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pretty good story..really liked how young the hero was but how mature he acted..thats how men would of been like centuries ago..they had to mature quickly because of hard life was..really a good story..it was a 3 and 3 4 stars.. One thing I really like about Susan Johnson is the amount of research she does for her books that is shown by the extensive notes she adds at the back of the book footnotes are marked in the text and the information is shown at the end of the book The notes add so much to the understanding of the history contained in the novel.It is critical that the reader has already read OUTLAW see below before starting this book Robbie and Roxie s story starts at the end of the first book Otherwise, the reader will be bewildered as to why Robbie is in Roxie s room as the story opens By their conversation, it is obvious that they are lovers.The main bone of contention between the couple the age gap between the lovers Robbie is a youthful 18 and Roxie is 28, with 5 children She is a two time widow who likes her independence Roxie s oldest daughter is only 5 years younger than Robbie This story is told against the backdrop of English domination over Scotland and the Scottish wrangling to get out from under English rule What I liked about this story was the fact that there was action between the adversaries instead of constant bedroom scenes as in OUTLAW Carre Series1 Outlaw 1996 2 To Please a Lady 1999 @Download Pdf Ù To Please a Lady Í She Risked Everything For A Scottish Outlaw Who Would Do Whatever It TakesAuthor Of Than A Dozen National Bestsellers, Award Winner Susan Johnson Is Unmatched When It Comes To Writing Novels That Thrill, Excite, And Seduce Now She Once Again Captivates With This Exciting Historical Novel Of Sensual Adventure And Forbidden LoveRoxane Forrestor Was Determined To Live Life On Her Own Terms Even In A Man S World The Beautiful Countess Of Kilmarnock Had So Far Survived The Political And Romantic Intrigues Of Scotland S Most Powerful Suitors So Why Couldn T She Resist The Brash Robbie Carre Why Did She Find It Impossible To Throw The Rebel Earl Out Of Her Bedchamber Even Though It Meant Harboring A Wanted Man Robbie Cared Nothing For His Own Safety But He Knew All Too Well That His Ruthless Enemies, Desperate To Capture Him, Would Use Roxie And Her Children As Pawns He Would Brave The Odds To Protect Them, Would Fight For His Fugitive Love With Roxieeven If Their Stolen Moments Of Pleasure Cost Him His Life Book 2 This one follows Outlaw Great Book Susan Johnson is a hit or miss This is a good one Roxanne Forrestor was determined to live life on her own terms even in a man s world The beautiful Countess of Kilmarnock had so far survived the political and romantic intrigues of Scotland s most powerful suitors So why couldn t she resist the brash Robbie Carre Why did she find it impossible to throw the rebel earl out of her bedchamber even though it meant harboring a wanted man Robbie cared nothing for his own safety But he knew all too well that his ruthles enemies, desperate to capture him, would use Roxie and her children as pawns He would brave the odds to protect them, would fight for his fugitive love with Roxie even if their stolen moments of pleasure cost him his life back coverYes, it s a bodice ripper An amusing one at that But the author certainly did her homework because the political intrigues and the historical tug of war between England and Scotland was meticulously portrayed, giving a human face to Scottish history I m also reading How the Scots Invented the Modern World The True Story of How Western Europe s Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It so the history is fresh in my mind and I was very impressed with how closely it limed the events of those days The main characters are fictional I think, but the other players are all too real historic people, in all their glory and nastiness. Johnson s latest historical, To Please a Lady set in 18th century England, relays the May September romance between 18 year old Robbie Carre, the roguish hero of Outlaw , and 30 something widow Roxanne Forrestor The sexually charged story opens with Robbie, who has recently returned from exile in Holland, making a sudden appearance in Roxanne s boudoir Beyond his hopes of ravishing the object of his affection, the lad aims to reclaim his ancestral lands Soon, those closest to Robbie find themselves in jeopardy Roxanne is forced to become the mistress of a powerful duke in order to protect her children from Robbie s adversaries, a decision that doesn t sit well with Robbie Demanding, stubborn and childishly irrational, Roxanne s young lover behaves like one of her children than a romantic hero Some readers will no doubt be titillated by the older woman younger man romance, but others like myself will likely find Roxanne s maternal role in the relationship distasteful at the very least But as always, the footnotes are fascinating, but