silk banner knotted at windpipe so dangle two long strands down chest to waistband trouser I get that the main chartacter is supposed to be a Chinese exchange student Given that I teach ESL students, I m also pretty sure the main character could just look up tie in the dictionary instead of having this long winded, confusing mess of words Yeah, I can t take 200 pages of this I want my money back. I got so caught up at reading the mangled English that I forgot I was reading a Chuck Palahniuk book, and I had not properly mentally braced myself when the first horrible thing happens in Chapter 2 After getting that shock, it was easier to remember who I was dealing with.This has got everything you d expect from a Palahniuk novel Dark humor, graphic violence, and a bunch of disturbing characters with an outlandish plot and outrageous twists This story of a spy trained since childhood by an unnamed facist government posing as an exchange student allows Palahniuk to engage in his usual bashing of American consumer culture, but flashbacks to Pygmy s upbringing and training are used to illustrate that there are worse things in the world.What sets this apart from his other books is the abuse of the English language in the hands of Pygmy It s oddly addictive to read and hilarious For example, here s Pygmy at Junior Swing Choir For official record, currrent now, ape mimic joyous facial expression fellow student during bellow propaganda lyrics All lauding agrarian United States deemed Oklahoma, primitive environment employing equine labor for drag wheeled conveyance despoiled with superfluous decrotive fringe If you find that funny, you ll probably like the book. @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚞ Pygmy õ Pigmeo Una Commedia Dark Che Parla Di Terrorismo E Razzismo Il Protagonista Un Tredicenne Straniero Che Approda Negli Stati Uniti Nell Ambito Di Un Programma Di Scambio Studenti E Finisce In Una Classica Famiglia Middle Class, Bianchissima, Felicissima E Cristianissima Che Vive In Un Altrettanto Classico, Altrettanto Middle Class, Altrettanto Bianco, Felice E Cristianissimo Sobborgo Sperso Da Qualche Parte Nell Immensa Provincia Americana La Permanenza Dovrebbe Durare Sei Mesi E Il Nostro Eroe In Compagnia Di Un Altra Dozzina Di Ragazzini Simili A Lui Spediti Negli Usa A Vivere In Tipiche Famiglie Locali Il Problema Che Pigmeo Viene Da Un Non Meglio Identificato Paese Totalitario Ed Un Terrorista, Addestrato Fin Dalla Pi Tenera Et Alle Arti Marziali, Alla Chimica E All Odio Assoluto Per Gli Stati Uniti A Guidare Il Suo Comportamento Sono Citazioni Di Grandi Uomini Come Hitler, Pinochet, Idi Amin Etc Etc Pigmeo Vuole Sfruttare I Suoi Sei Mesi Di Soggiorno Per Creare Un Progetto In Grado Di Superare Le Qualificazioni Per Il Concorso Nazionale Di Scienze Se Ce La Far , Potr Andare A Washington Per Le Finali, Portando Con S Il Suo Interessante Piano, Che Dovrebbe Provocare La Morte Di Milioni Di Persone Attraverso Lo Sguardo Di Pigmeo Obnubilato Dalla Propaganda E Dalla Paranoia Scopriamo Tutto L Orrore Dell America Di Oggi, Con La Sua Xenofobia, Il Suo Soffocante Fondamentalismo Religioso, L Onnipresenza Dei Media E Della Violenza I am Palahnuik damn it He may be the Vonnegut of our age Scathing satire with all the subtelty of a sledge hammer And a fun read, too, though the stream of consciousness pigeon English took some getting used to Flying panda kick BAM POW I ll give it another chance as soon as they translate it into English. I m giving this two stars because it s better than Snuff, but only because it s better than Snuff Like, in hope that ol Chuck s on an upswing Okay so Did you see that M Night Shyamalan movie The Village If you re like me, five minutes into that movie you were like, clearly these puritanical folks are modern day back to olden times people Otherwise why would a director like Mr Shyamalan, who normally pays so much attention to details and specifics, have them all talking like people in the oughties And then in the end you felt very smart for having such brilliant insights when you were proved right My point is not that I am a brilliant, insightful genius My point is that, if you are going to have people talk a specific, idiosyncratic way, there had better be a goddam reason for it, y know The whole hook of this book is, oh hey, this is fragmented English because English isn t the narrator s first language Which is a legitimate conceit, except that when the narrator is someone who s mastered the periodic table of elements by the time he s four, there had better be a goddam reason that he can barely grasp another language s syntax And also, while we re at it, if the book is told in the form of reports back to his home country, why the fuck is he reporting in this language he sucks at It just doesn t hold up Oh, wait, no it holds up in the context of xenophobia Which is complicated, right, because here is what the book is about America is full of jerks a thesis I d agree with and other countries don t always like it a thesis I d agree with and sometimes people from other countries do something about it via terrorism true