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A border, wrote Ambrose Bierce, is an imaginary line between two nations separating the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of the other. Wetback Nation The Case for Opening the Mexican American Border by Peter Laufer 2004 Very one sided, but still discusses some important aspects of the issue. Laufer really only makes his case in the last and first chapter of this quite well balanced look at illegal immigration The two issues the author really didn t discuss much are the growing gang and drug problems and the significant cultural differences between Mexico and the United States which make assimilation difficult.Although he didn t convince me that the border should be opened, he did give me much to think about My viewpoints could change depending on the solutions the politicians propose This is a convoluted, complicated and volatile issueand not solving it only exacerbates it Worth the read. ^DOWNLOAD EPUB ☔ Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border ↵ Peter Laufer S Explosive Proposals For The US Mexican Border Go Far Beyond President Bush S Initiative To Ease Restrictions On Immigration Mr Laufer Argues That The Border With Mexico Should Be Completely Open, With A Free Flow Of People Between The Two Countries He Offers A Step By Step Blueprint For Making It Happen Wetback Nation Is Also The Background To Understanding The Bush Proposals The Story Of How The Border Has Become A Fraud, Resulting In Nothing Than The Criminalization Of Mexican And Other Migrants, The Bloating Of The Mismanaged Immigration And Naturalization Service, The Deterioration Of Living Standards Along The Frontier, And The Enrichment Of American Employers Placing The Border In Historical Perspective, Mr Laufer Shows How Circumstances Have Deteriorated To The Present Crisis, And Why The Region And The Migration Through It Cannot Be Ignored Over The Last Several Years He Has Interviewed Dozens Of Authorities As Well As Men And Women In The Street While Reporting From Mexico, Along The Border, And In The United States He Demonstrates That The Security Of America S Southern Border Is A Fallacy Offers Vivid Examples To Illustrate How The Chain Of Misery And Lawbreaking For Migrants Heading North Is Initiated By US Employers Traces Many Of The Border Problems To The Guatemalan Mexican Border And Explores The Abuses Of The Border Patrol And The Growing Presence Of Vigilantes On The American Side Wetback Nation Is Sure To Provoke A Lively Debate Over The Future Of Mexican Immigration