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`Download Epub ë Fiesta Babies ð Join In The Lastest Fun From A Pura Belpr Honor Winning Team These Fiesta Babies Dance, March On Parade, And Sing Along To Mariachi Songs In Their Spirited Celebration Of Fiestas From Pi Atas To Flower Coronas, Little Ones Are Introduced To The Many Coloful Aspects Of An Important And Lively Latino Cultural Tradition Reflection text to self In our classroom we have studied Mexico in a multicultural unit We had a fiesta where our students broke a pi ata, samples Mexican foods such as salsa and pan, did the Mexican hat dance and even flew to Mexico There are a lot of examples of Mexican culture in this story The author talks about parades, coronas on their heads, mariachi songs, cha chas and siestas.Bloom s questions 1 Remembering Name two things the babies did in the book.2 Understanding Why is the story called Fiesta Babies 3 Applying How are fiestas similar to your parties 4 Analyzing What do you think is the most exciting part of the babies day 5 Evaluating If you were at a fiesta what part would you choose to go to first 6 Creating Create a diorama of you favorite part of the story. Fiesta Babies is a 16 pages easy reader picture book written by Carmen Tafolla and illustrated by Amy Cordova about fives babies who are thrilled to celebrate their yearly heritage celebration The story is told in a third person point of view narrating what fiesta babies do to celebrate the big day The fiesta babies celebrated the big day by participating in the parade wearing their traditional and cultural clothing and waving the Mexican flag, dancing and eating dip chips with salsa, and enjoying mariachi songs that grandpa favors, enjoying all the food, and laughter that they shared with the big family At the end, everyone in the family enjoys their fiesta celebration especially Fiesta babies.This book is an excellent book for children to learnabout the Hispanic culture and to get a better understanding how other nations celebrate their big day and to identify the differences and similarities of each other culture As mention before, it is an easy reader text but there are some Spanish words included in the text which will be difficult for younger children to pronounce and sometime cause them to misunderstand the language When a child is reading independently, they need to have an older adult to help them with pronunciation and defining some terms that may be difficult to the reader Overall it is an excellent short story to help young children to learn about the Hispanic heritage and culture. Text to Self My good friend s husband has a rich cultural Mexican heritage and throws many fiestas with salsa dancing They are where I learned how to salsa This story reminds me of these parties because there are always children around and lots of dancing.Discussion Questions 1 What are besos 2 What is the main idea of this story 3 What would result if the fiesta babies didn t take siestas 4 Based in the photographs, can you infer the feelings of the fiesta babies What are they and how can you tell 5 Can you predict the outcome of this party if the fiesta babies were kept in the playroom instead of allowed into the party with the adults What do you think would occur 6 What is your opinion of the fiesta babies party Does it look fun or not Explain.Citation 2010, February 15 Booklist. Audience Pre K Kindergarten, children that love a good party, or poetry as well as students wanting to learn some Spanish words Children of Hispanic origin would also like to read this book because it celebrates a cultural tradition of a fiesta.Appeal The bright oil paintings, with the rhyming text draws a reader into the storyline The children are of various skin tones which also helps the reader feel like they are apart of the story Students can also use the short glossary of Spanish words in the back of the book, to check their guesses that they made of the Spanish words in the text.Awards Pura Belpre Award Illustrator Honor 2011