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This is the final book of the series spoilers aplenty You have been warned and do not let anybody tell otherwise The book begins with the retelling of the Arthurian legend, in particular the Lady of the Lake part if you are surprised by this take a look at the title again The problems are there are always problems in Geralt s universe the Lady was not exactly the ruler of Avalon, the coming knight was not Arthur, and nobody offered Excalibur or even an old rusty sword to anybody The character impersonating the Lady was the old familiar though Whose that read the books of the series starting with the third one the first one in the format of a novel know that author likes jumping between POVs and time but somehow manages to make this not confusing I think congratulations are in order as I finally was utterly confused by the first part here Following second chapter gets my nomination for one of the most useless in terms of influence on the plot chapters of fantasy ever Yes, I have read Steven Erikson s magnum opus Yes, I agree that when it comes to useless chapters Malazan is light years ahead of everybody else leaving no hope of competing Still if we disregard it the second chapter I mentioned would be among the top of contenders Finally the third chapter gets much better returning to Geralt and his sidekicks see, I just spoiled you that the guy is alive in the beginning of the last book His is bored out of his skull despite always doing what Geralt does best No, I am not talking about monster hunters People who played Witcher games know exactly what I am talking about He is so bored he finally recalled he is supposed to hunt monsters and decided to do exactly that And here ladies and gentlemen comes the biggest Deux Ex Machina of the series of all the hiding places in the whole world some conspirators decided to hold a meeting in the ruins where Geralt came to do his work The rest of the book was fine including probably the best depiction of a grand battle I ever saw in fantasy except for the fact that the last two chapters felt stretched to the breaking point The ending was so vague and confusing that I postponed writing my review until I read a short story taking place after the events of the series This said story clued me in, but not where I expected I realized that the series would be better off as short story anthologies like the first two books The short stories have Geralt as a main character as opposed to novels where Ciri becomes one I will talk about the main characters below.Geralt The guy is supposed to the a very interesting character and he is when he is not brooding or being in the bad mood this always happens to him in books 3 7 Heck, Geralt of the Witcher game trilogy isexciting.Yennefer Such a promising character was completely ruined in the end for me when I realized she managed to do nothing useful whatsoever in the series except for getting some good people killed She was playing a Damsel in Distress in the previous book and turned out completely weak willed here.Ciri I could never make myself care about her The fact that the story focus shifted from Geralt to her lowered my opinion of the series Triss Merigold She had her bad moments, but I believe Geralt would be better off with her Enough said.Dandelion Jaskier His short but brilliant POV practically made the previous book I wish we hadof this He never failed to bring some humor Does it mean the series is bad Not in the least I wholeheartedly recommend it to all fantasy fans read at least first two books and see how you like them Author s writing quality is quite good and visible even in translations My personal problem is that I really did not like the direction the tale was going Sorry, I really wanted to like it . Let me start by saying that Lady of the Lake is absolutely a bittersweet, yet fantastic finish to The Witcher series I find it very entertaining, yet challenging and deeply rewarding The major plot points of the series, specifically Ciri s parentage, destiny, and fate are all addressed and wrapped up rather neatly I don t want to expound on the plot further than that, not without giving something away that s best left to the joy of discovery Just read the book It s worth it Andrzej Sapkowski clearly draws from the darker side of Polish and European history, using his fantasy setting to explore various aspects of human behavior in a strikingly sophisticated manner Though immensely gratifying, Lady of the Lake is deeply unnerving There are moments when it s touching, romantic, funny, and amusing At others, it s unbearably sad and utterly terrifying It s a deeply political book like its predecessors, and racism plays a central role in the narrative, as does misogyny Another appealing element of the book, and the series, is the moral