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I ve finished another book by J F Freedman called Fallen Idols It wasn t as good as Birds Eye View but it was pretty good I liked the way he went back and forth between characters so you really get to know everyone. It took me a little while to really get into the book but once I was there I really enjoyed it It was intriguing I enjoyed the small twists in it but it was fairly predictable Unfortunately I thought the ending was just to saccharin for my tastes It wrapped up a familial upheaval with a sweet and loving ending It did not ring true This is the first time I have read anything by Freedman I am not really encouraged to read another one. [Download Pdf] ☪ Fallen Idols ⚑ Our Parents Are The Reason We Exist From The New York Times Bestselling Author J F Freedman Comes A Roaring Suspense Thriller About One Family S Deadly Encounter And The Disturbing Betrayals Uncovered By Three Brothers But What If Everything We Thought We Knew About Themwas Wrong Walt Gaines Is A Prominent Archaeologist, Husband Of Thirty Years, And Father Of Three But After His Wife Is Murdered Near An Ancient Mayan Ruin, He Cuts Off Nearly All Contact With His Family Now Walt S Sons Decide To Perform An Excavation Of Their Own Beyond Their Father S Sudden Change Of Lifestyle His New Million Dollar Home And Young Girlfriend The Secrets The Sons Are About To Unearth Are Complex, And Devastating, Than Anything They Could Have Imagined Fallen Idols is a mystery adventure story, entertaining and gripping I thought it a bit longer than it needed to be, and didn t like the hidden thread what happened to Diane But,overall, any of J.F Freedman s books are worth reading and I have read most of them They are interesting, yet don t require huge amounts of thought or concentration great for reading between serious books, or non fiction. Unlike his earlier books, this one does not deal with lawyers and the legal system This book is about 3 sons trying to discover the truth about their mother s death on an archeology trip I found it fast moving and interesting Even though I figured out what really happened half way thru the book, I couldn t wait to get to the end to see if I was right. I hadn t read a book by J.F Freedman before, it was fun, interesting, not too taxing on the brain As a busy Mom with a lot going on at the time, I like reading books that are intriguing, fast paced, hold my interest and aren t complicated Though it was rather easy to figure out, however, like I said with two little kids, I m never fully engrossed in a book right now, so that s good I liked the brothers but wasn t too crazy about dear old Dad. An annoying and unacceptable number of typos in the Kindle edition make this a difficult read, and the story is just okay at best, with a predictable and unsatisfying ending most of which I skipped through. Not a really fantastic book, but it kept me hooked I had to keep reading to find out what had happened Would ve been nice if of the action had happened in the jungle, rather than in the states. This novel written by an archaeologist features a devoted husband wife team of prominent archaeologists Walt and Jocelyn Gaines with a hand picked student crew are working a virgin dig deep in the steaming jungles of Central America uncovering, cataloging priceless Mayan artifacts The crew has been compromised by an art dealer and local thieves loyal to corrupt officials Political intrigue envelops the dig fraught with cultural conflicts On schedule, the team packs, caravans out to an airstrip for the flight home Desperadoes block their way demanding tribute Though the caravan complies, gun fire breaks out killing Jocelyn.Back in the US the Jocelyn s three grown sons determine to get to the bottom of their mother s killing Ignoring his son s Walt leaves the college faculty to begin a new life with a younger woman heightening the son s suspicions Do they really know the parents who raised them A fascinating read. Not one of his bestpredictable