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I m huge fan of Beauty and the Beast tales, and this one was a perfect example of this theme Adding to the fact that Julia London is a favorite author of mine, it isn t a surprise that I ended loving this.Greer goes to Wales to find her late uncle and persuade him to sign over her inheritance, modest as it may be In her trip there she meets Mr Percy who convinces her to go on, even when her companion dies and she discovers that her uncle is dead Together they arrive at the Prince s of Powys castle, who s a distant cousin of Mr Percy but a recluse and as Mr Percy s informed her, a possible murderer Greer is initially scared of the Prince, who s older than her and not attractive at all in his ragged appearence Percy fills her mind with stories about how ruthless the Prince is, feeding her terror However, when she finds herself close to him, she surprisingly discovers that she s attracted to him At some point Percy leaves the castle with Greer behind, who now is left alone with the Prince and her reputation in tatters Slowly she comes to trust him and and her fear lessens but they both hide facts from each other which make their relationship difficult They find themselves reluctantly attracted to each other, but their distrust makes them fight regularly Could this tender, kind hearted man Greer has come to know, be actually a murderer And is this clever woman whom she claims to be or is she really a swindler out to get his money My heart ached for the Prince I m a sucker for tortured heroes and he was a perfect example of one Having survived some tragedies in his life, insecure about his appearance, especially compared to beautiful Greer, he has trouble opening his heart In the end, the attraction he felt for her was too much to ignore and when Greer hurt him, I ached so much for him, it brought tears in my eyes.I know that this book was not perfect Greer was introduced as the witty of the three cousins but she rarely acts like it Prince s attraction to her seems to be mainly based on her lovely bosom for the most part of the book, rather than her clever mind or kind nature Greer was too harsh with him near the end, causing too much pain to both of them, but especially him But not one of those facts made me think of rating it with less than 5 stars My emotions were engaged fully during the entire time, I got misty eyed than once and read some lines, some exceptionally tender and emotional lines were the hero thinks or talks to Greer, at least three times trying to memorize them I also love the fact that London, in all her books, spends a great deal of time writing the story from the hero s perspective and offering unique insights to what he s actually thinking at any time.This one goes to my keeper shelf and I expect to re read it soon 2.5 stars Hum The plot was mainly was okay, but the main female character, Greer, was a so annoying and lacked common sense She was a supposed to be very clever, but all of her actions depicted her as a silly debutante.I would have given the book 2 stars if it weren t for her male counterpart, Rhodrick a.k.a The Prince Even though he keeps being described as ugly during the whole book which is truly annoying I mean once it s said, we get it , I found him so manly, and quite endearing.Anyway, I hope the last book in this series is a bit better than that. This is the tale of a very naive ninnyhammer who travels from London to Wales to demand her inheritance from an uncle who received the inheritance from her father, who had no male heirs That uncle is now dead and the inheritance has been transferred to the man known locally as the Prince of Powys The Prince is also the uncle of the man with whom Phoebe, the ninnyhammer, traveled alone for the last part of her trip her female companion had died mysteriously shortly after Percy joined them , in a private carriage that Phoebe paid for did I say she was naive And the day after they arrive at the castle, she allows Percy to kiss and fondle her prone on a sofa because it felt so good to have a man s arms around her I did say she was a ninnyhammer, didn t I , and of course they re observed, and now the Prince calls her a whore as well as a con artist trying to claim someone else s inheritance, and, and, and If this sounds totally ridiculous, I ve been successful The first sentence of the novel as an example for thr brilliant writing style Julia London possessesFor some inexplicable reason, the first thing that occurred to Greer Fairchild when three men robbers, for all she knew stopped the coach in which she and Mr Percy were traveling was that the death of Mrs Smithington, to whom Greer was a traveling companion, was not only tragic, but extremely inconvenientJust four stars because the attitude of Greer, the heroine, was than confusing at the beginning, and the reasoning for her actions didn t impress me The hero, Rhodrick, was superb The perfect beast for a beauty