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This is a very hard book to rate The TV show was SO much better I was drawn to read this because I loved the TV show Flashforward of a couple of years ago, the one that didn t make it past two seasons I thought it was such a fascinating premise Everyone on earth blacks out for two minutes and sees a vision of his or her own future They get to observe exactly what they ll be doing six months hence, leading afterward to much contemplation by characters and viewers about whether the future is fixed or mutable, and if fixed, is there anything such thing as free will The book was said to be the inspiration for the TV show Not even the basis, only inspiration And that s about right, because there are few similarities except the idea, the black out flashforward event, and a couple of characters, or at least their names Some of the characters situations are similar, but assigned to other characters, and the start point of the story, which affects the suspense angle, begins elsewhere The flashforward of the book is a leap of 21 years, not 6 months, as in the TV show, which creates a whole other set of ramifications But the main problem with the book is substantive quantities of silliness in the thinking of characters who are supposed to be scientists, ridiculous plot devices, completely unbelievable motivations, and near the end, a over long chase scene that might work cinematically but was hopeless on the page, that had me saying out loud to no one in particular in my empty apartment , This is stupid But I can hardly give less than 3 stars to it when, for the first of the book, I confess I could hardly put it down Nevertheless, I do NOT recommend this book except to the most die hard sci fi fans who don t mind mediocre writing and pseudo scientific discussions of quantum mechanics that even I, a person most ignorant of all things scientific, could see were not well thought out even within the context of the story Put the TV show on your Netflix queue instead, which is what I am going to do right now so I can re watch it for the joy of trying to decide, do we have free will Or is everything preordained What happens a year from now is going to happen, right, whatever it turns out to be If I knew what that would be, would my actions make any difference Would I have read this book if I d known it would be this stupid Wow, what to say.As much as I hate to say it, this book was written really poorly Sawyer managed to claw defeat from the jaws of victory of a plot that could practically write itself an examination of just what would happen if humanity, collectively, got a glimpse of their future.His copious asides were completely distracting, sharing with the reader such salient things as all VCRs across Europe say REW for their rewind function, despite their national language a tedious conversation about the minutiae of the navigational widgets of fictional graphical user interfaces in the year 2030 a 3 page recap of the ending dialogue of Casablanca, when the point it was used to make was already relegated to flogging the proverbial deceased equine and this choice sentence But it would be like Pyrrhus s defeats of the Romans at Heraclea and Asculum, the kind of victory that still bears his name, a victory at a horrible cost Yes, Robert, we all know what a Pyrrhic victory is.Humbug, I tell you I am a gigantic science and especially physics nerd and an expat, and I absolutely loved the TV show, the premise and plot, and the idea surrounding this timely book considering the LHC is now powered up Hence, I am the exact target audience for this story, but I was sadly left very disappointed, with shattered dreams of what might have been a fantastic book. #FREE PDF ⚶ Flashforward õ O Que Faria Se Tivesse Um Vislumbre Tr Gico Do Seu Pr Prio Futuro Tentaria Mudar As Coisas, Ou Aceitaria Que O Futuro Imut Vel Em Flashforward Press Gio Do Futuro, Iniciada Uma Experi Ncia Cient Fica Que Conduz Ao Inesperado O Mundo Inteiro Cai Inconsciente Por Instantes E Todas As Mentes S O Projectadas Vinte Anos No Futuro Quando A Humanidade Desperta, O Caos Impera Por Todo O Lado Carros Arruinados, Cirurgias Falhadas, Quedas, Destrui O Em Massa E Um Elevado N Mero De Mortes Mas Esse Apenas O In Cio Passado O Choque Das Vis Es, Cada Indiv Duo Tenta Desesperadamente Evitar Ou Assegurar O Seu Pr Prio Futuro Vislumbrado Expondo As Perspectivas De V Rias Personagens, Robert J Sawyer Realiza Uma Brilhante Reflex O Filos Fica Sobre Viagens No Tempo, Consci Ncia, Destino E O Que Significa Ser Humano Two minutes and seventeen seconds A small amount of time for most of us, but within the confines of Robert Sawyer s fantastic science fiction novel FLASHFORWARD, 2 17 becomes than a number it becomes the insight to what the future holds You see, 2 17 is the amount of time humnaity checked out All seven billion As you can guess, choas ensued if you were one of the unlucky ones awake at the time Planes crashed Cars drove themselves I can only guess what that unlucky skydiver experienced Joking aside Sawyer did something really interesting with 2 17 It is not only the amount of time a person was blacked out, but, as I said, it was also the amount of time a person glimpsed into thier future 21 years in the future Some of these futures were bright some not The real question is What would you do with this knowledge Knowledge Hmmm Take a