This is all fine fodder for a novel, for sure Let s even make it science fiction, and instead of having the terrorist be from a real country America has declared war on, let s have him be from a made up, futuristic coalition of countries that might cut down on the potential for real world political insight or commentary, but hey, it s fiction, Chuck can do what he wants Plus they were made up countries in Brave New World, weren t they Oceania was, anyway And Brave New World worked.That is a good idea for a book So Chuck, why did you have to waste it on jokes about vibrators and how foreigners can t speak English right Oh, because you re Chuck Palahniuk and you pander to an audience of manly, bro ey duders and me, I guess who want titillation, not insight Who want you to play with but ultimately reinforce their prejudices and snappy judgments Of course this is old news to everyone except me Chuck Palahniuk s reputation is famous dunderhead, churning out stupid bullshit I think it s complicated than that, though Dude has a giant brain, comes up with good ideas brutal criticism of America from an oppressed outsider s perspective he just always then completely blows them with jokes about that murderous vibrator, or fucking your sister or something Whereas when he just lets his brain goes and gets less, like, sensationalistic see Rant or even Invisible Monsters, although I guess Invisible Monsters was pretty ridiculous he can be pretty amazing When you strip away the vaguely xenophobic conceit, Pygmy is just a bunch of goddam predictably outrageous Chuck Palahniuk hijinx Oh, Pygmy thought that he could bake the cake in half the time if he turned the heat twice as high Oh, Pygmy ate all the chocolates Whatever.It s a shame I want better from you, Chuck At this point, I almost wish you hadn t written Rant, because Rant was absolutely brilliant and is one of my favorite books and if I d never read it I certainly wouldn t keep reading this shit. Pygmy is focused on the experiences of Agent Number 67, a 13 year old secret agent from an unnamed totalitarian state Agent Number 67 along with 11 other young men and women take a journey to America disguised as foreign exchange students with the ultimate goal of executing a terrorist attack named Operation Havoc upon the American society.When I was watching Angelina Jolie s movie, SALT, I couldn t help but think of this vintage Palahniuk novel It left me wondering if the people who wrote Salt s screenplay have used this novel as a pattern Although Pygmy and the movie s stories have great disparities, you can not deny that there are obvious common grounds as well At first, I was a bit disappointed when I read the first few lines from the book It was written in Broken English or as other readers call it Pygmy English I browsed through the other pages only to have a confirmation that the whole book was indeed written in the same manner I thought to myself, What was Palahniuk thinking with that and my insatiable curiosity, I pushed to give it a try a few hours later, I was half way through it Every word was intoxicating There is a common misconception that if a person can not communicate well in English, he is as dumb as a cardboard But in Pygmy, this way of thinking is greatly challenged and was proven wrong countless of times.Chuck chose the right writing style for Pygmy It gives the readers a genuine feel of the narrator s point of view Not to mention that Agent Number 67 is such an innocently witty and funny character The novel gives the point of view of the other guys the bad guys branded by the society Because of Agent Number 67 s musings, you learn to sympathize with him and his group The readers will also see how very different sets of people could have so much in common just read the book and find out for yourself I don t want to spoil anyone with my ranting p Chuck Palahniuk berated the ridiculous lifestyle most people have through the eyes of this new comer There is a subtle juxtaposition that speaks so much about the differences between the totalitarian culture where the Agents grew up in and the lifestyle practiced by the majority Through the eyes of Agent Number 67, Chuck once again attacked consumerism, pop culture, racism, the educational system, religion, sexuality, familial living and much MUCH It is so refreshing to read all of it.I think this novel is a wake up call in disguise care of Mr Palahniuk s genius mind I thoroughly enjoyed this book Not only because of its entertainment factor but mainly because of the messages and moral lessons beyond every Dispatch You can actually learn morality from a seemingly dark and flawed character just like the ones in Pygmy better than if you read the generic tales of heroes and heroines.This book is a challenge Both intellectually and spiritually I recommend it to those who are craving on deviating from the sometimes annoyingly boring norms of the literary world. This was a mission to read Deciphering every sentence was a bit of a pain but it was such an unusual book and you did get used to it during the better chapters. Begins here paragraph the first of