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He s a diplomat and knows nothing about the females of her worldand she s got a few differences, both physical and cultural They get to know each other and it is interesting to get their differing perspectives on their situation It was a fun, feel good read My only problem was that I wanted a littleat the end It would have been nice to see how she reacts to and interacts with his world Hopefully, there will be a sequel. #Read Book õ The Antaren Affair ⚛ Colonel R K Sy Avar Is An Officer In The Imperial Forces Sent To The Planet Antares To Negotiate An Alliance He S Learned The Hard Way To Trust No One And Has Only One Passion Duty But When An Antaren Kebara Is Sent To Serve Him In Any Way He Desires, She Proves Too Great A Temptation For The Battle Scarred Warrior Although He Suspects A Trap, He Still Wants Her On Her Back In His Bed Meraya Is A Woman Trained To Provide Sexual Pleasure A Woman Whose Duty Is To Serve She Has Never Known Freedom Or Desire She Discovers Both In The Arms Of The Barbarian Colonel But Meraya Is A Pawn In A Deadly Game Of Interstellar Politics That Could Cost Her Everythingincluding Her Heart When Avar Discovers He Wants Than The Paradise Found Between Meraya S Lovely Thighs, He Must Play For The Highest Stakes Ever, Gambling With The Life Of A Woman He Can T Resist A Woman Whose Betrayal Would Destroy Him Hunter s Review Oh my goodness, this is an utterly fantastic read From moment one Avar is shown to be the kind of hero it is easy to fall in love with He is just so upstanding and kind, while still managing to be hot and sexy Meraya wants only to serve him but it is the way that he takes care of her that brings her into her strength Together, they beat impossible odds and I was riveted reading their story I loved it Erica Anderson is going to be on my must buy list from now I give this book my highest recommendation for people who like hot, steamy Science Fiction Romance 5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read Really good book A military man visits a planet where women are subjugated and is gifted with one They end up falling in love Wonderful story I m definitely going to readby this author. HAUNTING, SENSUAL, FUTURISTIC TALE OF POLITICAL INTRIGUE AND ONE ALIEN CULTURE S MARGINALIZATION OF WOMENBlurb Colonel R k sy Avar is an officer in the Imperial Forces sent to the planet Antares to negotiate an alliance He s learned the hard way to trust no one and has only one passion duty But when an Antaren kebara is sent to serve him in any way he desires, she proves too great a temptation for the battle scarred warrior Although he suspects a trap, he still wants her on her back In his bed Meraya is a woman trained to provide sexual pleasure A woman whose duty is to serve She has never known freedom Or desire She discovers both in the arms of the barbarian colonel But Meraya is a pawn in a deadly game of interstellar politics that could cost her everythingincluding her heart When Avar discovers he wantsthan the paradise found between Meraya s lovely thighs, he must play for the highest stakes ever, gambling with the life of a woman he can t resist A woman whose betrayal would destroy him.I read this book when it was first released in 2010 I remember the story four years and literally hundreds of books later.The blurb describes the storyline adequately I have little to add in the way of clarity What it doesn t tell you is how subtle and clever Ms Anderson is in the way of character and plot developmenthow she sucks you into a fascinating world of nuance and erotic detail from the very beginning.Avar, our hero, is embroiled in palpable, swirling menace from the opening pages Our heroine, Meraya, is meant to be the unwitting tool for his ultimate humiliation in a well crafted game of political one upmanship Her master doesn t figure in the woman s inherent integrity and her honesty in the fulfilment her ultimate purpose to serve perfectly In many respects, this book is a game of political intrigue as much as it is a hot, sensual romance But don t be misledthis story brings the heat And the ending is oh so very satisfying.Ms Andersen has said she will be writing the sequel about Avar s lieutenant I am waitingor less patiently.ADDENDUM I have been taken to task about the length of this bookhas it listed at 99 pages My pdf copy shakes out at 114 It should be properly categorized as a novellahas it at 5.00 As Ellora s Cave is the publisher, I m not surprised at the stiff price If you wish to treat yourself to what is the equivalent of a Vente Caffe Latte Mochacchino, I still recommend it as being an excellent story. This is how you write an erotic scifi book It certainly felt longer than 100pp it had depth and detail.So the Antarens have separated the women into slave chattel, while the men have become emasculated elites Enter those pesky humans who are always looking for alliances and trade partners Antarens have a deep rooted sense of honor, and only recently have learned deception Humans know all about deceit, but can be honorable at the most unlikely times.So what happens when the Antarens gift the human ambassador who s a big bad ass with one of their chattel women Honor triumphs over deceit, with lots of hot sex along the way.The story is not complicated, but it is complete, and it explores the various facets of first contact, including language and societal differences And the different perceptions about sex The Antaren Affair is one hot read I found the plotting subtle and intriguing, much like the complex language the author has created for the Antares.Ms Anderson has crafted complex characters as well The hero carries his physical and emotional scars with dignity and deliberation I was impressed by the author s adeptness in layering honor, determination and intelligence via the subtle weaving of his back story throughout the book It s given to us in little bites that were painless as well as seamless to read.Avar s character complements the heroine s perfectly I adored Meraya because she is just as honorable as Avar, perhapsconsidering her place in her world is a subservient one I loved that they were so well matched, despite the disparate differences in their stations in life.The world building is intriguing so if you like a solid Sci Fi alongside your erotica, The Antaren Affair is a must read.My only complaint about The Antaren Affair is there s almost too much sex I can t believe I m actually complaining about this The first half of the book, except for a short scene around Avar s arrival, details Avar and Meraya s first night together While I agree the detail is necessary to initiate a relationship between them that goes beyond sex, for me, the flow of the book dipped at the halfway point because I started wishing they d get out of bed and get on with the story Like I said, I can t believe I m complaining.Well done, Ms Anderson I m looking forward tofrom you.Eve