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very tedious read (((Epub))) ⇲ Love Across Color Lines: Ottilie Assing and Frederick Douglass ↟ In This Nuanced, Sympathetic Interpretation Of Two Extraordinary Lives, Maria Diedrich Acquaints Us With An Important And Little Known Relationship Ottilie Assing, An Intrepid German Journalist, Met And Interviewed Frederick Douglass In , And It Was An Encounter That Transformed The Lives Of Both Diedrich Reveals In Fascinating Detail Their Intimate Twenty Eight Year Relationship, Their Shared Intellectual And Cultural Interests, And Their Work Together On Douglass S Abolitionist Writings Love Across Color Lines Is A Profound Meditation On Nineteenth Century Racial, Class, And National Boundaries, And Offers New Insights Into The Career Of A Preeminent American Leader Very cut and dry biography about the relationship between Ottilie Assing and Frederick Douglass, with the majority of the book being devoted to the perspective and life of Ottilie I did like it for that reason So much information is available about Frederick for good reason The book centering around Ottilie offered knowledge about her place in history.The book is cut and dry and rather unemotional The author does not really choose sides and is critical towards both Ottilie and Frederick at times The unbiased perspective is a plus rather than a negative, and the rather unemotional tone of the book is not really a negative either But for people looking for a sentimental love story avoid this read.One of my favorite things about this book was how it so effortlessly weaved information about America at large and other historical figures. When this book arrived in the mail I was overwhelmed by is heft A 480pp trade paperback in what had to be 6 8 point font floored me How would a slow reader like me ever complete this monster I must say after reading it I am so completely satisfied that I did Diedrich s profound work of nothing less than brilliant scholarship regarding the most intimate relationship of Frederick Douglass life has left me nothing short of stunned Thank you, Maria, for this brilliant work. This is a book rich in history and gives the reader an interesting peek into the social and political world of German immigrants, abolitionists and the triumph over slavery It is much than a story of an interracial relationship The author takes an affair that occurred over a hundred years ago and shows us the joy and sadness it brings to those involved in this intricate relationship The author has done her research in writing this book and I enjoyed the photographs included It is always nice to have a visual image of the people you are reading about This would make a good history book for high school students when studying the Civil War era. Fascinating look at Fredrick Douglass s personal life This book is about Ottilie Assing than it was about Douglass She was a well educated and very strong woman, who inexplicably put herself at the mercy of Douglass. I read this book mostly for research material for a book I m writing While a little dry which, I think, is often the nature of the beast with biographies I found myself gasping at the end Without giving away the ending, I can say it was certainly not what I expected. the sheer life long passion of the abolitionists is a signal example to us all these people are AWESOME, and the presentation ain t bad either. Fresh look at Douglass and his friend of many years. Add to your reading list to better understand race relations in US antebellum South Douglass is not the only one with this story.