look at Genesis 2 17 But of the tree of knowledge of good and eveil, thou shall not eat of it for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shall surely die Dang, Mr Sawyer, what a tangled web you weave Even though humanity had no choice in seeing thier future, they still had a choice on how they would decide to live thier lives Would this knowledge corrupt you from living your life Or, would you be able to remain freewilled Can the future be changed Or, is it written with an iron pen I doff my cap at you, Mr Sawyer You have successfully created a thought provoking novel with layered implications about religion and human nature HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Too bad the miniseries blew bubbles ntotdeauna m au fascinat paradoxurile c l toriei n timp, iar Flashforward contureaz destul de bine dilemele filosofice ale acesteia exist oare liber arbitru sau fiecare ac iune este inevitabil , fiind imuabil nscris n timp i spa iu iar faptul c i cuno ti viitorul te condamn s l concretizezi Poate fiecare alegere, fiecare g nd d na tere unei infinit i de realit i paralele Dar dac realitatea exist doar c nd o observi i ntreaga lume dispare n lipsa con tiin ei Ca de obicei, m pierd n variante poate uneori ntreb rile sunt mai interesante dec t r spunsul ncerc nd s recreeze condi iile Universului la o frac iune de secund dup Big Bang i s confirme realitatea bosonului Higgs, o echip de cercet tori de la CERN ini iaz un experiment ce are consecin e nea teptate pentru c teva minute, con tiin a ntregii umanit i este azv rlit cu 21 de ani n viitor, n 2030 Dar ce se nt mpl c nd ceea ce vezi nu se potrive te cu speran ele, cu visurile tale Sau c nd i dai seama c , pentru tine, nu va exista un viitor Mai are via a ta vreun rost c nd te confrun i cu certitudinea unui destin invariabil Dac aspectele filosofice ale pove tii m au nc ntat cu adev rat, nu a putea spune c stilul lui Robert J Sawyer m a mi cat deta area fa de tragediile individuale i modul de construc ie al personajelor ncurajeaz oarecum indiferen a cititorului Totodat , mi se pare oarecum ironic c la treisprezece ani dup publicarea acestei c r i, existen a particulei lui Dumnezeu a fost demonstrat oficial de c tre savan ii de la CERN. For me, Robert J Sawyer novels are either hit or miss They re either incredibly brilliant and I can t turn the pages fast enough Rollback or I can t wait for the final page to turn just to be done with the novel Homonids And I ll admit I picked up this one because ABC has put it on the fast track for development for a potential TV series One that could air after Lost and is being sold as a companion piece for one of my favorite TV shows.Being a book snob, I knew I had to try the original novel before the series comes out, so I can spend hours boring friends and family about how the book is better I ve tried to get help for this condition, but so far, no luck.Thankfully, Flashfoward falls into the category of really good Robert J Saywer novels The premise is that on the day an experiment is conducted at the CERT supercollider, people experience a flash forward of thirty years into the future for two minutes Everyone has visions for about two minutes of where they ll be and what they ll be doing thirty years hence Then everything shifts back and we have to deal with the fallout and ramifications of things The driving focus of the story is a mystery One of the lead characters sees no vision of the future, but by talking to others determines he was murdered two days before the events everyone saw He then begins to slowly try and unravel who killed him and why in an attempt to prevent that future from becoming reality.One of the many interesting debates in the story is whether or not the future is set or can we make changes to it Two character are engaged, but in the future he sees himself married to another woman So, should the two continue their path to marriage given than it appears things don t work out Do we have free will Is the timeline set or are there an infinite number of universes based on decisions we make today that change things in small but interesting ways Or all we just robots acting out some grand drama and we have no control over our lives Sawyer brings up these questions and some theories on the nature of time and free will vs determinism in a fascinating way To counter the engaged couple, Sawyer gives us two scientists who have a vision of engaging in sexual intercourse at a lab during the flashforward The moment is thirty years from now, but when they get back the two find each other, meet and begin a relationship Will the passion still be there in thirty years or have they changed the future Were they destined to meet Did the flashfoward push them together sooner The novel also brings up the interesting idea of if you know too much about your future, can that be a negative thing One aspiring author sees himself in the future, working as a waiter and having never made it as a writer Rather than toil, he decides his life is over and commits suicide The novel also brings up that this happens to a lot of other people, many of whom lose hope over not seeing their dreams come true or the future as something that want to move forward to Reading the novel, I can see the potential for a great TV series here and why it could be a good companion show for Lost You ve got a diverse set of characters who are thrown together and