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@Free à Od pop-artu do sztuki konceptualnej ì The History Of Pop Art S S Thoughtco The First Application Of The Term Pop Art Occurred During Discussions Among Artists Who Called Themselves The Independent Group IG , Which Was Part Of The Institute Of Biography Of Andy Warhol, Icon Of Pop Art It Includes Paintings, Drawings, Commercial Illustrations, Sculptures, Prints, Photographs, Wallpapers, Sketchbooks, And Books Covering Warhol S Career, From His Student Work To Pop Art Pop Art WikipediaPop Artartists Every Designer Should Know Pop Art Was A Visual Art Movement That Emerged During The Mid S A Sign Of The Times, The Style Focused On Mass Production, Celebrity And The Expanding Industries Of Advertising, TV, Radio And Print Media Shaping A New Cultural Identity In The Field Of Art And Design Pop Art The Art Of Popular Culture Artyfactory Pop Art Was A Brash, Young And Fun Art Movement Of Thes Pop Art Coincided With The Globalization Of Pop Music And Youth Culture Pop Art Included Different Styles Of Painting And Sculpture But All Had A Common Interest In Mass Media, Mass Production And Mass Culture Pop Art Modern Art Movement Liveabout Pop Art Paintings Don T Show Evidence Of The Application Of Paint, They Don T Have Hidden Symbolism Though The Choice Of The Object Depicted May Have Some Intended Symbolism , And They Don T Use The Traditional Techniques Of Perspective To Create An Illusion Of Reality And Location In The Painting