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This is probably the best literature I have read in the last year Wideman s characters are fully realized, his plot captivating, and the language mesmerizing This is no simple love story between a man and woman it is about love in all its venues I think Wideman really brings you into the lives of the main characters and makes you feel the pain and joy of each I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a classic African American blues novel. I ve read this book for an Afro American literature course and unfortunately I was really disappointed with it I expected something quite extraordinary as a culmination of our course since I enjoyed every single book we ve read I ve never before read anything by Wideman and I was expecting a postmodernist novel about love I was mislead by the title , I was imagining something like Ishmael Reed together with Toni Morrison, instead I ve received something rather incomprehensible, a story about pain and how miserable life in ghetto might be and how people get stuck there This is a story about a woman who has lost two sons and a husband and is afraid of commitment.I found absolutely nothing extraordinary about this novel and for me it was rather a hard and tiring read. Oppressive bleak like Pennsylvania skies, Two Cities explores the soul crushing experience of racism and hopelessness in urban Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Wideman language is absolutely lyrical if impenetrable at times The narrative is masterfully fragmented and layered with multiple voices in a way that unites the characters experiences and, at best, conveys hope in the survival blacks have demonstrated It s like resilience in a novel. La scrittura di Wideman davvero innovativa un flusso di coscienza che diventa un racconto, che si trasforma in un dialogo, in una lettera, poi in una telefonatae cos scorre la storia, con una meravigliosa scarsit di punteggiatura e un background che si costruisce attorno al lettore.Commovente il personaggio del signor Mallory, il vecchietto che andava in giro con la sua macchina fotografica in un sacchetto di plastica, ma non riusciva a compiere il suo progetto, e si vergognava delle sue pur meravigliose foto.La storia amara, forse perch verosimile una donna di un quartiere nero di Philadelphia ha perso il marito e i due figli a causa della criminalit e delle guerre tra bande Poi, inaspettatamente, si innamora di un uomo con il quale aveva in programma solo una notte di sesso, e la parte di s che ha paura si chiede se non sia meglio lasciarlo, piuttosto che rischiare di perdere anche lui..http iltesorodicarta.blogspot.it 20 Understanding Oppression African American Rights Then and Now Two Cities A Love Story by John Edgar Wideman Narrated in the bluesy voices of its three main characters, Two Citiesis a simple love story, but it is also about the survival of an endangered black urban community and the ways that people discover for redeeming themselves in a society that is failing them love truth hope I m being somewhat gracious with four stars The writing was superlative beautifully poetic and seemingly authentic I liked the story too The title suggests that the two cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, will be characters themselves, which wasn t the case It seemed like the cities in this book could have been Newark, Oakland, Detroit, or Chicago.I wish the pictures would have been described better The story, and especially its conclusion, would have been powerful had we seen those pictures too.The addition of quotation marks would have made the reading easier Sounds silly, I know, but it s true Maybe blurring the line between storytelling and dialogue was a brilliant stylistic choice, but I would have appreciated some punctuation. This book makes your heart race like you re having a panic attack Holy jazzy cadence and what a tender love and fear he shows for Philly and Pittsburgh. &DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇧ Two Cities: A Love Story ⇮ A Redemptive, Healing Novel, Two Cities Brings To Brilliant Culmination The Themes John Edgar Wideman Has Developed In Fourteen Previous Acclaimed Books It Is A Story Of Bridges Bridges Spanning The Rivers Of Philadelphia And Pittsburgh, Bridges Arching Over The Rifts That Have Divided Our Communities, Our Country, Our Hearts Narrated In The Bluesy Voices Of Its Three Main Characters, Two Cities Is A Simple Love Story, But It Is Also About The Survival Of An Endangered Black Urban Community And The Ways That People Discover For Redeeming Themselves In A Society That Is Failing Them With Its Indelible Images Of Confrontation And Outrage, Matched In Equal Measure By Lasting Impressions Of Hope, Two Cities Is A Compassionate, Lacerating, And Nourishing Novel Blew me away.