and the beast themed tale. I could easily have given this book two stars, the only saving grace of this book was the male mc, Rhodrick, who is utterly adorable The female mc, Geer, was so fucking annoying and in my opinion didn t deserve him.So, in the previous book we learned that Greer travelled to seek her Welsh inheritance On the way she met Mr Percy, in the beginning of this book, we learn that Greer s elderly traveling companion has died and she has been convinced by Mr Percy to continue her mission, without a chaperon, in his company, while she paid for everything Now Mr Percy could not have been a obvious evil villain if he had constantly twirled his evil mustache and rubbed his hands together maliciously Greer of course notices nothing, and lets herself be manipulated and used by Mr Percy, now I can chalk that up to her naivety, but even that has its limits And she fucking believes his every word without question and without thinking for herself and forming an own opinion Well, they continue on their journey to remote Rhodrick, the Earl of Radnor and the Prince of Powys, who holds both of their inheritances Greer is stranded there with not enough money to return to London and Rhodrick demanding proof of her identity because she arrived with an obvious bad guy who has a bad history with Rhodrick, who understandably doesn t trust either of them After Rhodrick saves her from Mr Percy, instead of being grateful to him for saving her from ruin she acts childishly and immature, like refusing to eat and throwing her food on the floor, and generally acting like a five year old on an anger tantrum She convinced herself that she is a prisoner of the evil Rhodrick and at her first chance to escape she runs off, right into a huge storm, wearing unsuitable clothes for winter, on foot, with no hope of reaching the next town She is the TSTL kind who would cut of her nose to spite her face and doesn t think ahead and doesn t think for herself.Seriously, Rhodrick saved her from an OBVIOUS bad guy and understandably wants proof of her identity before he just hands over four thousand pounds to her He is not being unreasonable, not the most friendly sure, but he does give her place to stay But Greer doesn t giving him a chance, instead of actually listening to him and forming an own opinion she acts stubborn and immature.And this was really fucking annoying I could really have enjoy this story and the male mc is quite intriguing But the female mc is fucking stupid and annoying In the beginning I found her brave, but she fast became a stupid and immature TSTL heroine who wouldn t stop bemoaning the fact that she is such a poor prisoner to an evil beast, even though she s fucking not Which is so disappointing, because this book has so much potential She didn t get much better throughout the book, she continued to annoy me, but the male mc saved this book.His opinion of her at least in the beginning match mine exactlyA silly young woman from London who, by all indications, has no sense than a woodchuckI suppose I don t think silly young women who go chasing about the Welsh countryside with men they scarcely know as being terribly disposed to improving their minds He is an adorable character that you just want to hug and make everything right in the world for him The story has a bit of a Beauty and the Beast aspect, Rhodrick has grown up hating his face and his scar hasn t helped him either, living alone in his remote castle he s lonely, but Greer doesn t deserve him I ll give it 3.5 stars but only because of Rhodrick. 4,5 Se gi il primo episodio della serie delle Debuttanti Disperate mi era piaciuto, direi che questo secondo volume ancora pi bello, Di certo, a mio avviso, il migliore della serie.Prima di tutto, va detto che la London aveva gi incuriosito i lettori ancor prima di iniziare, perch nel primo volume le continue lettere di Greer, sempre pi misteriose e ambigue, erano riuscite a creare un clima di aspettativa intorno a lei.Ma lo stesso romanzo che parte strano , con un tono cupo e in un ambientazione quasi gotica l ingenua ma determinata Greer arriva finalmente in Galles, soltanto per incontrare affrontare un signore del maniero zoppo e sfregiato bonus 50 , con un carattere pessimo e una nomea pericolosa altro bonus 50 , rintanato in un castello tra boschi, rocce e isolamento, con tanto di fantasmi che appaiono, strani sogni premonitori, amuleti che nascondono segretiE poi lui un signor lui, un uomo tutto d un pezzo, diffidente ma protettivo, timoroso di soffrire ma passionale nel modo pi impetuoso e sincero possibile.Mi piaciuto subito E tanto.Al contrario, Geer l avrei strozzata per il suo essere una ragazzina, curiosa ma anche maldestra e insensibile che poi una ragazzina quindi ci sta.Per fortuna, sul finale un po si riscatta e riconosce al principe il giusto valore, ma questo aprire gli occhi stato senza dubbio sofferto.Un volume intrigante, ben scritto, senza mai un attimo di caduta