ambiguity of its power holders Nilfgaard is an oppressive, autocratic and megalomaniacal power yet the Northern kingdoms considered to be good, are monstrously violent and cruel places where non humans are forced to live in ghettos and suffer a lot mundane indignities Meanwhile, the Elven Scoia tael, who resist by force of arms, are straight up terrorists who seemingly take joy from violence against defenseless civilians Does this dynamic sound familiar It sure does to me The book, however, is not excessively grim There is goodness in the world, as well as in all, but the very worst actors in this drama And people surprise you just when you think you ve got things figured out, someone does something unexpected It may be an unexpected kindness from a character who has hitherto appeared cold and calculating or someone Geralt or Ciri came to trust, demonstrating why trust, in this world, should be granted prudently.The overarching theory is that the world isn t inherently dark and foreboding rather, it is corrupted by ignorance, jealousy and the pursuit of power and human nature can be redeemed in the face of naked self interest through personal bonds of friendship, love and loyalty These are timeless concepts, and by no means original to the series yet they are striking nonetheless, by virtue of their flawless execution, and the degree to which we come to care about what happens to Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and the others The Lady of the Lake is also stylistically daring As in The Tower of Swallows , narratives are often fragmented across several timelines and character perspectives However, it works better this time The epic Battle of Brenna shifts between the perspectives of various combatants, and the doctor running a field hospital in its midst Throughout, Sapkowski intersperses vignettes often centered on peripheral characters, which themselves may link back to events occurring elsewhere Keeping everything straight can be a challenge, but when the book concludes, the payoff is considerable.The book ends on a curious note but, suffice to say, it raises as many questions as it provides answers view spoiler I have my theory and please keep in mind that, amazing as the games may be, I don t consider them as canon It s clear to me that Geralt and Yennefer died and retired to the afterlife The whole series seemed to be building up to their inevitable deaths Think about what Villentretenmerth said to Geralt in The Bounds of ReasonOnly legends permit what nature condemns Only myths can ignore the limits of what s possible Or if you think what Yennefer said about elven legends in A Shard of Ice how she was wondering if humans will have ever such beautiful legends about love not knowing that one day she will became one of the main protagonist of such legendary tale about love for the next generations Ciri symbolically dies After burying Geralt and Yennefer, she realizes the only two people she loved are gone, hence there is nothing left in her homeworld except danger, obligations and life as a pawn She rejects and abandons her titles, her magical abilities and prior responsibilities by fleeing to a new world Her last thought before riding off into the sunset with Galahad is, I bet this world has jobs for a witcheress She is finally free and starts a new life, just what she always wanted as a rebellious, wild child, and adventurous free spirit.However it s up to you to interpret the ending Although the death interpretation fully resolves all the themes and arcs that ran their course throughout the series, Sapkowski ultimately left it up to the reader to decide because the question of whether they are alive or dead is thematically immaterial and unimportant Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri transcend life and death, and become myth and legend which is what the whole Nimue Condwiramurs angle was designed to convey hide spoiler This is the final tale in the dark fantasy series The Witcher, and all though it had a decent start the ending will, no doubt, disappoint many readers The idea that the truths of ancient history and mythology can be unearthed by exploring them in the dreams of a talented sleeper is rather enchanting It s an interesting idea, one that merges history and fantasy creating an almost dream like feel within the writing, though it never delivers what it promises The fantasy elements in here are predominantly dark and twisted Not a bad thing of course Just because it s a dream it doesn t mean it s going to be a pleasant one for the characters involved This isn t a book about glorious forests and magnificent scenery in which good always conquers evil No This is a book about opportunists It s a story about how people will always try to use others if it means they might have a chance forpower Such is Ciri s strand of the story