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Coleman writes and I m not making this up I come up to New York a couple of times a year to see the exhibitions I m a kind of, um Exhibitionist This is supposed to be funny, cause if it s not supposed to be funny, it s absolutely meaningless.How about people who say things like, That s hella sad, Apparently Coleman who grew up in Tennessee and Louisiana according to book jacket blurbs thinks people in San Francisco talk like this.Or how about this one, a guy travels from the south and another guy makes a pass at him The response Lay off, you old queen This is just bad writing, start to finish The story isn t awful, but an editor was needed. Did not finish this one.not appealing to me This a book that took much longer than a year to read It was truly almost unbearable to read I see that most of the reviews on this book are high, and that s great if you liked it, but I did not I thought this book needed an extreme edit There were whole chapters that were aimless and utterly boring with little to no impact to the story progression or character development background I don t care for books who wander aimlessly, and there were 100s of pages of aimless wander This is not a book for me I am glad it is finished and I will never have to punish myself by reading it again. Didn t even finish Too depressing Way too much language Blah Great review eh ( Download Book ) ⚇ Cage's Bend ⚐ Cage, Nick, And Harper Appear To Be The Archetypal Sons Of The Ideal American Family Of The S And S The Firstborn, Cage, Is The Golden Boystar Athlete And Scholar, Adventurous, Handsome, And Preternaturally Popular Nick Is The Quiet, Late Blooming Middle Son And Harper, Years Younger, Chases After His Older Siblings, Trying Not To Be Left Out With The Tragic Death Of Nick In The S, The Breakdown Of The Family Begins Cages Guilt Triggers Incipient Mental Illness And The Next Two Decades Find Him Swinging Between Mania And Depression, Between Grim Institutions And Comebacks Harper, Who Has Achieved Early Success On Wall Street, Is Torn Between Wanting To Help His Brother And Seeking Escape From His Ghosts In An Endless Stream Of Women Told In The Alternating Voices Of Cage, Harper, And Their Parents, CAGES BEND Is The Story Of A Family Damaged By Tragedy And Unfulfilled Dreams And Renewed By The Unshakable Bonds Of Love Cage s Bend, by Carter Coleman He says when the Son of God was tempted by what he called the devil, he was speaking of personalized Evil Even when he is consecrating communion, he fells slammed by temptation and says, Satan, get the hell out of here In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go And Satan leaves I try it now, I yell out, In the name of Christ I command you to go And Stan leaves I try it now I yell out, In the name of Christ I command you to go But the ghosts just move in closer and the stench thickens around me, filling my nose until I can t breathe and I lie on the bed, gagging He may have been conscious flying through the spray of glass over the Toyota and fifty feet farther through the air, a sensation akin to free falling off a rock that he had grown not to fear Know that I love you, and all the good ones in our family But you ll come out of this darkness You always do And if you ever let yourself go so high, then you won t ever fall this low You won t be stuck in this depression You won t always want to die You ll get your spirit back You always had a strong lust for life, than most people You ll put your life back together You re a good carpenter Jesus was a carpenter, so was Harrison Ford Everyone has a shadow In some people it is stronger than others Some people have to struggle long and hard with their shadows their demons, their addictions, their base inclinations while others don t stay so tempted toward straying and self destruction The concept of the shadow is a tool toward self discovery If you ever make the effort to record dreams, which is had at first but becomes easier with time and practice, you begin to see that your unconscious mind creates little surreal vignettes that dramatize the needs and actions of your shadow versus your better self You should embrace the knowledge of your shadow You should fight to master it Cage s Bend, by Carter Coleman, is a novel about three southern brothers, and their mother and father The novel spans from 1965 to 2001 We see one brother die, one brother struggle with bipolar disorder, and one brother fall into sex addiction Oh, my goodness well, I was relieved when I finished it Don t get me wrong, I had a few favorite characters The novel switches from each brothers perspective as well as their parents, and I always preferred hearing from Cage, the brother with bipolar His voice was very strong Coleman apparently visited several mental institutions and talked at length with people suffering with manic depression for research The perspective Cage provides is equal parts hopeful and heart breaking He constantly runs away and commits reckless crimes, but the sweetest moments of the book come when he is offering wisdom to his youngest brother or trying to help a drug addict he meets on the road However, the book is nearly four hundred pages long, and I spent most of it hoping Cage would do or say something insightful, and those moment sort of stopped after page two hundred.Coleman grants us access to the perspectives of everybody in the family, and most of the time, nobody does anything They think a lot over and over about their issues and have the same conversations over and over about them I think the mother Margaret spent the whole book understandably but tiresomely worrying about her boys Harper, the youngest brother, has copious amounts of sex with women who all seem exactly the same, until he meets one who doesn t save him until the very stinking end Coleman said he was writing in the style of Faulkner, who wrote As I lay Dying, where the reader is taken through the perspectives of every family member traveling cross country to bury their mother, but As I lay Dying is much shorter, and it sustains an ominous feel Coleman s writing fell completely flat halfway through Cage s Bend offered insight into mental illness, but it could have accomplished if it was shorter and if the characters didn t seem stuck a lot of the time, even when they were making positive decisions It was a story about people who had interesting thoughts once in awhile, but really didn t take us anywhere. Selected this book at random, and it immediately pulled me in The depiction of a family and all of its complexity appealed to me As I continued reading it, I didn t know what to think, and there were times when I questioned whether I wanted to devote time to it However, there were fragments of it that truly resonated with me, and I persevered The description of a human being suffering from a mental illness was brilliant It captured the impact of dealing with chronic mental illness, and the effect not only on the person affected, but on those who love that person and struggle with their own conflicted feelings of love, frustration, anger, forgiveness, hope, disappointment, in various sequences, over and over and over again I am glad the book ended on a hopeful note I want to read books by this author. This book was one that was recommended by the dearreader.com book group that I subscribe to via the Berkeley Public Library.If you enjoyed Wally Lamb s I Know This Much Is True than you would likely enjoy this book as well.The Rutledge family is a classic southern family, where the patriarch is a minister and a very demanding father After the tragic death of one of three sons, Cage and Nick are left to make their way to adulthood under their father s critical eye Nick finds success, but not happiness, while Cage appears happy and free spirited, only to discover he has darker mental issues The family struggles to help Cage to take care of himself as well as to take care of their individual selves This rich story pulls at your heart and may even cause you to reflect on people in your own lives. This book COULD have been the next Catcher in the Rye, but the author threw in sex scenes that didn t advance plot and used excessive profanity in such a way that it was a difficult read in places If that had been edited out, I could have given it a 5 I m not a prude, either my own fiction contains both profanity and sex, but only as needed to support plot This seemed present merely to titillate. Very interesting plot the middle brother is killed in a car accident, leading to the eldest brother s decline into manic depressive disorder and the youngest brother is caught in the middle of all this family drama But I found Cage, the oldest brother, to be a very unlikable character Harper was sort of cut and dry a cookie cutter character, if you will And the book itself was so, so boring I couldn t even finish this one.