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This book was okay I thought the characters were pretty good but I didn t really feel like there was much of a problems between the characters Gabe is visiting Misletoe and he meets Arianne She instantly sees potential and she wants him to notice her while at first he really wants nothing to do with her She is determined he will change his mind and goes out of her way to try and prove this She invites him to help out at a festival She hopes this will get him to stay in the town he is very determined to leave I didn t feel that big of a connection between the characters Gabe and his dad doesn t really get along due to the past and I felt like there should ve beenin the story on this I thought the story was okay but I think it could ve been better. Ah, my favorite of the Mistletoe books Who doesn t love a handyman who eatsice cream than he should and is desperately in need of a good woman Fairly decent harlequin romance Gage was a misunderstood loner Arianne the lively daughter of the local hardware store owner She brings him out of his shell and into the life of the town Pretty well written A nice story Worth giving the author another look. This was an enjoyable book, fast paced and light hearted, with lots of humor The author did a nice job of bringing small town life into the book I would be interested in picking up the other three books in the Mistletoe series. .READ BOOK ⚑ Mistletoe Hero ♤ Even After All These Years, Whispers Of Scandal Still Follow Brooding Mistletoe Loner Gabe Sloan But When Did Arianne Waide Ever Listen To Rumors She S Always Been A Vital Part Of Her Small Town Georgia Community, And It S Time Gabe Felt That Way, Too All He Needs Is A ChanceThe Last Thing Gabe Wants Is A Pint Size Beauty Championing His Cause Yet Arianne S Starting To Make Him Feel Less Of An Outsiderand As If He S Home With The Town Cheering Him On After He Performs A Daring Rescue, The Resident Bad Boy Just Might Be Starting To Believe It HimselfGabe May Have Shown Their Town What He S Made Of, But Is It Enough To Keep Him Here In Mistletoe Where He Belongswith Arianne