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Book 4 in the Saga of the Trillium a collaboration between Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, and Julian May This one is by Marion Zimmer Bradley In publishing order, this one is book 4, but in terms of the story is like book five.Not as connected to the rest of the series, this installment leaves two of the three princesses behind and focuses on the aging Archmage, Haramis and her relationship with her successor, Princess Mikayla Focused on misunderstandings between the old and the young than on the battle between good and evil, this part of the story is much character driven than previous entries. Inconsistencies with previous books in the series abound. @DOWNLOAD ⚣ Lady of the Trillium ê Popular Ebook, Lady Of The Trillium By Marion Zimmer Bradley This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Lady Of The Trillium , Essay By Marion Zimmer Bradley Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You DA100000009908 I don t know why I read Lady of the Trillium after my disappointments with the other books in this series I guess I just wanted to see how things wound up Or I m a glutton for punishment, which is possible I wasn t too disappointed however MZB s style, I ve always found, is easy to read, and she keeps a story moving, compared to her co creators on the series The book picks up many decades after the last one and only Haramis, the Archmage of Ruwenda, is left alive of the sisters She is still dedicated to its protection, but also crotchety, senile, contrary, and illogical so unlikable, I wondered what the author had been thinking The story starts with her realizing she needs an heir to succeed her and she selects kidnaps without explanation, really a young princess of the royal house to train But teenage Mikayla is having none of it she already knows some magic, has a boyfriend, and realizes Haramis has become too senile to train her effectively This is the plot, Haramis dryly lecturing and coming down heavy handedly, Princess Mikayla rebelling and seeking her own way Not great but it kept me going, just to see how things resolved and they did, on a downer note view spoiler After several strokes Haramis realizes she s not long for this world and sacrifices herself to get Mikayla out of a scrape view spoiler My main criticism is that the author turned against her own character and made her into a villain, as if she had become tired of her OK, characters age, they change physically and mentally Everything decays But many times in the story I just wished for Haramis to die already, so Mikayla could take over the plot A real letdown to the end of the series hide spoiler Another worthy follow up in the multi author partwork Trillium series, this one has some surprising twists and turns with some new characters cropping up but they are written in so well along with tying the ends up of older characters in preceding novels you just totally accept and absorb the new ones into this story.This installment follows the story of the Archimage Lady Haramis, she is very old and sick and is fearing for the security of her land after her death.This leads her to snatch a distant kinswoman of hers when the opportunity allows to be trained as her successor.Fiolon and Mikayla are exploring their lands one day when Haramais swoops in and abducts them to her tower with precious little explanation, Mikayla is the intended target to follow in her footsteps so Fiolon to her grief is unceremoniously sent away.The friction between Haramis and Mikayla is palpable and Mikayla proves to be an unwilling and stubborn pupil much to the lady s chagrin who fears time is running out for her and her protege to learn the skills she needs to aptly rule in her footsteps.But when a blight is attacking the land Haramis is weakened further and is left gravely ill leaving the half taught Mikayla to try and save the kingdom with the help of Fiolon and a host of worthy helpers but can two young teenagers succeed where Haramis is so obviously failing to regenerate and heal their home So leads to a quest and a race against time to save Ruwenda and its environs but is it already too late Fast paced and lacks none of the excitement of the earlier novels in the series.Definitely worth reading but this is one of those partwork, multi layered novels that is useless to read without a background knowledge of the others in the set. While I generally enjoyed the book, I have issues.If one is attempting the read these books The Saga of the Trillium in order, or, really, in any order, it becomes quite frustrating The first two books in the series clearly follow one another Not true for the final three In fact, the final three totally disregard events in each others books Couldn t these women May, Norton, Bradley have taken an afternoon to read skim whatever the already published books before they went on to write the next one My suggestion is to read Black Trillium, Blood Trillium, and then Sky Trillium Skip this one and skip Golden Trillium Not because they are bad books, because on their own they are not But because they muddle the world you are being asked to enter.Another option would be to read Black, Blood, Golden, and then Lady, but skip Sky Trillium I only suggest the first option because I so thoroughly enjoyed Sky Trillium. The last of the Trillium books, I kept putting off reading this one because after this there is no I have enjoyed every book in this series It s set in such an interesting fantasy world, with touches of science fiction, and there is obviously a fascinating back story to the world yet it s only hinted at never told.This story is about the last surviving sister from the other Trillium books Haramis is the Arch mage and her magic has prolonged her life long after her other sisters are gone But her powers are failing and when she has strokes the land suffers changes She takes her niece Mikayla to train as the new arch mage Mikayla is reluctant especially when Haramis tries to separate her from her childhood friend and intended. The one who got me hook in reading It will forever be one of my favorites Very enjoyable fantasy by one of the best authors from the last my generation and it was available at a very low priced electronically what isn t to like about that combo There is a bit of developing m f attraction here However, because Lady of the Trillium is a coming of age story, it is not even realized by the MC s until view spoiler the end hide spoiler