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Dare to have a second chance
My April Review
Alisdare(Dare)Westmoreland and Shelly Brockman have been dating since she was in high school and proceeded thru college, everyone in town thought that they were the perfect couple and would get married in the future, but Dare decided that he wanted a career with the FBI and there wasn't room for Shelly in his life so he broke her heart by calling off the wedding. After 10 years shelly resurfaces back to where it started, with more than a broken heart.

This was the first book that I read by Brenda Jackson, and I enjoyed every page from beginning to end, I love the way she brought Dare and Shelly back together after being apart for so many years. The chartacters were described well and the story was easy to follow. Brenda didn't miss a Beat
If you are looking for a Great Love Story This Is It.
I will be reading more from this author for sure.
I am still quite not sure if I read this series between 200610 when I basically only glommed on HPs and Silhouette but since I couldn't find them on my horribly handwritten diary (which has some 3k unadded books), I read it during my lunch break. And man what a trainwreck which was kind of funny. H/h were together for SIX years (ever since h was 16), when hero broke up with her saying he wanted the FBI more than her. Our h who was 2 months preggers was heartbroken but wanted the man she loved to have her dream. 10 years later she returns coz her son is getting in trouble. Of course dear old heroine has been celibate since H. Once again we have aching and betraying loins and so much of oversexing that it honestly made me laugh. I mean if the hero had loved the h so much why did he never think of tracking her down? I wished she would have come back married. I love the way Brenda Jackson writes romance and I really enjoyed this one. This was much better than the first one in the series. Dare breaks up with Shelly to start a career in the FBI, so Shelly leaves town 2 months pregnant. Fast forward 10 years, and she is having problems with her son getting into trouble and feels that the time has come to introduce him to his dad, so that he can help her with AJ. She moves back home and finds that Dare is now the sheriff and no longer in the FBI. She admits that AJ is his son and wanted to introduce them so that he can help her. I like the fact that he calls her out on it, stating that the only reason she wants him involved is because he is causing trouble. Not that she wanted AJ to have a father, even though she always professed that she wanted them to know each other. The other thing I like is that they let AJ decide when to acknowledge Dare as his dad, rather than just thrusting the idea on him and expecting him to accept it. It was done with the child in mind, not the parents or their past relationship. My first read by Brenda, Ms. Jackson if ya nasty. 😂👅 I thought AJ was gonna be a headache in the beginning, glad I was wrong.

Shelly and Dare were hot together, and although Thorn was mentioned several times it was Storm that piqued my interest. Looking forward to his story. 4 stars. Loved this one so much more than the first book. I hadn't really paid much thought to Dare in book one because I was all about Thorn but wow did his character make me swoon. I fell completely in love with him by like chapter 2 or 3.

This has the whole 'secret child' trope which I can take or leave but I think it was done really well here. Dare bonding and breaking down that tough barrier of his son AJ was my absolute favorite part of this book. AJ comes across very realistic and I just wanted to give him a big hug. Him bonding with the Westmoreland family just made me feel all sappy.

Dare and Shelly were great. I like the way they handled telling AJ about Dare being his father and how they were mature about the entire thing. They talked it out so there never was any unnecessary drama. They had fantastic chemistry and loved that Dare courted her. It was all just really romantic.

I'm so glad I started reading this series. So far they have been a lot of fun and I get through them in about an hour or so. Next book is about Thorn and I'm so excited to read more about him. My first book by Brenda Jackson and definitely won't be the last. I've already ordered some of her others and can't wait to read them. She knows how to write an ALPHA hero!!! Another great read 📙😊📗. Another sweet story in the Westmoreland series.
When Shelly and her son AJ move back to town, its not just to rediscover old roots but also to rekindle old connections.
10 years ago when Dare Westmoreland chose FBI career over love, it forced his then two month pregnant girlfriend Shelly to hide the conception and leave in order to avoid making the love of her life make a decision he would one day regret.
As her son grows and gets mixed with the wrong crowd, she decides to bring him back and meet his father.
I liked everything about the book. The chemisty between h and H was there, but both were cautious. The family bonds were strong and I loved how Dare connected with AJ.
The love scenes were well written and the rest of the characters leave us intrigued for the coming books in the series. The sense of nostalgia was high between the couple and it added to their intimacy.
Not safe technically (view spoiler)