must come to grips with a central mystery of what happened and why There is a similar interconnectedness among the characters like we have in Lost as well Will it work as a TV show if you remove or have to solve the will I or won t I be murdered thread that drives the main plot Yes, it could While that plotline is sufficiently satisfying and drives the story forward, it s still the philosophical questions that Sawyer raises that really linger with the reader after the final page is turned. the book, watch the series.Sawyer is not that good a writer, but his ideas are phenomenal There s a lot of stumbling around in the book mostly via descriptions of the physics that take pages, and descriptions of the characters that don t advance the plot or make us care for the characters any longer or any than we do.I was particularly confused by the ending I ll admit that the physics has to be explained, and that Sawyer does not do a bad job of making it clear what the issue solution is, but making something compelling and clarifying something are too wholly different approaches In the ending, however, he makes a point about human consciousness and its existence negating the possibility of consciousness elsewhere in the universe and boom, he d lost me Seems like an important point, and in conjunction with the setting for the ending, really important to get it just right.The idea for the novel, however, is what sets it apart everyone has a flash forward at the same time and of the same time in the future How does that affect the world How does the world respond How does it affect our thinking about the future As I said, the series is doing a far better job we ll see how season 1 ends Do yourself a favor and skip the reading part. As with quite a few people my first introduction to this book came through the show based on it Very loosely based on it I liked the show but being TV it had to take a exciting angle on it Turn the flashforward into some big conspiracy, with heroes and villains and a much shorter time frame.The book though is much peaceful There s no conspiracy It was an accident And the vision was over 20 years later rather than 6 months There is a lot of heavy science in this book but, for me, it didn t slow it down Everything was explained, you don t need to be a Nobel laureate physicist to keep up, and whilst there was a little action it was only a sidepiece, not the main event This book is about examining how people would react to the knowledge of what their future could possibly be Whether everything in life is predetermined or do we truly have free will I like to believe we do I am an atheist I do not believe in any god or fate and that we alone control our lives I really enjoyed this book More than the TV show but in a much different way The show was action and thrills The book is deep thoughts and philosophical discussions And is well worth reading. The only thing this shares with the TV series of the same name is the concept of everyone in the world simultaneously blacking out for two minutes, during which they have a flashforward of their future In the TV series that is 6 months hence in the book it is than 20 years hence, so the implications are very different It s a fantastic concept and it s explored in a variety of interesting ways, but it is really badly written how has Sawyer won literary prizes Although it is primarily sci fi set at CERN , there is a murder investigation to widen its appeal, and a poor pastiche of Arthur C Clarke s 2001.After the flashforward, people pool their sightings on a website to see if they match e.g if I was lunching with John, was he lunching with me Some find their visions reaffirming and others want to fight against their apparent destiny echoes of Oedipus and Scrooge Meanwhile, investigation is under way as to what caused it, amidst recriminations regarding those who died, e.g when vehicles crashed and surgeons passed out.Would you want a flashforward What are the political implications for governments insurance implications would patent offices be swamped would it weaken or strengthen religious belief how would small children cope with what they see as an adult 20 years hence could you marry someone if you knew that you would be with someone else in 20 years time And of course the big one is our future immutable or do we live in a multiverse One oddity is that most of it is set last year 2009 , which was the near future when it was written in 1999, so there is unintended entertainment from the things he got wrong, though I do live in hope of newspapers voluntarily dropping horoscopes because printing such nonsense was at odds with their fundamental purpose of disseminating truth.Despite the high ideas, this book has weaknesses common to poor sci fi teaching readers the science with dialogue between experts who would already know whatever it is along with trivial references to life in the future which irritate rather than illuminate or amuse Ikea s Billy bookcase will still be around in 2009, but George Lucas still won t have filmed all of Star Wars And there is plenty of other plodding prose, As headquarters of numerous international organisations, Geneva attracted people from all over the world Wow not There are also odd holes in the plot for instance we are meant to believe that CERN has no emergency procedures, even of the kind that an ordinary office has So, read it for the concept, try