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Book 5 in this series and I really enjoyed it Only Kiki could throw out her paycheck and have to go dumpster diving in her scrapbook business to retrieve the paycheck Well lets just say she doesn t end up with the paycheck but yet another murder to solve On to book 6 I will say in this book we find out a little about the marriage of Detective Detweiler. Best One Yet Scrappy scrapbooker Kiki Lowenstein is at the center of mysteries, murder, and men In book 5, the theme is domestic violence, and we finally find out why her crabby coworker Bama is such a cipher Meanwhile, Kiki continues to grow of a backbone, which is ever so satisfying, though her obsession with Dettweiler, the married detective, continues to be tiresome SPOILER ALERT We see a glimpse of alternate possibilities in this book finally , but the gravitational pull of Dettweiler always seems to win in the end I m curious how it will play out in the end Dettweiler is certainly being painted as the favorite. @EPUB ¾ Make, Take, Murder (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft Mystery, #5) ⚧ Dumpster Diving For Her Lost Paycheck Is Definitely The Low Point Of Kiki Lowenstein S Day That Is, Until She Finds A Severed Leg Thrown In With The Trash Who D Toss A Body Part In The Garbage Outside The Scrapbook Crafts Store Where Kiki Works Accompanying The Grisly Gift Is A Creepy Computerized Voice Message, A Warning To The Store S Rich And Snotty Female Shoppers Kiki Soon Discovers That The Leg Belonged To Cindy Gambrowski, A Customer With A Tyrannical And Violent Husband Who S Now Harassing Kiki Combing Through Cindy S Scrapbook Projects For Hidden Clues, Kiki Tries To Find The Killer Was It A Crime Of Marital Malice, Or Did Someone Else Beat Cindy S Husband To The Punch Includes Holiday Themed Projects And Recipes Praise The Characters Are So Well Developed That Each Installment Leaves The Reader Yearning For The Next Kirkus Reviews This Author S Craft Mysteries Are Topically Relevant And Chock Full Of Side Stories Compare With Clare O Donohue S Someday Quilts Series For Women S Empowerment Topics Library Journal There Are Chuckle Out Loud Moments As Well As Wonderful Scrapbooking Tips And Recipes Scattered Throughout The Book RT Book Reviews These books get better and better Great characters.Fun, quick reads. The review I wrote for another book somehow wound up here Although Joanna s novel and all the others she s written that I haven t already read are on my Kindle, I haven t read this one yet When I do, I ll post the correct review here I apologize for my techno ineptness. SPOILER ALERT I am giving away key plot points, do NOT read further if you haven t read the book I really enjoy this series This book had a couple of big things going for it, the most important being getting rid of Bama What a thoroughly hateful character I don t care what the circumstances were, she was awful I m so glad to see the end of that character Secondly, it was nice to see Kiki open her eyes and give Ben a real shot As much as I like Detwiler there are too many impediments to their relationship The ending of the book, of course, left the relationship up in the air If I had a friend who was in this situation I d be pushing her away from the toxic Detwiler relationship, directly into the arms of Ben Just like her friends are trying to do In earlier books I was rooting for Detwiler to leave his horrid wife and be with Kiki, but I don t think it s fair for him to keep her dangling on a string, hoping for his wife to leave Stick with Ben, Kiki I like a mystery that is a bit harder to figure out, and this one was not as tricky as earlier books in the series, but I still just love spending time with Kiki and her friends in St Louis Dumpster diving for her lost paycheck is definitely the low point of Kiki Lowenstein s day that is, until she finds a severed leg thrown in with the trash Who d toss a body part in the garbage outside the crafts store where Kiki works Accompanying the grisly gift is a creepy computerized voice message, a warning to the store s rich and snotty female shoppers Kiki soon discovers that the leg belonged to Cindy Gambrowski, a customer with a tyrannical and violent husband who s now harassing Kiki I love how these books make people aware of different issues of today s society This one is about abused women This book is fantastic The story line is great and the characters keep you wanting My one thing that drives me crazy is she is suppose to be in love with this married man but when ever she sees him she still calls him by his last name I am hoping he either divorces the current wife or she gets over him soon this is dragging on a bit long. This one seemed a bit darker than some of the other books in the series and maybe it s just because it was dealing with domestic abuse The story was well written and Kiki definitely had a difficult and busy holiday season Even though I don t scrapbook I enjoy reading about it and like that if I did scrapbook I could get ideas from these books and that she even includes project directions and recipes in the books I m really interested to see what happens next in her love life as well. All the many confusing things we find in life are touched upon in this series of books Still the read leaves you with a certain feeling of contentment As you go through each day with Kiki and the ins and outs of life, mystery, danger, and the promise of love at day s end you you sigh in relief that she made it through another day.