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After Tito s older brother is killed by members of a gang, he has questions about who his brother was and what he had been doing While he is grieving for his lost brother, he also finds out that he is now in danger What can he do to protect himself and his younger sister i luv that this book has violance @Free Kindle ⛄ Drive-By (Harper Trophy Books) ë Jimmy Always Told Me There Were Only Two Kinds Of Gangbangers Those Who Were Dead And Those Who Were Going To Die Joining A Gang Doesn T Make Sense To Jimmy Jimmy Is Dead Now Gunned Down In Front Of His Little Sister, Mina, And His Brother, Tito And Tito Is Left Wondering Was Jimmy In A Gang After All Ice Breaker Joe And Lamar Think So They Say Jimmy Was Skimming Their Drug Money And If The Missing Cash Isn T Returned, Tito May Have To Pay With His LifeSome People Go To The Crossroads, But Tito S Crossroads Laid Themselves Down In Front Of Him His Brother Jimmy Sprawls On The Sidewalk At His Feet Shot In A Drive By Now A Gang Claims That Jimmy Was Their Ace Man They Say Tito Must Take His Place And Resolve Some Unfinished Business They Give Him A Gun You Need Protection It S Not Safe On The Street What Path Will Be Choose At The Crossroads He Knows One Leads To Safety And One To Death But Which Is Which I like this book because it has a lot of action and because Titos brother Jimmy died and now Tito needs money or else the people that killed Jimmy will kill Tito Drive By is a very good book This book was about a boy named Tito that his brother Jimmy died in a drive by Tito is trying to find the truth about Jimmy s death Was Jimmy in a gang after all This story takes place in Los Angeles Tito, Jimmy, and there little sister Mina were walking home and a car drove by They shot Jimmy leaving him dead on the floor His family was devastated There mom couldn t afford the house where they were living at so they moved in with there neighbor Spoil Alert Tito finds out that Jimmy was in a gang after all and Jimmy best friend was the was the one who shot him The gang started to go after Tito because they thought jimmy told him something about the money he was supposed to give to the gang Tito had no clue what they were talking about He then remembered a box that jimmy had Tito looked for it and found it When he opened it up there was a lot of money and a note to Tito from jimmy because jimmy knew Tito will find it Tito tricked the gang into going to where the money was When the gang got there the police arrested them The family kept all the money and they lived a great life after that I think that the part when Tito finds out that jimmy s best friend killed jimmy is a major part I think it really stood out to the readers Its very shocking.I think the purpose of the book was to be careful on what the choices you make in life In the book Jimmy shouldn t have been dealing with things gang related I would rate the book a 3.5 because i think they could of addeddetail but over all it was a great book I would recommend this book to people who like reading book that can happen in real life. i thought it was a good influence for little people that are in gangs that they should get out and not to get in trouble i loveed the book when i first started. Drive By is a very good and i would recommend it to my friends This book has a lot of conflict and action Tito is the main character who grows up in a bad neighborhood where a lot of drive by s happen When his brother Jimmy gets involved in a drive by things take a turn for the worst Tito s whole life changes.the main characters are jimmy Tito and there sister Mina.and the guys that killed his brother the main person is Tito hes funny brave and loving.i can not relate to anybody in this story because i do not know anyone who was in a gang or was in one at a time.i do relate to Tito because i am caring i liked the book because it was a good mystery and interesting.my favorite part was when he died because that is when it got really good.my least favorite part is when the police did not believe him.i like that the author had good detail.but he could have out a better ending. Read this as a kid, and I remember loving it because it was a peak into what it would be like to grow up in different socioeconomic circumstances I recall re reading this a few times and being intrigued by the idea that children my age elsewhere had to cope with such different and violent situations as regular occurrences in their everyday lives I think it s culturally important to expose children to reality of differences in how people are raised It helps them develop empathy and understanding for human behavior in the future. Awesome Did someone ever force you to believe something that you knew wasnt true The genre of this book is realistic fiction I really liked the book even though it was pretty short but it still was a great book SPOILER ALERT Drive By is mainly about a kid name Timothy Thomas experiencing a horrible Drive By During the drive by his brother, Jimmy, was shot dead After the death of Jimmy, Timothy s life changed The setting of this book is during the summer The plot of this book is when Jimmy was killed and then other gangsters wanted to get to the money he was hiding But only one person knewand that person was Timothy After finding the money Timothy called the cops and told them where the gangsters of Jimmy s killers were and in a few minutes they were caught The conflict of this book person vs society because Timothy goes through a lot of people to find out who had killed Jimmy Jimmy always told me there were only two kinds of gangbangers those who were dead and those who were going to die I go back to this quote because if Jimmy knew what he was doing why did he join a gang I thought the ending of the book was pretty simple but the rest of ot was great I would rate this book 4 5 stars because I feel like even though the book was short the author made a great explanation in it for everyone to understand I would recommend this book to people who like action packed books Joining a gang didnt make sense to Jimmyso why should you