reviewer me, goodreader Chris, upon completion great American subversive novel ISBN 978 0 385 52634 0 Title Pygmy Author Esteemed sodomite Chuck Palahniuk For official record, expose novel as shit of iguanadons Sales of novel great, fueled by author prior reputation as popculture satirist For establish goodreader history, this reviewer previously read Choke, disliked as bite in testicle by rabid wombat nut chomp, however, is willing to give chance the second to esteemed author Pygmy sourced from store of unwanted belongings for make resale, this reviewer surprised not this book forsaken shortly after release to fickle American public, along with musical genius of 3 Doors Down and Doctors of Spin This reviewer see discount price, value equal to one monetary unit feature evil tyrant George Washington, next now, this reviewer make small parade to register, purchase Pygmy novel Story describe efforts of special Operatives from great unnamed nation oppressed by imperialist American war machine, agents embark on righteous counter attack Operation Havoc infiltrate Midwest American families under guise as students of exchange, impregnate peers to create anchor babies, acquire supplies and build weapon of mass destruction, last, detonate weapon blam pow kill many Americans Narrator Agent 67, issued name Pygmy by host American family, Cedar family During assimilation process to society typical of American suburb, Agent Pygmy teased as foreigner, retaliates by demonstrating superior combat training, superior spelling prowess, recitation of wise quotations former world leaders, and rape of bully s young puckered anus Now, I understand that Palahniuk was trying something different, to write a book in English, yet using the syntax of an alternate language to truthfully narrate the story from Pygmy s point of view, but really, does anyone want to read shit like that for 200 pages Plus, with Pygmy being such a quick learner you d think that maybe towards the end there would be some sort of improvement towardsbetter Engrish, but that doesn t happen I don t know whether I should give Palahniuk a big pat on the back or a kick in the junk for managing to write like a cretin throughout the course of the book It s akin to listening to a band with absolutely no cohesiveness, no rhythm, no music sense, and a lead singer with an uncontrollable stutter and wondering if it s the most god awful noise on the planet or a new groundbreaking statement So while Chuck may have gloriously displayed his large sack by gambling with this experiment, it certainly didn t help endear me to his work, not that I suppose he cares So with the book barely managing to remain readable to me, it was really up to the story itself glowingly described as The Manchurian Candidate meets South Park his finest novel since the generation defining Fight Club to win the day This, unfortunately, didn t happen There were a few elements which really kept me from enjoying the story, the first was a niggling carry over from Choke which was also utilized in this story the annoying habit of Pygmy alphabetically reciting the elements in times of duress, much like Victor rattled off medical conditions in the previous book To me, this comes across as a poor way for Palahniuk to make the narrator appear clever, that may not be his intent, but that s how I interpret it The next bother was the deadpan delivery when introducing what I m guessing was intended to be comedy, but Pygmy s matter of fact observations didn t work for me Much less, with many of these referring to pop culture and brand names, it s hard to imagine that a well trained mole would confuse Listerine with cologne even so when the character is able to discern the chemical composition of most items with a mere whiff Lastly, most of the events which occur while the agents are being indoctrinated into society were just too over the top to suspend my disbelief and allow the story to continue as something I should take even remotely seriously killing a priest during a baptism in front of the entire congregation, breaking numerous arms and legs in gym class, and don t even get me started on the school shooting during the Model United Nations While I have no doubt that this is just Palahniuk s style, it doesn t work for me I ve never read Fight Club, but after I first saw the movie, I had to turn to my fellow viewer and ask, Am I really supposed to believe a bunch of thick dudes were inspired to take direction from a guy they witnessed kicking his own ass outside a bar On a positive note, there are some people I can actually recommend this book to, or at least I suppose they d like it, I personally wouldn t associate with any of the dimwits I m attempting to describe Anyone who considers the USA as a global bully deserving of retribution by terrorist factions for foisting its tainted culture upon the world, consuming an inordinate amount of precious resources, and for sticking its nose in foreign affairs will probably enjoy this Pygmy s training in his home country, which I am going to call out as Turkmenistan simply because Palahniuk pussies out from pointing the