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[[ Download Kindle ]] ⚡ Sweet Sixteen · Buffy S Younger Sister, Dawn, Knows How It Feels To Be Different So When She Overhears Her Classmates Teasing A New Girl, Arianna, She Steps In, And The Two Become Friends But When Buffy Comes Home One Afternoon To Find Her Sister And Arianna Hanging Out, She S Surprised She Encountered Arianna One Night On Patrol A Demon Had Been Attacking Her, But Arianna Fought Back On Her Own What S That About The The Gang Gets To Know Arianna, The Puzzled They Are She Has Superstrength And Accelerated Healing Power, Just Like A Slayer But What She Also Has Is A Dark Secret And An Unusual Past And A Dangerous Legacy That Is Primed To Reveal Itself, Just As Soon As She Turns Sweet Sixteen This book was okay, up until the ending when everything came to a shocking conclusion Unlike other Buffy novels, this one focused too much on non canonical characters, rather than members of the Scooby Gang, but it was still a great read This was written by the late Scott Ciencin, not Troy Denning.The concept could have been interesting, but ultimately I found this novel uninspiring If there had been of a focus on the main Buffyverse characters I think that would have done it a favour The main character we get came across as flat to me The plot is predictable and this short book took me ages to get through. wow this was seriously dissapointing Spike would never have done what he did OOC much and while the daughter parent concept was interesting i wasn t captivated frankly bored now. I really enjoyed this one I think the author did a good job of the characterizations.