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This book talked about the ways that we seek to control others. One of the best books I ve ever read So informative, and not dry I loved this book and learned a lot Highly recommend. ^DOWNLOAD ☟ People-Reading ⇹ We Control Each Other And Are In Turn Controlled By Means Of All Sorts Of Subtle Communications Words, Gestures, The Way We Dress, What We Eat, How Much We Drink, Even The Jobs We Choose Habits Like Smoking Or Drinking, A Crushing Depression, The Need To Withdraw, A Violent Temper, Behavior In Bed Everything We Do, In Fact, Is A Communication To Ourselves And Others Of What We Want From Them And What We Re Willing To GiveMost Of The Time, Most Of Us Don T Even Know We Re Controlling Or Being Controlled So The Choices We Wind Up Making Are Made Blindly We Stay In The Same Old Ruts And Patterns We Lock Ourselves Into Word Cages From Which There Seem To Be No ExitsHow Can We Be Free We Can Learn The Art Of People Reading, Whose First Order Of Business Is Listening Not For What We Want To Hear, But For What Is Really Being Said, Not For Logic Or Consistency, But For How What Is Being Said Affects UsWhen We Listen To These Messages In Our Own And Others Behavior, We Can Gain The Information We Need To Be Free To Choose What We Want, Not What Someone Else Wants From Us Or For Us People Reading Tells Us How To Listen And What To Look For, Suggests How To Use The Information We Get By Listening And Looking To Cut The Invisible Strings By Which We Control And Are Controlled