finger at any nation in particular, focuses heavily on anti materialist rhetoric and the negative aspects of America s global policing, and Pygmy crams these astute lessons into a filibuster while acting as the United States delegate in the United Nations fiasco, demanding the evil empire make reparations for basically everything since their inception, and calls for the execution of their past and present leadership Using Pygmy s backasswardly written thoughts, Palahniuk spends a good deal of time attacking most of the social values and economic practices of the contemporary USA, hell, it s so anti American he even takes time to dis A Horse With No Name by the band America in passing That s just gratuitous The other group that might enjoy this is anyone who hass ever fantasized about dropping a beat down on some high school punk in a bathroom, and anally raping him and painting his prostate with your cum afterwards Or anyone who thinks the idea of a clandestine group of adolescent foreign agents being trained to suck cock by a war scarred old rebel fighter is pretty hot stuff If you re one of those enlightened folks that can sympathize with any of the sentiment expressed in this paragraph, you might want to check Pygmy out Overall, even if the writing style hadn t been intentionally bad, the lack of a redeeming story really makes it hard to understand why the author is still being published, even with a generation defining work under his belt I cringe just thinking I m included in that unfortunate group, even though I probably will get around to checking out Fight Club at some point Having read two books by Palahniuk, I m completely baffled as to why he s considered a gifted writer I m so thoroughly disgusted that I actually own this that I m probably just going to give my copy to the stinky kid next door when he stops by trick or treating, dick slap CW rape, violence, racism, sexism, school shootingThis review is going to have spoilers, so feel free to skip if you don t like that What the literal fuck I cannot read this for another second This book is only 256 pages but it felt like eternity I only have an hour left of the audiobook but I will not subject myself to this any longer If I could give this zero stars I would The story centers around what I assume to be an Asian spy from a communist country He comes to the US as a foreign exchange student and everyone refers to him as Pygmy His actual country of origin is not revealed, but racism is present in abundance and gives you insight into how Pygmy might appear The fact that I had to figure out what the character looks like based on racial slurs is abhorrent The story is told in broken English, which not only makes the story hard to follow, but also adds to the whole racist atmosphere of the novel Even the name Pygmy seems racist because the literal definition of the word is a member of certain peoples of very short stature in equatorial Africa and parts of Southeast Asia Also, Pygmy is essentially a terrorist, as his main goal is to go to D.C and set off a bomb Harmful stereotype, much But don t worry if you thought it couldn t get any worse This book isn t just racist, it s also sexist One of Pygmy s other goals is to impregnate an American woman Pygmy constantly looks observes women as receptacles for seed and there is no shortage of slang terms for women s breasts All of the men in the novel regard women with little to no respect The American girls are characterized as being loose and slutty After Pygmy saves the students from a school shooting, multiple girls come up to him, offering him sex There are many scenes where I think Palahniuk s only intention was to make the reader uncomfortable There is an anal rape scene of a bully in chapter two and also a scene where the main character removes a vibrator from his host mother s vagina while she is unconscious I ve never read any other of Palahniuk s books, but I have seen Fight Club, so it doesn t surprise me that he is into shock value I just thought such a revered author would have substance I am surprised that this book was written in 2009 This book just feels like a bunch of tired racist and sexist cliches After the anal rape scene, the bully comes to Pygmy begging him to love him Apparently, the bully has been hiding his sexuality and Pygmy awakened his inner desire for gay love WTF Pygmy turns him down and this leads the bully to later bring a gun to the school and shoot his classmates This school shooting felt like a big joke and, in 2018, it wasn t very funny This just feels like a book written by a gross nihilist who wants to shock you with how cretinous he can be I know that some authors use dark topics to prove a point, but this just feels like Palahniuk wrote haplessly with the intent of showing us how Edgy and Against the Grain he is I understand this book is meant to be satirical, but, I m sorry, I m not impressed with a white cis man writing any of this If you ve ever read a Palahniuk book worth your time, do let me know in the comments I ve heard good things about some of his other books, but I m hesitant to pick another one up.