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This book was pretty good It definitely armed me with the information I need to to forward on my journey to veganism I do feel like I ll have to do research on processes to further connect my mind with my body though It s a very good intro to African holistic health practices. Great book I love being aware It is better than being lost and dubious and afraid to accept yourself and who and what you are. Wow Thought provoking and I still remain shocked by all the information I read in this awesome book This is not just for people of color or of african descent, this is for all people Rituals and traditions began somewhere..its time to find out how, why, and the reason its time to let them go. This a must have in your home Awesome and enlightening Interesting book I ll become a vegetarian one day This is a definite Must Have I m going to be completely honest and admit I havnt atcually read the whole book I skipped through most of it as it has a lot of vitamin recommendations for different illnesses I know I will keep referring back to this book, for vitamin recommendations and food recommendations This is a must read for anyone who is interested in natural remedys, and would like to know about toxity in our food and makeup. There s some very valuable information in this book but there s also some very unnecessary, biased, racial supremacy talk that s difficult to overlook Most of the remedies involve increased intake of vitamins, minerals, nutrients that any human being will find beneficial Dr Afrika strongly encourages a holistic approach to healing the body and this includes stepping away from a westernized diet All the standards apply avoid processed foods, prescription medications, white flour, sugar focus on eating fruits, vegetables and healthy grains instead of meats and junk exercise regularly utilize essential oils, herbal remedies specifics are listed and spiritual practices. `READ EBOOK ↹ African Holistic Health ↮ A Great Amount Of Research In A Highly Organized Manner It Is Of Vital Importance To The African American And The World Community This Information Is Essential For Professionals And Everyone To Utilize In Lifestyle And To Self William Richardson, MD Atlanta Clinic For Preventive Medicine, GA