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As a puzzle lover I found this book super entertaining

The reason I give this one 5 stars is that the author added a nice little extra challenge to the book by including the puzzles the characters had to solve. I loved it! I put the other books on my toread list. Winston Breen and his friends are back to solve another challenging round of puzzles, courtesy of a contest sponsored by a potato chip company. The student team who solves six puzzles first wins $50,000 for their school. Winston's teacher is determined that his team will win, but how far will he go to make sure that happens? #EPUB ⚡ The Potato Chip Puzzles ô How To Make The Perfect Potato Chip SBS Food Fluffy In The Centre, Crisp And Golden On The Outside, A Good Potato Chip Is One Of Life S Greatest Eating Pleasures The Story Of George Crum, Inventor Of The Potato Chip According To Popular Legend, The Potato Chip Was Invented When A Picky Customer Vanderbilt Himself, According To Some Reports Repeatedly Sent Back An Order Offrench Fries, Complaining That They Were Too Thick The History Of Potato Chips ThoughtCo Legend Has It That The Potato Chip Was Born Out Of A Tiff Between A Little Known Cook And One Of The Wealthiest People In American History The Incident Was Alleged To Have Taken Placeon August ,George Crum, Who Washalf African And Half Native American, Was Working As A Cook At A Resort InSaratoga Springs, New York At The Time The Truth About The Origin Of The Potato ChipThe Perfect Potato Chip Missouri Life Magazine Classic Potato Chips Along With Sweet Potato And Kicker Chips, Which Are Known For A Spicy Flavor, Are Sold Statewide And Nationally Bottles Of Seasonings Are Sold, Too The Company Also Has Partnered With Sugarfire Smokehouse, Another St Louis Business, To Create Handcrafted Barbecue Potato Chips INVENTION OF POTATO CHIPS The Dr Binocs Who Doesn T Like Potato Chips This Crispy Crunchy Snack Is Loved By People Of All Ages, Everywhere But Do You Know How It Came Into Existence Come Find Ou Potato Chips YouTubeTake A Chopper Medium Sized Potatoesslice Itdip It In Water For Few Minutesdry Up The Water Of Potatoes Using Kitchen Towelfry It In Low Flamesprinkle The Spices AndTheBest Potato Chip Jokes UPJOKE When All Of A Sudden, He Sees Two Crisps Potato Chips Walking Along The Side Of The Road Perplexed By This And Concerned For Their Safety He Leans Out And Shouts Hey You Two Want A Lift Anywhere , To Which The Crisps Stopped And Replied No Thanks Mate, We Re Walkers Make Potato Chip Cookies, The Easy Salty Sweet Preheat The Oven Todegrees Fahrenheit Cream Butter And Sugar Together Until Fluffy Add Vanilla Until Blended Add Flour, Cup At A Time, And Stir With A Wooden Spoon Mix In Nuts And Crushed Potato Chips Until All Are Incorporated With The Dough, Which Will Be Slightly Sticky Drop Heaping Teaspoonfuls Onto An Ungreased Baking Sheet And Bake For Minutes, Until The Outside Edges Are Golden Brown I thought that this book was a good modern mystery book with a little humor. It used less of the moments that created tension and anxiety (in a good way) and was just a light book. Adding on to that, Berlin had many clever puzzle that you would just have to try and it would make the experience a whole lot better. Overall, it was a pretty good book Winston Breen is back and solving more puzzles. This time, he and his friends are in puzzle competition, and the prize is $50,000 for their school. Good for mysterylovers and puzzlefans. Finished in 2 hours!!!!!!!!

I wanna try those square potato chips!

At first I thought it was Mr. G who was the cheater and he gave himself a flat just to throw everyone off! Then,I thought it was Brendan since he was always happy and lucky.
Guess I was wrong since it was his TEACHER!

I had some trouble solving the puzzles but I will DEFINATELY try again today.

