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~DOWNLOAD PDF ☩ La Princetta et le capitaine ♭ Princess Malva The Princetta Of Galnicia Flees Her Kingdom And An Arranged Marriage, Only To Find Herself Betrayed By The Very Man Who Promised To Help Her Orpheus Is The Son Of A Sea Captain Turned Pirate And Is Determined To Make A Name Of His Own Commanding A Ship In Galnicia S Royal Armada But When Their Paths Cross On The High Seas, So Do Their Destinies Together The Princetta And Orpheus Will Travel To Edges Of The Known World And Beyond A Journey From Which Only One Of Them Will Return Alive Shipwrecks, Shark Attacks, Barbarians, And Mysterious Archipelagos Await Readers In This Lavish Fantasy Adventure Written By One Of France S Most Celebrated Authors This book is absolutely gorgeous It tells the tale of a Princess in a fictinal land who runs away to find a mythical island The Captain only meets her about three fifths of the way into the book Their lives are entwined from the beginning, but they don t know each other until deep into the book, which is a refreshing change, and worked incredibly well The ending is so beautiful and the whole book is filled with action and danger and faraway lands.I m going to end this review here and recommend this book to everyone I know Seriously. Liked the book, hated the ending Blah blah, she grows up and learns her lesson for running away, meanwhile the guy who was the main focus of half the story dies His entire life was pointless, which sucks because I liked him better than the princess, who was the main character of the story Other than that it was an okay story A bit strange but it managed to hold my attention Most of the characters were fun to watch so to speak and the plot certainly had its twists, but I don t know how much the audience will enjoy its ending I didn t It was certainly a much better premise than an actual story I feel like I can sum up my review by saying, good idea, but the follow through needs a bit of work. I really don t know where to start with this book So I shall start with I love it so much, but it also broke my heart.The story started with the heroic, independant and rebellious heroine, Princess Malva of Galicia She didn t catch my attention, for it seems like that every YA novel comes with the author s most ideal strong heroine However, as the story continue on, I find that there is something that seperates her from others An air of Difference, I suppose.As for the hero, Orpheus, he is even better He is unique and exciting, not the same as the dark, dangerous bad boy that is quite the trademark of YA novels, but a nice gentleman And haunted by the memories of his childhood and the lie told by his father.Their seperate journey through the Known World was fun and exciting, but what really makes this adventure special and fun is during their time in the south of the Known World, a whole new world, basically where weird things seem to happen as if they are ordinary later This was an odd book, which I was somewhat prepared for, seeing how it was originally in French and translated by the nice lady who did Cornelia Funke s books.What did I think well, the first half of the book felt very rushed No descriptions, no meaty filler, just a lot of jumbled and stilted plot and dialogue The second half of the book takes such an odd turn, seriously, I won t spoil it in case you decide to pick this book up, but it is WEIRD that it almost seems as though it is a different book I mean, WOW And again, there is not enough description or plot to keep me going I essentially skimmed the last 100 pages to see where the characters would end up.The very last part of the book is so far out of left field I was staggered People are gone, they come back, a kingdom decimated, it comes back, villains come back and leave and come back, and holy crap, it was weird.Maybe it makes sense if you re French, but I would have loved to see this as a SERIES, fleshed out, loveable characters, and less of a hodge podge plot It s like she just sat down and threw a bunch of stuff together and stuck it in a cover with a title. Hillary Chappus McCendie Advisory 2051 Did you enjoy the book Why Why not Yes, I really enjoyed the book because it took place a really long time ago It took place in the time of princesses and princes and I love reading books that take place in those times because it gives me a sense of what life might have been like back then I love how girls wore gigantic fancy dresses all of the time, how there was a lot of royalty and how everything was just so different I also love how there was fantasy in the book, for example, there was a place called the Archipelago, which was a faraway place that had moving islands, talking rock monsters and invisible people I just love books that have events which could never happen in real life because it s really interesting and amazing to see what out of this world kinds of things the author can come up with.2 Were the characters realistic Would you want to meet any of the characters Did you like them Hate them In a way, the characters are both realistic and non realistic, for example, Malva was a princess locked up in her kingdom of Galnicia who wanted nothing than to escape and explore the rest of the world and to have an adventure I m sure most people can t relate to that, since most people aren t royalty and they don t live in a castle On the other hand, I think a lot of