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Interesting change about midway through this book, where it shifts from fairly political racial family sitcom type situations standard comic strip fare, with McGruder sensibilities to the post 9 11 gonzo, 100% political racial strip that it is today.I like the strip in both incarnations, and I appreciate that McGruder can preach and still get a joke in every strip I agree with most of his politics, and he does take an occasional and deserved poke at the Democrats, but if your politics lean conservative, this probably isn t for you. SIX WORD REVIEW Who listens to conscious black kids Many of the cultural and political references are now dated, so it would take a lot for a teen today to access most of these strips But Huey is just so damn revolutionary, and Riley is this unknowing cog in the black culture wheel so much value here, so much satire I was a fan of McGruder from day 1, and his jabs at racial and economic injustices hold lots of weight today I would definitely hand this to the kid who is developing a critical consciousness, and some strips are perfect for starting discussion The strips are a gazillion times better than the show, IMO but maybe that s because the background noises Grandad whupping Riley, the drunken slurring of Ruckus and the incessant use of the n word make me uncomfortable as a white woman Even though it s still raunchy and punchy and outrageously anti racist, it s much tamer than the cartoon on Adult Swim. I don t love the pop culture criticism as much as the jokes about race, but I am glad I read this volume because this is when post 9 11 hysteria goes into full swing and the comic viciously criticizes the Bush administration I m glad I had the Boondocks in high school and I m glad to be rereading it now. i can t believe aaron mcgruder got away with publishing this strip in daily newspapers for so long it wasn t just that its political content was alienating to huge chunks of the readership of centrist, mainstream print news it wasn t just that the strip catered to a niche audience be honest here no matter how much you like hip hop, your average newspaper reader has no idea who shyne or c murder were, and had never actually listened to biggie, 2pac, or wu tang and even though the boondocks wasn t shy when it came to talking about race relations, even that isn t why i m surprised so few newspapers dropped it no, i m amazed the boondocks ran until mr mcgruder got tired of doing it every day because sooner or later, he made fun of pretty much everyone who could conceivably have been reading and he wasn t gentle read long enough, and he was going to go after you, personally straight for the metaphorical jugular it seemed like he was purposefully trying to piss off everyone who might possibly have any goodwill built up towards him probably he managed it because the strips are fuckin hilarious since the boondocks have jumped to tv cartoon format on adult swim, it s changed in a lot of ways he s got time to build plots, and color and music to tell the story with this is both an asset and a liability time to fill is less urgency to the pace of the jokes, and when the tv feeds you color and sound, you lose the opportunity to imagine your own it s still funny, but i still miss the daily mouthful of the original this collection is the next best thing, still wicked fun even if the topical jokes are dated by the day.go remind yourself why your local paper put up with the boondocks until aaron mcgruder wouldn t put up with the local papers any if you missed it the first time around, keep an eye out for the strip that ran on thanksgiving 2001 that strip is a particularly sharp reminder why the best comedians are always angry true comedy comes when something is so outrageous, the only sane way to deal with it is laugh. This is the first of Aaron McGruder s series of Boondocks comic books The main characters are Huey and Riley Freeman, two African American children from a rough part of Chicago Their Grandfather moved them to a wealthy suburban neighborhood called Woodcrest, which is mostly white and has not seen many black people Huey Freeman, 10, is named after Huey Newton, a former leader of the black panthers He is not afraid to address hypocrisy in adults especially when it comes to whites and racism which causes many awkward moments His younger brother Riley is a product of current gansta rap , which gets him in trouble with the neighborhood adults and causes may confrontations between his backside and his gandfather s leather belt I must say that my overall impression of the book, was just what I had expected from Aaron McGruder I had previously heard of then his comics in the back of newspapers, and I had heard the controversy they stirred It s daring nature to address issues that most people would not touch with a thirty nine and a half foot pole Things from gender relations to police brutality has been covered in these pages This comic book holds nothing back and makes the human population do two things it desperately does not want to do, think and ask why By the end of this book you will be thinking about issues you overlook each day even when they happen right in front of you You ll be asking why are things the way they are today, and slowly as you become to form a sensible hypothesis through thinking and asking you will become less ignorant to things that happen, not only in the U.S., but the entire world as well.What I like about this book is that while it is deep and sometimes dark it can still make you laugh, which was the difference between me giving it five stars instead of four But there is a fine line between funny and offensive and I think that McGruder is tap dancing on that line Which makes me ask why is this comic strip allowed at my public library I am almost certain that this comic book will offend, confuse, anger, and scare some people so how come someone has not sued this comic strip and gotten it off the shelves I guess as long as The Boondocks is on the shelves, no matter how many time his comics get rejected for being to bawdy and daring or how many of his episodes get banned in the U.S., Aaron will continue to tap dance on that line and lead a revolution of the minds And just a the prologue says the revolution wasn t televised, it was the comic page. Way than just a cartoon strip Aaron McGruder literally draws a portrait of how Black America might be perceived both by its members and by those who never have and never will experience life as an African American These strips are hilarious and thought provoking They made me reconsider the perceptions I have of how race plays into every aspect of American society and especially the danger of taking related images in the media for granted. I was unaware that The Boondocks was a comic strip I only knew it from the show This was a fun read and great satire Aaron McGruder writes and draws this great comic strip that satirizes African American Culture and American Politics as seen through the young, black radical Huey Freeman and his older brother Riley Freeman.Some of the things he was making fun were dated for me because of my age but when I did get it was hilarious The art was good even though McGruder stated that the characters looked like grotesque versions of themselves I m glad that the Boondocks has been making a comeback with people talking about it Saying McGruder was a prophet and ahead of his time He s been writing strips and hopefully, he continues to do so. I have man love for Huey, and I m not afraid to admit it. ^READ EBOOK ☜ A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury ⇥ Here S The First Big Book Of The Boondocks, Than Four Years And Strips Of One Of The Most Influential, Controversial, And Scathingly Funny Comics Ever To Run In A Daily Newspaper With Bodacious Wit, In Just A Few Panels, Each Day Aaron Serves Up And Sends Up Life In America Through The Eyes Of Two African American Kids Who Are Full Of Attitude, Intelligence, And Rebellion Each Time I Read The Strip, I Laugh And I Wonder How Long The Boondocks Can Get Away With The Things It Says And How On Earth Can The Most Truthful Thing In The Newspaper Be The Comics From The Foreword By Michael Moore