She is entrapped by a group of elves who wish to harness the power of her ancient blood, by breeding her to create an offspring they can wield for their own advantage Not very nice at all, though they have overlooked Ciri s own opportunist nature and her will to survive She s not a woman to take this in her stride Indeed, she bides her time and looks for an opportunity to escape.Geralt, on the other hand, is enjoying life for the first part of the book He has a new romance, though such a thing could only ever be temporary There s only one woman he will truly love, and finding her again becomes his only purpose But Ciri is far removed from his life and reuniting with her will lead him on a perilous journey Fans of the video games will know all too well that his day job is hunting monsters he puts this aside for a while and embarks on a bigger quest The two separate strands drove the narrative forward as they grew ever closer The relationship between the two characters was the strongest aspect of the book The events may seem far removed from the legend the title of the book references It begins with a retelling of this element of the Arthurian myth, though Sapkowski gives it his own twist He blends the history with the fantasy, creating a unique world However, towards the end it did become a little confusing at points It all felt vague and extremely fragmented, but I suppose that s what happens with dreams The story telling was not as precise as the early books in the series, and the structure was a little clunky It was hard to tell when events were happening in relation to each other, and at times the book felt like a series of connected short stories or novellas rather than the full novel it was trying to be this time round The ending too will likely disappoint many readers with its sheer lack of punch and open ended nature I did enjoyed parts of this book, though it did have many problems I only recommend this to those that have read all the previous books in the series this is most certainly a conclusion, as weak as it was, rather than a stand alone novelI received an arc of this book from The Bookbag in exchange for an honest review. Lady of the Lake is an unfortunately poor conclusion to one of the finest fantasy series ever written Sapkowski attempts to mix in too many new things, his transitions between times and places are very poorly executed and quite overused, and everything about the ending itself is either too much of a clich , or simply ridiculous.I ve stayed with this saga for many years now, and it remains one of my favourites Especially the knowledge that the game series takes the franchise to perfection, is a comfort. Me ha dado much sima pena terminar esta saga.Me gusta mucho como escribe Sapkowski, aunque hay algunas partes que no me interesaban nada, pero bueno, no me han molestado esos trozos.No me quer a despedir de Geralt, Ciri, Jarkier y Triss, pero esta saga no se pod a alargar m s s , a n me queda Estaci n de Tormentas, pero ese ya lo leer cuando se me pase la pena y necesite volver a leer a Geralt.No he conseguido cogerle ning n cari o a Yennefer, incluso he tenido much simos momentos en los que quer a que muriese, pero bueno, ninguna saga es perfecta al 100%.He tenido ratos en los que me perd a en la trama, pero al final se ha centrado en lo importante.Recomiendo mucho esta saga para todos aquellos a los que les encante la fantas a.Y ya est , no s hacer rese as, y menos de finales de sagas. DNF d at 55%.A shame that I couldn t get through the final book in the series but the majority of this book was a chore to read Too much time hopping, world swapping, new and boring characters and not enough time spent with the people I actually cared about I m sure I ll come back to this sometime when I havepatience and time but it just wasn t for me at the moment I just wasn t excited about what I was reading. Te ko je jednim review om obuhvatiti etvoromese nu zabavu koju mi je pru ilo itanje serijala o Ve cu, ali hajde da poku am.Slabo stojim sa serijalima epske fantastike osim neizbe ne Tolkinove trilogije Gospodar prstenova pridoda emo tu i Hobita jer je, zapravo, tu cela pri a po ela , mamutskog To ka vremena i nedovr ene Pesme leda i vatre spremna sam da se kladim da Martin nikad ne e ni zavr iti serijal , Saga o Ve cu je do la kao prijatno iznena enje, ne samo to se ti e worldbuilding a, ve i stila pisanja, kao i pristupa uobi ajenim temama kojima se epska fantastika obi no bavi mislim da sam spomenula ve jednom uvek ponavljaju e motive o Odabranom, o Proro anstvima i bla bla tru.Krajnje je uobi ajena stvar da pisci poturaju reference na razna knji evna i ina umetni ka dela koja su ih inspirisala i motivisala da se i sami bave pri anjem pri a Ali na in na koji Sapkovski to radi sve je i za mene inovativan u ovom anru Umesto da da oma piscima i knji