people can relate to her desire to get away and to have some sort of adventure faraway that they d remember for the rest of their lives Orpheus, on the other hand, was a boy with a father who was a famous sailor, causing Orpheus to get many privileges in the sense that he got everything handed to him, meaning he didn t have to work for anything Orpheus wanted nothing than to accomplish something in his life that would give him his own name so he wouldn t have to live in his father s shadow Most people wouldn t be able to relate to the fact that he has a famous father since that s not something everyone has On the other hand, I think a lot of people can relate to his situation, being judged based on their family s name and their reputation and not on whom they are as an individual I would definitely like to meet Malva and Orpheus because I really liked both of them since they seemed like really nice people who would do anything for those whom they loved, even if it meant putting their lives in danger For example, when Orpheus rescued Malva from Temir Gai s prison, it was very dangerous in the sense that Orpheus could have lost his life if he was caught, but he attempted to save her anyways This was because she was his friend and he didn t want her to loose her life.3 What about the plot Did it pull you in or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book The plot was amazing because the whole story was packed with a bunch of unexpected twists and turns For example, when Malva, Orpheus, and the rest of the crew of the Fabula the ship on which they were supposed to ride home , ended up in the Archipelago There they were presented with either the choice to live there forever or to go on a crazy and nearly impossible quest where each member of the ship must first face their deepest and darkest fear and then proceed to find the exit in a limited amount of days On top of that, if they failed at the latter choice, they would be doomed to the Immuration, a place of suffer and torture for the rest of their lives The crew had already gone through so much finding Malva, helping Malva escape from Temir Gai s prison and fighting off the Archont an evil man out to get rid of Malva and to take over her country , to name a few The fact that they would have to face another huge challenge was just unthinkable because they had already gone through so much It got to the point where I wondered how the author kept coming up with these crazy ideas to keep the book going The only reason I say that is due to the fact that so much happened during the whole story What was amazing is that I couldn t put the book down It was just so interesting Everything was just so unexpected that I just had to know what happens next 4 Did the book end the way you expected I am a firm believer in happy endings Unfortunately, this ending was anything but happy After Malva and Orpheus discovered they loved each other, the Archont came again and tried to kill Malva While Orpheus was trying to save Malva, he got stabbed, and died This was devastating, because I expected that it would be a happy ending, where Malva and Orpheus defeat the Archont and proceed to bringing the kingdom of Galnicia back after its great depression Instead, Orpheus died, leaving Malva all alone What was nice was that the death of Orpheus didn t stop Malva from saving Galnicia After a while, with Malva s help, Galnicia was on its way to getting back to normal As a way to commemorate Orpheus and the others who died on their journey, Malva wrote the story of her journey with Orpheus and the rest of the crew of the Fabula The ending was sad because Orpheus died but the ending was also kind of happy in the sense that there were many possibilities for the future that lied ahead 5 Would you recommend this book to other readers To your close friends Yes, I would definitely recommend this to other readers and to my close friends because it is extremely interesting, suspenseful, and unexpected Sometimes it gets dark and sad, but I think it s definitely worth reading because it is a great story of adventure, friendship, magic and love, and I can t think of anyone who wouldn t like adventure and magic Something that s amazing about this story is that you feel the emotion of what s going on in the story For example, when Orpheus died it almost brought tears to my eyes because it was so sad That has never happened to me while reading a book before and I think it s truly amazing when a person can actually feel the same emotion of the situation in the story 6 What was your favourite part scene of the book My favourite part of the book was when Philomena, Malva s former chamber maid, and her husband Uzmir returned to Galnicia to visit after Malva after Orpheus s death The way I describe it makes it sound like it s one of the sad times of the story, but it really isn t because Malva meets Hainur, Philomena and Uzmir s son It was such an amazing part of the book because it had some complex feeling to it It was just such an overwhelmingly happy but somehow melancholy moment The only reason that it was a slight bit sad was because Hainur gave Malva a Chibuk, a gift normally meant for married women as it represented eternal love, but it was nice because it reminded her of how much she loved Orpheus and all of the good times they had together It was just so sweet of Hainur to give Malva such a great gift that meant so much to Malva, which