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3.5 stars I was really impressed with the first book in this series and was eager to find out how things played out, so I purchased book 2 immediately after completing first book Here s my breakdown Pros I loved seeing how things progressed Anya and Duncan from previous book Amazing writing styleCons Overpriced at 4.99 This was a bit pricey for me but I justified buying it since book 1 was offered as a freebie The romance was lacking I didn t feel an intense love bond between Arianna and Nic no comparison to what Anya and Duncan shared There were some slow spells during the plotOverall, I didn t love this book but I m still glad I read it However, I doubt I will continue this series onto book 3 I ll definitely check out of this writers work though. Historical romance with a heavy SF Fantasy theme immortals in this case Witches.Very good I do see a trend with me liking fiction populated by Immortals If I recall correctly, Highlander and Buffy at the time I wonder what that says about my psyche Going to try to find her other book Eternity review initially written 01 03 2002 in my day planner This is the second book in Maggie Shayne s Witch series I didn t think the back cover s description of this book did it justice It sounded very boring, and I was just going to read it because Ms Shayne is one of my top favorite authors I should have known that it would have been excellent Ms Shayne writes everything well I read this so long ago that I don t remember the particulars of the plot I just remember that the witch series sounded very boring, but turned out to be a lot of fun, and I just loved every one of them Ms S writing is beautiful The story flows fast and strong.A complicated tale with a very satisfying ending.If you would like to read this book or others like it please check out booksfreeswap.com.This book is ready for swap SpoilerNote 1511 Scotland, 1999 US ScotlandNicodimus Lachlan 700 yo,immortal High Witch,widower,reincarnated son Arianna Sinclair 487yo, immortal High Witch,older sis , Nidaba immortal High Witch,mother,healer, 4,000yo , Raven S reincarnated sis, 300yo,immortal High Witch Duncan Wallace immortal High Witch,minister. 14 April 2014 I already have the first three books in this series, but there s a box set right now for 0.99 on Kindle This would be about a 4.2 Arianna is a much spunkier character IMHO than Raven Didn t dislike Raven, but she was very passive about certain things Arianna is definitely not passive Liked Nicodimus as well.bit broody though Anyhow, some nice backstory on who everyone was and nice lead in to the next book about Nidaba. Another amazing emotional and thrilling read by the talented Maggie Shayne The story flows fast and strong and ferries along a complicated tale with a very satisfying ending Very good indeed Full review to come Very good indeed Puts everything into perspective makes things right as two people who are deeply in love finally realize it lives are set in their rightful paths But makes one still wonder for poor Nidaba, who has suffered so much. {E-pub} Â Infinity (Immortal Witches, #2) º For Five Centuries, Immortal High Witch Nicodimus Has Been Suspended In An Eternity Of Darkness His Heart Was Stolen Away In The Ultimate Betrayal By His Love Arianna Now Arianna Discovers A Way To Bring Him Back But The Power That Returns Nicodimus To Her Arms Also Summons An Ancient Enemy To Fight This Dark Danger, They Must Confront The Past And Reclaim Infinity that book is my favourite all the time