to let the poor writing wash over you, and pay attention when Sanduleak is first explained. There were, of course, cries of outrage in the press editorials about scientists messing with things humans were not meant to know about Ah Where would we be if scientists don t mess about, but who is to say what are the things humans were not meant to know Mary Shelly s Frankenstein implies that Victor Frankenstein messed with things humans were not meant to know about, and broken necks ensue Flashforward takes the opposing view that scientists need to experiment mess about for the sake of progress Flashforward has an inspired high concept kind of premise, simple to understand yet has a wide scope for imagining the repercussions An experiment in particle acceleration and collision causes the entire human race to blackout and experience a two minutes vision of their lives twenty years in the future from 2 21 to 2 23 P.M Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 23, 2030, to be precise Unfortunately millions of people also die from fatal accidents caused by the blackout as they were driving, sitting in planes, crossing roads, going down stairs, trimming their nasal hair etc when everybody in the world blackout animals continued with their scampering about, though Dr Lloyd Simcoe, one of the two scientists in charge of the experiment has a vision of himself married to a stranger instead of his fianc Theo Procopides, the other scientist in charge, does not have any vision, and subsequent investigation, with collaborating account from others, shows that he will be murdered one day prior to October 23, 2030 This sets Theo off on a mission to find out who will murder him and why As for Dr Simcoe he is coping with the personal fallout from the flashforward AKA time displacement event , his fianc s daughter died from an accident caused by this event, he feels guilty about inadvertently causing so much death and destruction However, not long after the event, the same experiment is repeated with approval from the UN and other countries because many people want to know whether the vision they had is of a fixed future or is there some wiggle room.The best thing about Flash Forward is the aforementioned high concept Sawyer explores some very interesting issues about fate and predestination together with some fascinating, and even educational, science expositions not that I actually understand all of it The observer effect in quantum theory is news to me and reminds me of that old If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it discussion It is also linked to the Schr dinger s cat thought experiment which is mind expanding stuff While the book is very readable, though the prose and dialogue are rather workmanlike, I don t think Sawyer has used the premise to its full potential A lot of narrative space is taken up by Theo fruitlessly investigating his own future murder and Lloyd trying to sort out his relationship issues with his fianc The Lloyd story arc is particularly wasteful as neither Lloyd nor his fianc is particularly well developed human interest is all very well, but I am not interested in these humans I wish Sawyer has explored other, less mundane avenues of the basic premise instead.There is an instant paradox in the basic premise that is not adequately explored If you consider that the flashforward event in 2009 is probably the most monumental occurrence in history, it follows that the people in 2030 would already be aware that on October 23 at a specific time whatever they are seeing is going to be shared with their past selves, yet they seem to be completely unaware of this It could be argued that they are in a different timeline from their past selves of 2009 and that in their version the event did not happen However, that sounds rather illogical, and besides, Lloyd is adamant that the future is immutable This issue is brought up in the narrative but not much is made of it.I won t spoil the ending but it seems to have been inspired by Clarke s 2001 A Space Odyssey which is interesting but does not seem to fit in comfortably with the rest of the book On the whole, though I quite enjoyed Flashforward, it could have been better but it is good enough as it is to be recommended This is my first Robert J Sawyer and I will certainly read from him Notes I have never seen the 2009 TV series based on this book, so can t really say anything about it, it did die a quick death after one series, though If you are interested in sci fi explorations of fate and predestination, red Ted Chiang s astounding Story of Your Life novella filmed as Arrival.QuotesWhatever we did here somehow caused the consciousness of the human race to jump ahead twenty one years for a period of two minutes The large Hadron Collider was actually two accelerators in one one accelerated particles clockwise the other, counterclockwise A particle beam going in one direction could be made to collide with another beam going in the opposite direction, and then And then E mc2, big time The many worlds interpretation of quantum physics says that every time an event can go two ways, instead of one or the other way happening, both happen, each in a separate universe Specifically, the visions portray the universe that split from this universe at the moment of your LHC experiment they show the future as it is in a universe in which the time displacement effect did not occur