is why that part is my favourite part of the book.7 What was your least favourite part of the book It took a lot of contemplating on which was my least favourite part of the book I don t mean that there were a lot of bad parts I mean that there was one part that was extremely sad but also really beautiful The scene I m talking about is when Orpheus got stabbed by the Archont, and right after Malva killed the Archont, this is what the story says Head back on the straw, Orpheus smiled at Malva as she leaned over him How beautiful she was Her face, her amber eyes, her black hair but why was she crying Why was her mouth moving like that What was she saying She s saying my name, Orpheus told himself She loves me Those were his last thoughts It s amazing because Orpheus realized that Malva loved him, which is great because he loved her too The problem was that those were his last thoughts, which means that he died, which is extremely sad because I didn t want Orpheus to die I wanted it to be a happy ending, because, like I said before, I love happy endings I have to say that this is my least favourite part because, even though all deaths are sad, this one was particularly heart breaking because he was the man that Malva loved Orpheus s death also affected the whole mood of the rest of the book because the rest evolved mostly around how sad Malva was about his death 8 On a scale of 1 10, what would you give this book What would have made it better On a scale of 1 10, ten being the best, I would give this book a nine This book was truly amazing, the only reason I give it a nine out of ten is because of the ending The book would have been much better if Orpheus hadn t died I know that the author intended for Malva to bring Galnicia back to its former glory by herself, but I can t help but wish that Orpheus hadn t died because the outcome of the story would be a lot happier since there wouldn t be any mourning about his death 9 Did you feel that the book fulfilled your expectations Were you disappointed To be honest, I had no idea what to expect of this book I expected it to have one major conflict and when the conflict is resolved, the story would be happy and it would end Instead, there were just so many conflicts and as soon as one was resolved, another would pop up For example, one conflict was that Malva was trapped in Temir Gai s prison, which was a conflict because if she didn t escape, she would eventually die, and as soon as Orpheus and the rest of the crew aboard the Fabula rescued her the resolution , they all got trapped in the Archipelago with almost no hopes of escaping another conflict Then, when they finally escaped the Archipelago after many terrible conflicts, Orpheus got murdered once again, another conflict Overall, I can t say that I was disappointed with the whole story because it was so intriguing that I found myself not able to put it down The only thing that really disappointed me was the ending, when Orpheus died It was very tragic because Malva was upset for the rest of the book In conclusion, this book did not fulfill my expectations, it did much I had never read a book with such a complex and extremely interesting plot as this one, where everything was thought out and completely unexpected. This was just brutal, and I almost gave up All the characters felt flat and lifeless and I didn t care a great deal about any of them, let alone what happened to them The ending was a gutsy surprise, but not something that seemed to fit with the story It seemed to happen just because it could happen, not because it should have What was kind of annoying was how long it took to get to the interesting parts of the book, which are the islands The cover has an image of a ship for crying out loud, but you have to read half the book to get that far Everything before seemed superfluous If the whole book had focused on the islands, just getting there and trying to get out, maybe with deeper dangers, it could have been a cool book Or at least better and less disjointed than this feels. ZERO STARS One of the worst books I have ever read bottom 10 for sure, probably even makes bottom 3 Poorly written and paced, cliche and pointless To call the characters 2 dimensional would be one dimension too generous I had no hopes at all for the book after the first 10 chapters or so, but continued reading out of a morbid sense of curiosity and maybe a pinch of masochism Even with such low expectations I managed to be shocked by the incredible stupidity of the ending I am not being flippant or sarcastic when I say I would rather have food poisoning than read this book I m serious DO NOT waste your time If you must, at the very least check it out from the library instead of wasting the 9 on this drivel Rubbish. I knock off two stars for the ending I absolutely loved this book, it had a great plot, and I was curious to see how it would end I was like, Alright, how are they going to keep everyone happy without the Princetta returning home Hmmm interesting I really liked this book until the last four or five chapters She really could have made this book very good But she just made the worst ending in the world I was so upset by it Oh Oh well, it was good but I really do knock off two stars, could have been a four star book. 3,5 5 Je suis assez perplexe j ai aim mais en m me temps je m attendais plus aimer J ai eu du mal avec la premi re moiti mais la seconde partie m a enchant e