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I didn t know James Galloway was on goodreads This author is simply amazing And the fact that his books are free makes it an excellent reason to go to Sennadar.com and check them out Subjugation is amazing, to the races known as Fyran, I believe that s how it s spelled, and the technology that our main character, Jason Fox, develops.I m not sure if the other two books are on here as well, but you should check them out, because there s than this This is just the beginning.10 10 for me. [Read Epub] ♷ Subjugation (Subjugation, #1) ☪ The Faey, An Alien Telepathic Race, Has Taken Control Of Earth And Are Using It As A Farming Colony For Their Empire Jason Is A College Student Learning Faey Technology, But Is Upset With The Faey And Their Treatment Of Earth Jason Meets A Fiery Red Head Name Jyslin, Who Takes A Fancy To Him And Will Not Take No For An Answer There Is A Problem Though Jyslin Is A Faey Imperial Marine And, Marines Are Not Easily DeterredNever Published But Can Be Found Online, Absolutely For Free, On The Author S Website Or Download From This is the only sci fi deviation of else strictly fantasy writing author James Galloway I am rating this book entirely for the fun factor and it would have been a four star if some chapters of it weren t a bit boring I guess the author wasn t sure where he wanted to go next with the story.The book is a mixture of action, high tech sci fi, sex and humour and shares the strong and weak sides of Galloway s writing in equally strong dosages The characters are quite idealized and unrealistical, the plot is far fetched at places and it clearly needs some editing and polishing However, it is pure, uncomplicated fun and about 80% of the book is written in Galloway s characteristic fast paced, dynamic, light and quite addictive style which made The Sennadar Series one of my all time fantasy favourites Subjugation does not offer any deep philosophical or prognostic ideas, it is not profoundly psychological and I can make a safe guess that a willing literary critic could gleefully write a review that would tear the book in pieces And I loved it It allowed me to spend many hours in blissfull reading of an excellent story. 3 star, why It needs an editor that cuts about 10 to 20 % of the book Then it receives its fourth star Feay morals are loose, okay we get that, stop repeating it over and over again Stop focusing on the carnal relations issues Same for techno info dumps The books makes a change in the middle I suspect that halfway trough the author got a new idea and had to cement it to the first part.What remains is a fun book worthy of your time. Humans had dreamed of alien contact, but nobody expected the Faey to show up one day in a gigantic battleship, demanding Earth surrender or be annihilated These blue skinned humanoids then solidified the subjugation by using their telepathy to root out and crush any resistance But Jason Fox refuses to surrender His plan to do just well enough in school to avoid forced labor on the farms and then wash out to a quiet career comes to a screeching halt when he captures the interest of one of the Faey Marines stationed in his town She wants him, and she won t take no for an answer Soon his little resistance snowballs into a far bigger fight than he ever imagined.I m really torn on this book On the one hand, I love the detailed descriptions of alien tech The ideas behind it, how it fits together, and how Jason scrapes by with obsolete components built to do something outside the original specs is a lot of fun The plasma based technology is interesting, and some of my favorite parts are where the story spends a page or simply breaking down how the newest gadget works Add to that the challenge of building a habitable base in an urban wilderness of abandoned towns, or the various prank wars Jason initiates, or the eventual real war that happens despite everything, and there s a lot of fun to be had.And the twist about human telepaths was really good.On the other hand, there s just no way I buy the romantic relationships The Faey are a female dominated society whose women are a teenage boy s wildest dream come true girls whose thoughts are dominated by sex, all have great bodies, and don t mind sleeping around All The Time In fact the book gets pretty fervent in its defense of why it s totally okay for Jason to be true loves with one Faey female but bedding anyone else he finds attractive And his partner equally expects to be able to sleep around herself I don t buy the lack of jealousy he rationalizes the situation over and over to himself, but since when was jealousy rational , or on the flip side, the way his roaming eye isn t degrading his bond with his true love I don t see anything deep in his relationship with the woman he gets involved with It s a relationship that starts with her not honoring his no, and even though that drives him wild, once he ends up sleeping with her they re golden I could go on, but it boils down to Sex Makes Everything Better just being something that ought to work out better in theory than in practice For a great counter example, see Teckla by Steven Brust, where Vlad and his wife love each other but have irreconcilable political differences And this is not because I think everything ought to end unhappily, but because it highlights the hard truth that holding to convictions can cost you, and which ones you choose to hold on to determine what has to be sacrificed Overall, whether or not you like this is going to depend on two things if you like getting a lot of details about pretty much everything, and if you don t mind or enjoy the way all the sex gets presented I rate this book Neutral See my reviews and at This has been the best story I ve read after Marin s Codex this year The characters are engaging, the unflinching sense of duty and morale of the mc made me love him very much, but Symone is the best As a story, this works well Earth is taken over by a technologically superior extraterrestrial species, with telepathic abilities to prevent any insurrection Needless to say there s a Human hero fighting the good fight His efforts at thwarting the Subjugation are the meat of the work, and for the technology enthusiast, the discussion of plasma weaponry, spaceship propulsion and seeing blue skinned aliens getting their asses kicked is quite fun.This is, though, a self published work, and free, to boot I always hate to criticize works I didn t have to pay for, so for the record, I really did quite enjoy this, and it did keep me to the end.There are quite a few grammatical issues, though Good fuck appears only three times, but even that taxes ones sensibilities somewhat Pussy appears no less than thirteen times and there are over thirty five occurrences of blew out The chapters are very long, which isn t a problem if the structure of the narrative works with such lengths but that doesn t always happen here, and information is repeated several times over, lengthening the work with no appreciable gain.Grumbles aside and let s be honest, I m nitpicking here this is a fascinating story and told in an exciting enough way to keep one reading, if you can stomach it There s a lot of similarity between all the female characters, a lot of repetition, and a strange and pervading fascination with foxes Vulpes, I mean, not simply the titular character , and flying This book almost reads like a geeky teenagers daydream aliens attacking earth, techy issues saving the day etc It isn t quite that shalow, mind you but I suppose it s easy to see flaws when a book jars me.So, it s worth a look at least, if you re remotely interested I seem to have come over far too negative here, but this is a very personal opinion I enjoyed the story for what it was, and the characters or at least those that stood out without borrowing characteristics from every other person portrayed were well done and fun to read about. The relationship partner sharing killed any interest I had in finishing this book It started off interesting then got and weird as It progressed onward. This is an awesome book that deserves to find its place among the legends of sci fi literature It does have some fairly erotic parts to it, so readers who prefer to avoid that sort of thing ought to be forewarned However, it isn t out of context given the larger framework of the story Given the natures of the characters involved, it actually makes a lot of sense It is certainly no worse than legendary sci fi author Robert Heinlein s stuff, and really could be considered tame in comparison to some of Heinlein s ideas about sex The story isn t a sex romp, it just happens to have some graphic scenes here and there over the course of the larger plot.This book is probably a must read for Stargate fans out there It contains many elements that draw Stargate fans in to begin with ancient legends come to life, and alien tech in today s world , aside from the fact that space based stargates are a standard technology through out the series James Galloway has a second book already finished at his website, and is currently working on a 3rd maybe the final book, releasing it by chapter I definetly recommend checking this book out..