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. @Download Book ì Discours de la servitude volontaire ¸ A Selection From Part I I See No Good In Having Several Lords Let One Alone Be Master, Let One Alone Be King THESE WORDS Homer Puts In The Mouth Of Ulysses, As He Addresses The People If He Had Said Nothing Further Than I See No Good In Having Several Lords, It Would Have Been Well Spoken For The Sake Of Logic He Should Have Maintained That The Rule Of Several Could Not Be Good Since The Power Of One Man Alone, As Soon As He Acquires The Title Of Master, Becomes Abusive And Unreasonable Instead He Declared What Seems Preposterous Let One Alone Be Master, Let One Alone Be King We Must Not Be Critical Of Ulysses, Who At The Moment Was Perhaps Obliged To Speak These Words In Order To Quell A Mutiny In The Army, For This Reason, In My Opinion, Choosing Language To Meet The Emergency Rather Than The Truth Yet, In The Light Of Reason, It Is A Great Misfortune To Be At The Beck And Call Of One Master, For It Is Impossible To Be Sure That He Is Going To Be Kind, Since It Is Always In His Power To Be Cruel Whenever He Pleases As For Having Several Masters, According To The Number One Has, It Amounts To Being That Many Times Unfortunate Although I Do Not Wish At This Time To Discuss This Much Debated Question, Namely Whether Other Types Of Government Are Preferable To Monarchy, Still I Should Like To Know, Before Casting Doubt On The Place That Monarchy Should Occupy Among Commonwealths, Whether Or Not It Belongs To Such A Group, Since It Is Hard To Believe That There Is Anything Of Common Wealth In A Country Where Everything Belongs To One Master This Question, However, Can Remain For Another Time And Would Really Require A Separate Treatment Involving By Its Very Nature All Sorts Of Political Discussion FOR THE PRESENT I Should Like Merely To Understand How It Happens That So Many Men, So Many Villages, So Many Cities, So Many Nations, Sometimes Suffer Under A Single Tyrant Who Has No Other Power Than The Power They Give Him Who Is Able To Harm Them Only To The Extent To Which They Have The Willingness To Bear With Him Who Could Do Them Absolutely No Injury Unless They Preferred To Put Up With Him Rather Than Contradict Him Surely A Striking Situation Yet It Is So Common That One Must Grieve The And Wonder The Less At The Spectacle Of A Million Men Serving In Wretchedness, Their Necks Under The Yoke, Not Constrained By A Greater Multitude Than They, But Simply, It Would Seem, Delighted And Charmed By The Name Of One Man Alone Whose Power They Need Not Fear, For He Is Evidently The One Person Whose Qualities They Cannot Admire Because Of His Inhumanity And Brutality Toward Them A Weakness Characteristic Of Human Kind Is That We Often Have To Obey Force We Have To Make Concessions We Ourselves Cannot Always Be The Stronger Therefore, When A Nation Is Constrained By The Fortune Of War To Serve A Single Clique, As Happened When The City Of Athens Served The Thirty Tyrants One Should Not Be Amazed That The Nation Obeys, But Simply Be Grieved By The Situation Or Rather, Instead Of Being Amazed Or Saddened, Consider Patiently The Evil And Look Forward Hopefully Toward A Happier Future Our Nature Is Such That The Common Duties Of Human Relationship Occupy A Great Part Of The Course Of Our Life It Is Reasonable To Love Virtue, To Esteem Good Deeds, To Be Grateful For Good From Whatever Source We May Receive It, And, Often, To Give Up Some Of Our Comfort In Order To Increase The Honor And Advantage Of Some Man Whom We Love And Who Deserves It . 24. Proust takes me many time but I try to read other books I wanted to re reread Montaigne but I begin by it Short text but genius vrai dire, il est bien inutile de se demander si la libert est naturelle, puisqu on ne peut tenir aucun tre en servitude sans lui faire tort il n y a rien au monde de plus contraire la nature, toute raisonnable, que l injustice La libert est donc naturelle c est pourquoi, mon avis, nous ne sommes pas seulement n s avec elle, mais aussi avec la passion de la d fendre In english To tell the truth, it is very useless to wonder if the freedom is natural, because we can hold nobody in servitude without harming him there is nothing to the world further against nature, quite reasonable, than the injustice Thus the freedom is natural that is why, in my opinion, we were not only born with her, but also with the passion to defend her La Boetie is well known as the friend boyfriend of Montaigne Because it was him, because it was me It is totally unjust This text is a magnetic synthesis on Natural right in the line of Thomas d Acquin ans spanish theologist Las Casas, Suares.He was 18 when he wrote it It was civil war in France between catholic and protestant He was completely discouraged by the horrors of the war We say that he died from it of sorrow Montaigne desperate by his death, withdrew to write his essays They will inspire the Edict of Nantes which ended the war.The voluntary servitude, it is the acceptance of the unacceptable, no tyrant survives without the submission The solution it is ours This text is one of the most beautiful on the freedom. 23 1393 16 20 1378 30. . 12 54 95.. 1 2 3.