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!Download Book ☧ Faeries' Landing, Volume 3 ♸ Samteak Tells Fanta The Story Behind Ryang S First Kiss Worried, Fanta Feels That Yet Another One Of Ryang S Relationships Is Doomed To Failure However, Fanta Doesn T Have Long To Contemplate Ryang S Romantic Tribulations As She Must Face Off With Yuri Who Feels Fanta Is A Nuisance In Her Life Medea Has Her Own Problems Becoming Heavenly Queen And She Better Work Fast Or Ryang Will Attain A Th Evil Affinity The story goes on and introduces a new evil character I forget how much I loved this books and how much they make me laugh. An okay manga series, it was amusing at parts but too long and un ending for me I never finished the series. this series just gets better and better This anime is a little too silly I never thought I would see the day Not for me, but it was pleasant enough.