evnim likovima, Sapkovski im daje novi ivot, reinterpretira njihova dela na na in koji mo e da zna i jedino da se prokleto dobro zabavljao pi u i ovaj serijal i smi ljaju i razne sarkasti ne nepodop tine Verovatno i sam umoran od pre vakavanja stalno istih motiva, ostaje mi samo da pretpostavljam da je Sapkovski odlu io da se podrugne takvoj spisateljskoj praksi i, poput kritike, podari nam likove koji nimalo skriveno predstavljaju antipode svojim originalima iz sveta knji evnosti pa tako imamo Sne anu sa bandom od sedam drumskih razbojnika, kralja vilenjaka Oberona koji je frustriraju e impotentan i ne mo e da podari naslednika svom narodu, vampira vegetarijanca koji se, u procesu skidanja sa krvi, ak bavi i proizvodnjom rakije ve to upli u i takve minijature u pri u, Sapkovski ne preteruje ak ni onda kada se u ini da je ovoga puta zaista preterao Em, uglavnom.Tako e, jedan od aduta anra epske fantastike jeste i vezivanje italaca za krajnje ivopisne likove koji, prolaze i sito i re eto, sazrevaju, u e, bore se, tuguju, raduju se, a zajedno sa njima i mi, itaoci, eljni eskapisti kog predaha uz avanture nekog imaginarnog sveta Sapkovski i ovde briljira Za razliku od Tolkina, iji su likovi visokoparne figure, vi e simboli nego likovi osmi ljeni da budu ivotni i skloni slabostima i temperamentinim reakcijama, za razliku od D ordanovih dvodimenzionalnih, abloniziranih likova koji reaguju nelogi no i iritantno bez obzira na stale i narod, a strogo ukalupljenih po svom polu, kao i za razliku od Martinovih kraljeva, kraljica i vlastele, u serijalu koji uop te ne uzima u obzir male ljude , Sapkovski je uspeo da zahvati iz bunara raznolikosti izuzetno velikom kofom pa tako imamo i kraljeva, i kraljica, i seljaka, i lovaca, i kriminalaca, i vojskovo a, i arobnjaka, i arobnica, i prosjaka, i sve tenstva a svi oni, shodno logici, slede neke svoje, sopstvene puteve, i u svojoj raznovrsnosti su uglavnom potpuno uverljivi i deluju maltene opipljivo, stvarno, kao da su gra eni po nekim primerima, uzorima koje je pisac mo da ko e ga znati imao u svojoj okolini Smeju se, pla u, vole, mrze, tvrdoglavi su ili mudri, pametni ili glupi, drski ili blagi, u e, prave gre ke, rade dobro, rade lo e, i sve to u skladu sa dodeljenim im karakterima Moj naklon za ovo.Odlu uju i se za motiv provokativnosti koji bi njegovu Sagu mogao da istakne u odnosu na druge serijale, Sapkovski je, po mom skromnom mi ljenju, na inio pun pogodak, opredeliv i se da nam opisuje sve one ogavne stvari koje se obi no preska u u ovakvim pri ama, i stavljaju i svoje likove u situacije sasvim surove i, na alost, realne, u skladu sa doga anjima opisanim u knjizi Tako se, na primer, nije libio da opi e kako je prelepa arobnica Tris Merigold imala proliv, kako se Jenefer upi kila u bazenu, kako je slavna Temerijska vojska kopala nu nike na putu ka bojnom polju, kako Ciri bri e slinav nos rukavom, kako se Geralt napije kao krmak od votke Za razliku od Martinovog serijala koji seks koristi kao spice it up dodatak pri i, Sapkovski seksu prilazi trezvenije i, rekla bih, manje uspaljeno od ameri kog kolege Seks je ne samo u ivanje, ve i oru e mo i, alatka kojom se manipuli e, ali i oru je represije, poni avanja i tla enja u slu ajevima silovanja i zlo ina tokom rata Sapkovski se ne libi da nam gadarije koje ljudi rade poturi pod nos i ka e izvol te, i ovo smo mi.Suma sumarum, to se ti e hvale namenjene ovoj sagi, zadivljuju e je kako je Sapkovski naizgled jednostavno, promenama u na inu pripovedanja sa pravolinijskog pri anja pri e prelazi na flashbackove, i vice versa menjanjem POV likova, uklju uju i time razli ite tabore , stale e, polove, profesije, vrste , uspeo da obuhvati celokupan haos koji nastaje prilikom izbijanja rata izme u dve velike vojne sile irinu teritorije koja tom prilikom strada, na ine na koji svaki od stale a naroda polova pri tome trpi, kao i sveobuhvatne posledice koje takav jedan sukob izaziva Nema dobrih i lo ih momaka u ratu Rat je rat, a diplomatija samo njegova produ ena ruka.Naravno, nije sve ba savr eno u ovoj Sagi Negde na po etku, umeo je Sapkovski debelo da zagazi u patetiku i moralizatorske propovedi iskazane izve ta enim i pretencioznim monolozima Umeo je Sapkovski da ostavi neke stvari nedore ene, izlu uju i nedore ene, pretpostavljaju i, valjda, da to to se likovi u knjigama nekako razumeju i utanjem, podrazumeva da i itaoci shvate ta bi to utanje trebalo da zna i Lutao je Sapkovski poprili no dok nije prona ao neki vrst, utaban put, kojim je sigurno krenuo i doveo pri u do kraja, oslobodiv i se nekako usput de jih bolesti u pripovedanju, tako vidljivih na po etku serijala Bilo je mo da nekih delova koji su zaslu ili da se osmisle ili ispri aju malo druga ije Ali, i pored nekih nategnutih i zdrljanih re enja, ne mogu se oteti utisku da je Sapkovski od samog po etka znao gde i kako pri a treba da se