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This is a really great book written by Stephen Bogart, the son of Humphrey Bogart The book not only tells you a lot about the life of Humphrey Bogart, but also what it was like for Stephen, being the son of a famous actor and actress Lauren Becall , and the impact on him losing his dad at the age of 8 years old If you enjoy biographies, I totally recommend reading this book. This was a very quick read although I m in the middle of too many other books at the moment, I picked it up in the library, took a peek, was instantly hooked brought it home and read right through to the end It didn t tell me much about Bogart that I didn t already know, but it was interesting to read his son s thoughts and memories and see how he feels his own life has reflected aspects of his father s life and personality at times It s also written in an enjoyably dry style I liked Stephen Bogart s descriptions of his typical conversations with anyone he has never met before, and how he is always asked the same questions about his father. If I hadn t read Yes Please, by Amy Poehler, I wouldn t believe that I could like any autobiographical book Too often they are shallow, egomaniacal, and unimportant, and this one was no exception The author, Humphrey Bogart s son has apparently spent his life trying to forget about his father and run from the Bogart name and this book is his way of reconciling that It s not At its simplest, it s a story of how nothing bad he s done in life is his fault cocaine, getting kicked out of school, acting recklessly and petulantly , but rather the result of his father dying when he was 8 He foists all blame off on his father, his mother, and pretty much any one else who came into his life completely unapologetically He frequently admits that he doesn t remember things that people have told him about his father, or that he doesn t remember how a specific event made him feel, which to me defeats the purpose of writing the damn thing to begin with Had this book been written by someone without famous parents, it would never have been published He grasps at straws trying to draw parallels between himself and his father, while going into graphic detail of his fathers last days, which to me makes him no better than the reporters he had such a problem with The book is a grab for attention and an exercise in hypocrisy A quick search reveals the only books to his credit despite a cheap and tacky plug for a series of mystery novels he s working on in the middle of a book about his relationship with his father all have to do with his famous father, who apparently was such a drain on his life All of that might have been forgivable had it been written well, but it wasn t Bogart needed either a better editor or a ghost writer I added a star simply for the anecdotes about Bogart and Bacall, which were interesting It s just another book by a spoiled, delusional brat who grew up with love and luxury yet still feels entitled to attention because his father was unable to survive cancer. This book was nowhere on my reading list until I came across it in the library It was BRILLIANT I had no idea I would laugh SO much at the stories that Stephen Bogart Humphrey s son recounts from his own life and his father s Every day I read this book, it seemed like I was reading about modern day s Charlie Sheen Bogart or Bogie was a dynamic personality off screen who was also very introspective and insecure about the people around him We discover Bogart as his son is discovering and reflecting on him I also had no idea that it took him so long to get his first notable screen credit that led to film opportunities Some may see Humphrey Bogart as rebellious and difficult, but he only stood up for his beliefs and determined that he would spend his life the way he wanted to Can t fault that I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a Humphrey Bogart fan If you are a Bogart fan, this is a must read. GREAT BOOK A sad but wonderful book about a Hollywood icon that we all have come to know as Bogie Told from the point of view of his son, the book is raw, painful and very insightful to the flaws that made Humphrey Bogart the man moviegoers love and the man that his very own son did not know Stephen Humphrey Bogart struggled the loss of his father at a young age and then the struggle with the star power his father s name had as he tried to become his own person I found the parts were Stephen clearly disagrees with his mother, Lauren Bacall, But her real name is Betty very candid and so painfully honest I was not much of a Bogart fan until I picked up this book I used to wonder what his appeal was since I saw him as a short guy that talked funny But once I started this book I cannot get enough of his movies and it helped to watched them as I read the book because Stephen talks a lot about behind the scenes events If you are a Bogart fan, or even just an old movies junkie, like myself, I highly suggest this book I really enjoyed this book Bogart is one of my all time favorites and I found this book so interesting because although it is Bogie as the subject, it is coupled with the story of the author Stephen Bogart and his relationship with his father It shows Bogie as a real human, husband and father Stephen shares how it felt to lose his father at the age of 7 but still to be in his shadow Very compelling stuff and entertainingly written. I really enjoy books about real people Celebrities, famous people I really enjoy reading about their lives and what makes them tick I went through a stage many years ago where all I wanted to do was watch old movies I watched, Key Largo, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Sabrina, and a bunch of John Wayne westerns I was mesmerized by these movies They are so different from the movies of today Of all the oldies I saw, I became especially fond of Humphrey Bogart His style was so unique I was instantly a fan I found this book in an antique shop several years ago and finally got around to reading it I think Stephen Bogart did a fantastic job with this Each chapter began with the continuation of the memory of a trip made to his old family home in Los Angeles with his mom in 1993 He reveals a piece of this memory each chapter Stephen who has spent almost his whole life trying to forget his father, realizes he needs to remember He finally wants to remember So he talks to all of the people who knew his dad to help him learn about the man he only was able to spend 8 years of his life with Humphrey Bogart was a genuine guy He loved to sail and drink with his friends He was a no nonsense type who told it like it was He didn t like phony actors Stephen interviewed several people who knew Humphrey including his mom, Lauren Bocall They helped Stephen piece together some of the missing pieces of the life of a man he didn t really know Now, after reading this, I want to go back and watch The African Queen and some of the other Bogart movies I have yet to see It was great to learn about a legend. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇦ Bogart: In Search of My Father ↯ For Humphrey Bogart S Son, Making Sense Of And Peace With The Father He Lost At An Early Age Has Led Him Down A Path Of Understanding That He Now Reveals Along The Way, He Came Up With Surprising Anecdotes Involving Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, John Houston, Audrey Hepburn, And Stephen Bogart S Stepfather, Jason Robards, That Make The Real Humphrey Bogart Come Vividly To Life