all this attention to historical detail with a corresponding lack of attention paid to character and plot makes me wonder if Susan Johnson wouldn t be happier writing non fiction More of Purplycookie s Reviews Book Details Title To Please a Lady Carre 2 Author Susan Johnson Reviewed By Purplycookie I actually liked this because this is the first time I have read a book wherein the hero is substantially younger than the heroine Their love was believable and so were the insecurities Roxanne felt about falling in love with a much younger man I think I have to read the first book in the series to better appreciate this book though Wow, would definitely suggest reading Outlaw before this book The beginning of this book pretty much starts off where Outlaw left off The author seems to assume readers have read Outlaw as she doesn t explain who characters are or how they found themselves in the situations they are in.Eighteen Really I m sorry, it s just incredibly hard for me to get into a story where the lead male character is only eighteen years old I like my guys to be older and mature Yes, I know a lot of books have the female being super young also but I have double standards where it doesn t bother me, besides we all know woman mature super duper faster than men So there is this road block of Robbie being only eighteen years old and then to boot his love interest Roxane is older, I m thinking she is in her thirties Another double standard of mine rearing it s ugly head, I don t like the women being older than the men I have a feeling there are some Demi Ashton fans out there cheering this book on but for me it severely affected my ability to get into this story.With that being said the author is an incredibly gifted writer She was able to write Robbie well enough that sometimes I forgot he was only eighteen The interaction between Robbie and Roxane is smoking hot and jumps off the pages at you Top notch stuff.Roxane was an interesting character She openly acknowledges the fact she loves Robbie but doesn t see a logical way of being able to be with him This story is completely different from a lot of typical romance books where the hero heroine stay apart because they can t admit they love each other or there is the big misunderstanding Here we have political drama, children, and sense of freedom Kudos to the author for having Roxane be an intelligent woman who considers how good of a father Robbie would be to her children and if she would lose the freedom she has as a widow I think here in these problems is where the age difference between these two really shows Roxane thinks and struggles over logical issues and problems over her and Robbie being together while Robbie just thinks love is enough and all problems can be solved because of that I was disappointed how the author made Roxane a little dumb towards the end of the book with Roxane not trusting Robbie In fact the whole last part of the book was what I would consider crappy storylines.This book dragged for me, I could never get into the stories or characters because of the afore mentioned issues I did a lot of read skipping I m kind of frustrated with the author because I think she has incredible talent for writing but I can t seem to get into her stories you would think good writing would create a good story.This story wasn t for me at all The beginning was way better than the end, it just drug on for me Readers who like the author, Johnson, might like it because as I said before Johnson has real talent as a writer but for some reason I just don t like her stories Hmm I love her writing but hate her stories, does that make sense C Carre series, book 2 of 2UK EDITION SERIES INFOCarre seriesBook 2Formats Kindle paperback in both US UKThe Carre series follows two Scottish brothers during the struggle for independence from British rule starting with Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby, year 1704.Susan Johnson aka C.C Gibbs has different publishers in the US and UK, hence the different titles and covers.These are stand alones, but most enjoyed if read in order Book 1 Year 1704 Outlaw US Secrets Sins UK Book 2 Year 1705 To Please A Lady US To Please A Lady UK Robbie Carre brother of book 1 and Roxanne Forrestor, Countess of Kilmarnock s story year 1705.We first met Robbie Carre in book 1 He is Jonnie Carre s baby brother held hostage by their English enemy.Book blurb Roxanne Forrestor, Scottish beauty and Countess of Kilmarnock, gets the surprise of her life when she finds a dashing rebel secreted away in her bedroom She knows that hiding him is risky, but for some reason she can t bring herself to throw him out just yet As things get desperate politically, Roxanne and rebel Robbie play their own game of passionate seduction Will their passion protect them through the coming tribulations, or are Robbie s enemies powerful enough to tear them apart forever Be sure to join CCGibbsFANS here on GR for the 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