di ritmo, con una tensione costante sino alla fine.Originale e ancora fresco, bench abbia una certa et letteraria, e quindi un ORO da leggere. I really, really, really wanted to like this one.The Prince wasn t perfect in his appearance and I found that pretty intriguing because as you know their usually always perfect knight and shining armors, but other than that his personality was as entertaining as watching paint dry harsh I know Greer the main gal just grated on my last nerve with all her so called innocence and naivety, I honestly couldn t stomach another page of her if I had too, and after spending the day trying to like this book I realized to late that I should have skimmed way than I did. Book 2 in Julia London s Desperate Debutantes series.I found this review on and thought it was particularly good Greer arrives in Wales thinking she is finally about to locate her much needed inheritance only to find that instead her money has been given away to Rhodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor and the Prince of Powys Greer s traveling companion, Owen Percy, who claims Rhodrick has also stolen his inheritance, convinces Greer to accompany him to the Prince of Powys estate, where they will demand their rightful bequests Once they arrive in Llanmair, Greer quickly discovers the infuriatingly arrogant prince refuses to simply hand over her money until Greer successfully proves who she is to him Now, until a letter from her cousin arrives, Greer finds herself trapped in a castle with a dark, brooding prince, whose kisses are almost enough to tempt Greer to completely forget why she came to Wales in the first place Also this London works a charming Regency twist on the story of Beauty and the Beast in the second installment of her Desperate Debutantes series I was like, What Well huh It kinda was now, wasn t it duh But it still reminded me of Pride and Prejudice It had a LOT of PP elements in it Including the dark and mysterious hero who won t say much haha Anyway, this was a pretty cute book LOTS of conflict lots of internal struggle especially from the hero, who I really liked He s so brooding But not in a really BAD way It was quite surprising how everything came together in the end The whole book was very mysterious Mostly because certain characters knew certain pieces of the puzzle, but they weren t inclined to share them with us We mostly just knew what Greer knew I wonder what the odds of Jason letting me name one of our kids GREER is Slim to none Closer to absolutely none, I think but you never know unless you try Anyway, it was good And if you really have a thing for Beauty and the Beast stories or brooding heroes, this is CERTAINLY one for you 3.5 5.0 stars {Free Epub} è The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, Book 2) ⚞ From New York Times Bestselling Author Julia London Comes The Second Novel In Her Irresistibly Romantic Desperate Debutantes Trilogy, In Which Three Suddenly Destitute Aristocratic Young Ladies Must Resort To Desperate Means To Keep Up Appearancesand Find The Husbands Of Their Dreams Lady Greer Fairchild S Only Hope Of Avoiding Marriage To The First Bidder Lies In Journeying Into The Untamed Welsh Countryside In Search Of An Inheritance She S Not Sure Even Exists One Reportedly Controlled By Rhodrick Glendower, Earl Of Radnor, Also Known As The Prince Of Powys Rumor Has It That The Prince Is Rough, Ruthless Even A Murderer But Greer Never Imagined That The Brute Would Refuse To Let Her Leave His Remote Castle Until She Has Proven Her Identity Or That She Would Find Herself Powerfully Attracted To This Passionately Virile Man Whose Gruff Demeanor Belies A Proud And Sensual Nature The Further Greer Falls Under His Spell, The Determined She Becomes To Unravel The Secrets Of Her Welsh Heritage And The Mystery Surrounding The Dark Prince Who Dares Her To Become His Wife And Princess I have to agree with the reviewer who called Greer, the heroine, a ninnyhammer She was a most irritating, annoying character, who was so naive and insistent on her own misguided assumptions that she bordered on TSTL This is the second book in a trilogy, about Greer, and her two cousins who are sisters In the first book of the trilogy, Greer is considered the smartest of the three, and is sought out at society events as a partner at cards and games because she is such a good strategist Well, none of that is in evidence here.Further, Rhodrick, the hero, supposedly falls in love with Greer very rapidly, but to me it seemed about lust I didn t see that spark or connection between the hero and heroine that makes their love story credible In fact, they mostly argued, or she babbled non stop about total inconsequentials, while he thought about getting her into bed view spoiler In addition, her refusal when he asked her to marry him was really quite inexplicable, especially since she had admitted to herself at that point that she was in love with him hide spoiler