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!KINDLE ☩ If Wishes Were Horses ♷ On A Small Vermont Farm In , Twelve Year Old Lily Constantly Argues With Her Older Sister, Emily Into This Combative Atmosphere Comes Great Aunt Nell, Who Takes Lily For Her First Automobile Ride And To The Circus, And Who Seems To Understand Both Girls Lily S Greatest Wish Is To Own A Horse, And It Is Great Aunt Nell Who Prompts Her To Take That Seriously But Everything Changes When, In An Act Of Revenge, Lily Pushes Emily Into A Quarry Soon After, Emily Is Diagnosed With Polio And Placed In An Iron Lung Despite Her Intense Jealousy, Lily Helps Emily And, By Doing So, Makes A Poignantly Selfless Gesture In Spare Yet Lyrical Language Full Of Emotional Knowingness, Natalie Kinsey Warnock Weaves A Memorable Story Of Sibling Rivalry, The Price Of Giving Up One S Dreams, And Coming To Terms With Death Natalie Kinsey Warnock has a way of creating amazing characters about whom the reader cares Her story lines hold the interest of the young adult reader and build a connection between reader and character This book did not disappoint. I read this book so long ago that I forget how old I was, I just know it affected me tremendously.I love horses, and I thrive from my sister rivalry, this book related to my life so much I couldn t put it down view spoiler In all my years of horseback riding, the one memory that always sticks out to me is when Lily is training Pegasus to jump into water, and she smashes her nose against his neck and it starts bleeding For some reason, I never forget that hide spoiler This brought me right back into a Little House on the Prairie world I was left with so much sadness, though Honestly, it broke my heart Especially, Pegasus, that poor, poor horse I want to find him and bring him to my house And I hated when they called him Worthless. I learned that you can t always get what you want and that sometimes you have to sacrafice for what s best for all. A story of a young girl who loses her sister to polio. Good book Not sure I d really recommend it though best book ever made me cry every time.. Really good story line, likeable believable characters, not quite as filled out as it could have been