LOVE WINSTON BREEN!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you have a pencil in hand when you read this book (or, if you borrow it from the library, scratch paper and a pencil!). I didn't like it *quite* as much as the first one but still enjoyed it. I think I preferred the first one's premise of a treasure hunt across town, preferred the map given in that one which gave a sense of direction, and I think it had a more action packed/exciting climax with the battle against the gunman who had taken Winston hostage. This one's climax was much more toned down against the corrupt teacher since it was Winston and a room full of adults against the teacher, plus I think the teacher's slipup mistake talking about the glass bottles cutting up car tires was a bit careless.

But I really like the scenes like when Winston is looking at the carslasher's belongings they managed to snatch away and when he asked himself a bunch of questions about what/who/why/when/where/how, as it really evokes the sense of a mystery, and I like that Winston is the detective.

This series has also so far been very mentally stimulating as the puzzles are refreshing. My one regret is that I fear they don't have a much "reread" value; if you solve a puzzle once, you will likely remember the solution, and it's even more likely if you write the solution in the book as is semiencouraged (not that I mindits still fun and I like having such brain teasers).

One thing I appreciated more in this was Mal and Jake; I like scenes like both solving parts of a puzzle that Winston couldn't, and I liked scenes like Jake's atheleticism almost tackling the carslasher and Mal with his theatrical voice calling the wife of the villain pretending to be a Tow Truck company man to confirm the villain's lies.

Anyway, overall, it was good, but I also would've liked to see more nods to the first book, like what Winston did with the $5000 or so he won last game, and I think I'd've liked to see Penrose's Curioso Shop as that was a fun location and the character Penrose had interested me as a sort of "wiser old man" character, kinda like Dumbledore. But it seems the next book will feature him more, so I do appreciate that.

Mr. Garvey, their math expert teacher/chaperone, was an interesting counter/foil to the trio of boys, and I liked his competitiveness and moral grayness, as well as his character arc becoming more compassionate and not as gungho about winning. I also liked Brendan Root as a semi rival/friend to Winston and a decent enough Red Herring villain. I hope he returns in future books too.

I know there's only one book left in this trilogy, but one regret I have with this series is that I am doubtful it'll make a small miniuniverse with nods back to previous booksI think one advantage of series is that they can do that, but this book only briefly mentions characters like Winston's sister Katie and the policeman Ray Marietta from the previous book, where they were much more prominent.

But anyway, overall, this was still excellent and I liked it quite a bit. I like this series quite a lot and have already started the third. Solid, good, fun puzzle ish brainteaserfilled book. I am not a puzzle person, so I was only able to figure out about half of the puzzles in the book. I am sure I could have done better if I had really tried, but I was really more interested in the story. And the story did suck me. I liked the quest the students had to go on to solve all the puzzles. I think there is something to be said for a book that showcases smart, clever kids doing what they do best. Sure they made mistakes and weren't always right the first time, but they persevered and they helped each other. Basically they were good role models for kids reading the book. I liked the fact that the characters weren't all nerdy puzzlesolving geeks...there was a nice mix of kids, which illustrated that everyone can be smart and clever in their own way.

I also thought there was a good discussion in the book on cheating and what exactly constitutes cheating. Were some instances cheating, were they just good game strategy, were they mean and sneaky but not cheating? All good questions for kids to ponder. I thought it was interesting that the author made the kids more honest than the adults. I find that kids are often more honest so I thought this was probably pretty true to life and a good lesson. I liked how this moral/thought provoking plot was woven throughout the story. It wasn't really inyourface but it was there for you to think about.

The story itself was good. It was a nice pace; it kept the tension and attention going. The puzzles were nice but you really didn't have to solve them to enjoy the story. There were a lot of characters and it was sometimes hard to keep them all separate. If I really have one complaint it is that I didn't think the villain was that developed. We didn't have a lot of backstory or reasoning until the very end so it seemed to come from nowhere. But I liked the resolution of the story. Everything turned out the way it should be.

A good book and one I think the kids will enjoy. Sadly, not having much time to read these days, The Puzzling World of Winston Breen took me exactly a month to finish. One of the reasons it took me so long, besides being so busy, is that it was very slow in some parts. I do praise the author because most of the entire book takes place over one day. That must be why it was slow. (I mean, if you are going to fit a day's worth of activities into 288 pages, some parts are going to lag a bit.) Overall, I liked the book and recommend it to anyone and everyone who has an interest in puzzles.