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Decently written, very readable story Leans heavily on the fact that this guy was normal than anyone and nobody suspected a thing. Well written true crime book I had never read anything about this serial killer Wayne Nance.This case was very interesting and I think you ll enjoy the book best if you begin reading and not knowing anything about it as I did Because of this I am going to use the spoiler tags so not to spoil view spoiler Wow This book is about all the people that make excuses for not recognising this guy was acting weird or could be dangerous and yes it is easy taking after all has happened The only one that annoyed me was the friend of Wayne who knew he had been talking about being part of a cult and he had to kill for it If he had told the cops maybe they could have nailed him Bygones be bygones but that must be hard if he killed your loved ones.How disgusting was it to read that he killed that couple and they deserve to be known by their names so let me go and type them Mike and Theresa Shook I so feel for their loved ones.Anyway After I had finished reading I googled him and discovered that they found out who Robin was Her body was found and they did not know show she was so they called it Debbie Deer Creek, even though they had 3 photobooth pictures of her and the killer This is the photo of which her brother who was looking online identified her although he was not sure because of the glasses.In the book there are 2 photos of her and Wayne Nance Maybe I will upload them but online only the above pic was to be found.So glad that they scientifically managed to identify her.Loved that that other pair managed to get away hide spoiler I really enjoyed this book I love a good mystery thriller and this one kept me interested I cared about the main characters and found the conversations to be realistic That being said, there were a few times I found some of the characters actions to be unbelievable It is fiction though and I love a good story of which this certainly was It was an excellent book to curl up with. Greetings from the darkness as we head into the familiar territory of another serial killer My fascination with the topic began in 1981 with The Stranger Beside Me, a book that chronicled the adventures of the king of them all, Ted Bundy And now it is on to a lesser known individual, Wayne Nance A woman named Wanda drifted into a bar in Missoula, Montana with no money and only the clothes on her back and was taken in like a stray cat by a good Samaritan named Wayne He was a bouncer at the club She moved in with her savior only to vanish a month later On Christmas Eve Day, a photographer stumbled upon Robin s body near Bonner Dam Four years earlier, the skeleton of an unidentified fifteen year old was discovered not far from Robin The first of the killings occurred in 1974 Donna Pounds, a minister s wife, was tied to a bed, raped, and shot to death Suspect number 1 was husband Harvey The good rev immediately put the blame on a satanic cult The oog booga and 666 BS were ignored by the police, who are rational human beings A neighbor had seen the then 18 year old Wayne Nance in the Pound s back yard on the day of the murder At school, Wayne carried knives and boasted that he would kill someone before his nineteenth birthday Without sufficient evidence to charge Wayne, the young man joined the navy in June of 1974 Two years later, Joy Kuale was found dead in her bedroom She had been raped and the murder weapon was a steak knife Nance had a solid alibi this time as naval records placed him in San Diego at the time of the crime The navy discharged our hero after two years due to drug offenses Wayne s mother committed suicide and he lived with his father while working as a bouncer at night and a furniture delivery man in the daytime The multi tasker managed to squeeze serial killing into his busy schedule Wayne s furniture delivery job afforded him the opportunity to case houses for future escapades A couple, Mike and Teresa Shook, had the misfortune of crossing paths with the psychopath Two weeks after dropping off some La Z Boys to the Shook abode, the uninvited guest returned on a cold winter s night with bad intent He left the house on fire after killing mom and dad and leaving their three small children in critical condition from smoke inhalation The kids survived and Wayne moved on The killer s obsession with his boss, Kris Wells, led to an unexpected conclusion The final chapter is riveting and I will leave it for the reader to uncover To Kill and Kill Again is a better than average true crime book. Crap It pisses me off that these authors deliberately write 10 decent pages to trick you into buying the book Honestly this is filler filler and filler I don t care who so and so s brother s wife s Dad s plumber was Don t write about it and expect me to pay for it The interesting parts of this book would make a great short newspaper article. I agree with the other readers who said that the filler could have been pared down in this one A compelling story could be told without knowing about the history of every small town and knife manufacturer That said, it was a decently written book in a genre that tends not to boast a ton of stellar writers. How do you even rate a book like this It was interesting to read a book about a serial killer in Missoula, but also a little scary Makes me never want to get delivery. Solid account of an interesting albeit creepy case. They say you should do what you re good at, and unfortunately, Wayne Nance was good at killing people He enjoyed his work This is the true story of the man dubbed The Missoula Mauler , who killed primarily based on opportunity, high in the rugged Rocky Mountains between 1974 and 1986 Thank you to Net Galley and Open Road Media, from whom I received a DRC in exchange for this honest review The digital version of this true crime story was released October 18, and so you can buy yourself a horrifying Halloween present today But turn all the lights on before you dive in Lock your doors, and check your windows If you have a basement, secure that as well This isn t a thing you want to read while you re home alone at night.I don t read much true crime, because it s dark stuff To be honest, I wouldn t have read this one, but an Open Road rep contacted me by email regarding another title I had read, and she was having a Monday moment consequently, she asked me to review this title rather than the one I had read, and I figured I d been invited to read it I don t turn down an invitation unless I know for sure I won t like the book, so really, I read this one mostly due to a misunderstanding By the time it was cleared up, I had downloaded it and was 20% of the way in, and I wanted to see how it came out.The interesting thing about Nance is that he doesn t seem to fit the serial killer stereotype He was a quirky guy, true But nobody said he kept to himself, or that he was quiet He was sociable, and he was considerate, an apparently thoughtful young man that would run an errand, drop something off at your house while you were working, bring you your lunch of course, there was always a chance he d either forget to return your house keys or make a copy to keep, but that couldn t hurt you if you didn t know about it, right Well, actually it could Sometimes it did.I recently reviewed Open Road s Fire Lover, a true crime story in which the killer seems drop dead obvious That isn t the case here At one point Nance came up as a suspect, but he had an alibi I think when a person lives in a small Montana town and terrible things happen, it s comforting to assume that the horrific, violent things that have been in the local news were done by an outsider, someone passing through Maybe it s a trucker that drives through from time to time, or some other outlier Nobody wants to think it s someone they work with, that they see every day.I have to tell you, this story is not just scary, but it s also tragic There are children involved The book s blurb says there are photos, but these are not grisly photos of dead people Nevertheless, I found my stomach turning over a time or two It s dark, dark business, and you alone know whether you want to read something like this The satisfying thing is that he is caught, and so other people didn t die that undoubtedly would have But as for me, I don t want to read any true serial killer tales for a good long while, if at all.That said, Coston has to wade through a lot of data to tell this story, and he does so without getting bogged down in minutiae while setting an appropriate tone and pacing the story expertly He tells us about the victims so that their own stories will not get lost while we learn the ugly story of Wayne Nance.For fans of true crime that have strong stomachs, this may be the story for you One thing s for sure all your own troubles will look smaller when you are done here. ^DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⇳ To Kill and Kill Again (Onyx True Crime ; Je 323) ☘ The People Of The Idyllic Town Of Missoula, Montana Liked Baby Faced Wayne Nance The Friendly, Familiar Native Son And Furniture Delivery Man Was Considered So Trustworthy That Some Of His Customers Just Gave Him The Keys To Their Houses To Make His Deliveries Easier But Would You Give Your Keys To A Serial Killer