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Wow I got drawn into this book WAYthan I thought I would It is about some high school kids who exploit bums They get the bums to do dangerous and humiliating things in exchange for booze It is written by one of the bums who eventually gets clean But he is permanently injured from the stunts Very engaging. I picked this up on my Kindle during one of their sales.It s interesting that the last two books I ve read have been about either addiction or some sort of misery, true, or in some cases, nearly true.This book is about the controversy of a group of college boys who thought it would be fun to hire bums with booze and a free hotel room purely to see what stupid and dangerous thing they could get the homeless to do, and then record it and sell it The way these idiots treated human beings, human beings incredibly down on their luck, is nauseating Rufus Hannah writes about his rise from homelessness to the courtroom when the men who profited handsomely from their ridiculous videos were brought to trial.An interesting read about homelessness.Lori AndersonBlog Shop FacebookBook Blog [Read Epub] ♭ A Bum Deal ♌ I Was Supposed To Give A Speech When I Got The Award, But I Had No Idea What To Say Given What My Life Had Been Like In Recent Years, I Felt As If This Were Some Kind Of Bad Dream I Thought About Being Born In A Small Southern Town, Beginning My Life By Drinking Beer From A Baby Bottle, Getting Kicked Out Of School, The Whole Army Disaster, The Crazy Van Trip Out West, Train Jumping And Then, All Those Years I Spent As A Homeless Drunk And, Of Course, The Bumfights When I Risked Life And Limb For Booze While Some Kids Filmed The Whole Damn Thing Looking At All This On Paper, I Wondered How Any Man Could Have Survived And I Noticed My Hands Even After A Number Of Painful And Expensive Laser Treatments The Letters Were Still There, Tattooed Across My Knuckles B U M F I G H T I Thought About The Damage These Hands Had Done To Me, And Even Worse, To My Best FriendThe Last Thing Rufus Hannah Expected The Morning He Climbed Into An Alley Dumpster Was To Have His Life Completely Changed It Was The Last Thing Barry Soper Expected Either, When He Spotted A Homeless Man Sifting Through The Trash Outside His Apartment Complex But In That Moment They D Join On A Path Of Triumph And Defeat, Despair And SalvationRufus Hannah Is Regrettably Known To Millions Around The World As Rufus The Stunt Bum Because Of His Participation In The Infamous Bumfights An Underground Video Series In Which Homeless Men Were Given Booze And Cash To Fight Or Do Bone Shattering Stunts But His Story Doesn T Begin Or End Where The Videos Doit Is A Story Of Incredible Pride And Perseverance, And A Recovery No One Least Of All Rufus Himself Could Have Imagined A Bum Deal Is A Story Of Our Personal Demons And A Journey From The Depths Of Despair To Recovery And Rebirth, And The Ordinary Man Who Risked Everything To Help This Stranger Survive Against The Most Unimaginable CrueltyRufus Hannah Is An Advocate For The Homeless, And Currently An Assistant Manager Of A Townhome Development He Was Formerly Featured In The Infamous Bumfights VideosActivist And Businessman Barry Soper Is Chairman Of The Board Of Oak Grove, A Nonprofit Educational And Residential Treatment Center ServingChildren, Ages Five To Eighteen Soper Has Served On The Board Of St Vincent DePaul Village, A Key Center For San Diego S Large Homeless Population I read this book for an English project I enjoyed this book because it showed the problems that homeless people have first hand It told how the homeless were treated poorly and how they got taken advantage of It shows that even though the homeless are less fortunate than us, they still deserve the best, just the same as us It ended as the homeless got their way after being forced to tape videos called Bumfights They fought other homeless people and hurt themselves, just to entertain people They were forced to get drunk, so they didn t really know what they wee doing In the end, the producers were arrested, and the homeless got their rights back I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about problems getting solved and people gaining their rights back This book puts a face to the issue HIs name is Rufus Hannah, and he was a victim of Bumfights videos You will not be disappointed if you read this book I recommend it for teenagers and older because of the violence and profanity Tyler Middleswart I ll never be able to prove it, but Rufus the stunt bum didn t write this book Somebody who s lived in the gutter for over a decade and sent the better part of his life completely shit faced does not write like a conservative Republican.I picked up Bum deal and got a bum deal.The book itself is so so It was good enough, barely, for me to finish it It reads at a high 6th grade reading level There are times when Rufus is allowed to speak for himself, and it hits you hard But for the most part, you ll be reading the work of a Jewish nerd Berry Soper no I m not racist, he actually describes himself as that in the book.I felt cheated by this false advertisement. Oh my gosh This book really, really touched my heart It saddens me that someone could take advantage of a person that is in such a dark place to begin with As a recovering alcoholic myself, I understand what it s like to feel hopeless and be willing to go to extreme lengths to get the alcohol your body so desperately needs That someone would take advantage of a person in that position for financial gain makes me so angry However, Rufus story is so incredibly uplifting and inspirational It really makes me mindful of some of the issues going on in the world that I rarely thought about before. When Barry Soper found a couple of homeless men rooting through a dumpster behind one of his apartment building, he hired them to do yard work and other chores After a while, they disappeared into the world of Bumfights, a sadomasochistic enterprise run by teenagers who paid the two alcoholics with booze to perform life threatening stunts and fight each other all while being filmed Both men suffered brutally at the hands of these violent teens before Soper once again came to their rescue A heart rending read displaying mankind s depths of depravity and heights of humanitarianism. I thought this was a very interesting It always had different things going on that made you very thankful for your life It really puts life into perspective This person had an awful childhood that led to some very unfortunate things happening, but he manages to completely turn his life around I thing this book really showed me about homeless people and helping the poor I didn t really know anything about it until I read this and it really opened my eyes I would definitely recommend this book. Found this at the Main Library in downtown Louisville Surprised it wasn t checked out or on reserve.Comical as an Autobiography The high minded first person narrative and the story being told that of being a Super Bum don t match Ghostwriting, but hardly at its finest.The story is compelling as a document of human weakness, suffering, adolescent cruelty, and hopefully redemption One bum up. Rufus Hannah was the guy from the Bumfights video who went on to become a sort of professional ex homeless person, going out on the lecture circuit, consulting with agencies that aid homeless vets, so on and so forth Perhaps you ve seen him on 60 Minutes or any number of other similar news programs A Bum Deal is the book he wrote about the ordeal with a guy named Barry Soper , who helped save him from the Bumfighsts crew It goes all the way back to the beginning, with his parents giving him beer in a baby bottle, to his many failed relationships with women, to the ill fated trip to Arizona that plunged him into a life of homeless and despair He eventually ended up in San Diego, where dumbass kids famously paid 5 per to film him performing increasingly stupid and dangerous stunts And then along comes businessman Soper, the self described Jewish James Bond, to save the day His portrayal can t help but come off as self serving But I guess for what it s worth, he did save a homeless guy s life I wouldn t give a homeless guy my pocket change My parents worked hard for that money