zavr i.Znati dobro zavr iti pri u podjednako je va no kao i znati zapo eti je Toliko. &FREE ☚ Pani Jeziora ↠ Ciri, Prinzessin Von Cintra Und Sch Tzling Des Hexers Geralt Von Riva, Ist Auf Geheimnisvolle Weise In Eine Fremde Welt Versetzt Worden Dort Trifft Sie Auf Einen Jungen Ritter Namens Galahad, Der Sie F R Die Dame Vom See H Lt Und Dem Sie Ihre Geschichte Erz Hlt Die Kriege Und Machtk Mpfe, Die Seit Langem Tobten, Haben Ihren H Hepunkt Erreicht Vilgefortz Mit Seinen Helfershelfern Stellt Sich Zur Schlacht, Bei Der Viele Von Geralts Gef Hrten Ihr Leben Lassen M Ssen Und Es Droht Neue Gefahr In Gestalt Des Kaisers Emhyr Von Nilfgaard Er Wird Von Derselben Uralten Prophezeiung Geleitet, Die Auch Das Handeln Von Vilgefortz Und Ciri Bestimmte Wiewohl Im Besitz Berw Ltigender Bermacht, Scheut Emhyr Bei Der Konfrontation Mit Geralt Und Ciri Vor Der Letzten Konsequenz Zur Ck Denn Mit Ciri Verbindet Ihn Mehr Als Nur Die Alte Weissagung I m usually a lotcareful when I enter giveaways to enter only the first one or the next one in a series I have read, but somehow it escaped me that Lady of the Lake was not the first in a series With that in mind, I don t think I can give this book that fair of a review because I just didn t know what the characters did in the previous books or how any of the events unfolded Instead, I will focus on the things that really worked for me in this book.Even though it is not the first book, I could follow the story and I understood what was happening I think this is mostly because of the link to Arthurian legends The inspiration is fairly obvious you don t even need to open the book it s plastered on the cover I love everything about Arthurian England and I think the author used the inspiration excellently while still putting his own twist on it.The writing is the other thing I love about this book It s translated, but even in translation, his writing style is truly a pleasure to read He writes a fantastic battle, and all of the descriptions, in general, are well written That being said, I think I would have enjoyed thisif I had read the previous novels so I might go back and read the first one I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Originally posted on Netgalley. Prior to reading the first book in this series I was very, very convinced that these books would end up being among the best in the worst genre to pick books from I finished the first three, and they were perfect They had everything that a fantasy novel should have, maybe not could ever have, but I always put a lot of expectation on what I would read and the first three titles hit the mark An interesting world, painted with vivid imagery without clunky paragraphs of overwhelming description, realism within fantasy, a lot of philosophy, of humor, of adventure, all presented with mind of the culture and the plotline that serves as a nice, neat framework for all that.While those three were great, I can only say that the last two could be better The last one, The Lady of the Lake, was disappointing The problem with this series is that it felt like one ENORMOUS tumour had begun to manifest in it by the end of the second book, and grew to full form at the fifth That tumour s Ciri, by the way I truly loved her character from the beginning, but by the end I felt like the author didn t even bother to sugar coat the fact that she had evolved into a very obnoxious Mary Sue The thing is I wouldn t have minded any of that had her Mary Sueness not manipulated the plot into something mundane, something dull and dulling and just so mundane.Here is why the plot was wrapped up only with Ciri in mind I know she is supposed to be the main character from the very beginning, so no problem with that, but was it necessary to kill off anyone else who had no place in her happy ending Was it necessary to reduce wonderful, intelligent, proud and charismatic characters to fools beneath her Was it necessary to have every conflict in the books resolved or completely thrown away into disregard for her, because of her That s just so pretentious.It felt like the author wrote her with the intention of making her a legendary figure, but ended up making it look like generic self insert fanfiction Fanfiction written with increasingly faltering bouts of creativity, by the way, because you know, it s always great to draw from myth and folklore when writing fiction, but to do so in a way that it seems like copy and pasting, rather than re telling or bringing new colour to the story, just honestly cheapens it Or perhaps the mythic elements were cheapened because of the omnipresence of a flamboyant Mary Sue With the myth concerning the Elvenking, it felt like that A legendary, otherworldly creature, so cold and powerful and proud, left to snorting crack and reading porn and view spoiler OD ing from viagra hide spoiler