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Kaya is a shape shifter, and having been left behind by her family she s spent most of her life as a cougar in the wild She s been watching Jericho and Hunter, two men who live in an isolated cabin, and they have been watching her When she is hurt, she allows them to help her and they discover that their wild cougar companion is in fact a beautiful woman They both form an attachment to her, and are reluctant to leave her even when their work calls them away.I liked that the plot was slow and mellow It has a quiet, isolated feel that I found relaxing It isn t an adventure story, and the paranormal element is uncomplicated and matter of fact That simplicity really fit the story and set the tone.While reading this story, I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how the author intended to characterize each of her protagonists Kaya comes across as a bit weak and helpless, but then you have to bare in mind that she hasn t had much human contact Still, I feel like the author could have spent a little time establishing that Kaya does have some innate strength, and isn t totally dependent on her men to provide for her Hunter is portrayed as the closed off, emotionally isolated of the two men Why that is is never fully explained I can t really get a handle on Jericho s personality at all, other than that he s a bit open than Hunter Both men are, of course, insanely protective and intent on caring for Kaya I think part of the problem at work here is page limitation It s a short book, so there is only a limited amount of time to establish everyone s personality and allow them to develop.My other complaint is the sunny, slightly sugar coated ending Everyone is accepting of Kaya and her relationship with two men Nobody comments or thinks it s odd Everybody is just part of a big happy family That s a bit unrealistic But then, this book has shape shifting so I guess I shouldn t demand realism.All told, for a novella you can read in one day, this is worthwhile It has steam, emotion, and a fairly satisfying happy ending 3.5 stars. this was the sequel to Golden Eyes in this one we see where Kaya ended up after being captured from her home in Alaska Coincidentally she ends up in the mountain of the small town her sister is living in In cougar form she was watching a pair of men who lived in a cabin, longing for some human contact after caring for her in cougar form she makes herself known to them as human from there the relationship heads to a HEA menage, and HEA s all around really.this one was lacking on the action suspense story side this was pretty much 110% romance it was focused on the relationship between the three and the trust issues they all had of course once we got going there was plenty of delicious scenes since kaya spent almost her entire life in cougar form her speech patterns and straight forwardness were pretty cute to read. Really, I liked Amber Eyes much than it s predecessor Golden Eyes The relationship build up is slower, natural I especially liked how in the beginning Hunter and Jericho would trade attitudes off on things Hunter was open to the cougar, but not the girl Jericho was open to the girl, but not the cougar It was creatively ironic But then, after they found out the truth and the three of them grew closer, I was a little disappointed about how Hunter took the prime roll in everything He wasn t very open to having Kaya stay, and yet he was the first that took her She did seem to go to them both evenly which helped, and none of it was covert no sneaking around behind the other s back which helped Still, it seemed that although Jericho was getting his own share of pleasure, when it was them three together Hunter always got the top position Their leave taking and extended absence was done well, and Kaya s feelings in being alone and pregnant, while poignant, were not angsty over done But another minor detail that kind of stuck in my mind neither Kaya, nor Hunter, NOR Jericho ever bothered to question how she could have gotten pregnant, if they always pulled out before finishing food for thought o.O On a personal note, I was a bit frustrated that Hunter and Jericho weren t a couple, or at least a sort of couple, in their own right They should have been it would have probably pushed this one right up into my favorites, then. Once part of a menage relationship, Hunter and Jericho both agreed to never enter into another menage out of respect for their former partner Hunter, a loner, has formed an attachment to a cougar that has been hanging by the cabin Hunter and Jericho share between assignments Jericho is just waiting for the cougar to eat his best friend, but when it becomes injured Hunter is adamant it needs their help As if taming a cougar is not weird enough, they find a naked woman in their cabin After a rocky start, both Hunter and Jericho find themselves both falling for Kaya and are weary about jumping into something she may not want Kaya knows these two men are destined to be her mates, but she has a secret that she fears they will use againist her, once they know Once they get called out on assignment though, with a promise to come back soon, Kaya finds herself alone and pregnant.An interesting story, have not read one like this before where a female is a shifter and knows nothing of her history I liked that she was kind of stilted in the beginning, having lived most of her life in cougar form You sensed her innocence and her two mates are also healing from their own losses. I loved Maya Banks s Highlander series so I thought I would give this one a try I m not impressed, but I m rather tired of the whole shapeshifter, werewolf, vampire stuff This book features a shape shifting woman and 2 uber men My biggest problem with this book was that I ve never seen 2 men share French fries from McDonalds much less what these 2 share I will continue to read books by Banks but will defiantly stay out of her paranormal novels. I personally have an issues with this sharing lovers thing, but the book was a good read I was a bit disappointed towards the end because I expected someone to at least call out Hunter and Jericho for taking advantage of Kaya EVEN IF THEY DIDN T or something towards that extent or maybe Jericho or Hunter died on the mission before you introduce this relationship to the girl s family but then who knows why things happen the way they did Had a hard time rating, 3 stars or 4, cause even though i enjoyed the book alot as i said I m not into the whole menage a trois Still interested because i still want to know who the biological father is hmmm. Since this was my first dip into M F M, I found the triangle quite nicely done And because I m not a fan of love triangles, I guess this is saying something Plot and mythology wise, though, it was seriously lacking. *READ EPUB ☔ Amber Eyes (Amber Eyes, #2) ↜ Their Final Mission Will Be To Win Her Love A Beautiful, Vulnerable Woman Appears At The High Country Cabin Where Hunter And Jericho Live Between Assignments They Are Captivated By Their Stunning, Reticent Visitor And Vow To Protect Her And Uncover What She S Hiding Neither Is Prepared For The Unbelievable Their Beautiful Innocent Is A Cougar Shifter Who S Spent A Lifetime Alone In The Shelter Of Their Love, Kaya Blooms, Finally Willing To Trust And Embrace Her Humanity Again Then Hunter And Jericho Are Called Away On A Mission That Goes Terribly Wrong Now, Pregnant, And Alone Once , She Must Find Her Way In A World She Doesn T Belong To And Hope That The Two Men She Loves Will Find Their Way Home Amber Eyes Is The Sequel To Golden Eyes, Which Is Available Through Another Publisher For Further Details, Visit Maya S Website Mucho mejor que el primero, definitivamente tiene el encanto de la autora que hizo falta en el primer libro, me agrado mucho la historia realmente es tierna, obviamente tiene sus fallos y algunos pedazos demasiado rebuscados pero en fin es buena historia para pasar un dia Banks early menage was acceptable but does not compare to here later works Kaya has paid a huge price for what little she has Jericho Hunter takes on a little than either of them knew.