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FAIR CATCH by Kate StewartWhen I met Lance in The Guy On The Right I was intrigued Especially since he was such a recluse and did his own thing trying not to draw attention to himself The note he gave Theo only made me wonder about him evenWho is this Lance Prescott Well, let me tell you all Lance Prescott is a good man A man who loves his family dearly and will do anything for them Harper Elliott is Lance s opposite and they but heads immediately leaving no doubts of tantalizing chemistry Harper is not a woman to hold back when she s got something on her heart She s pretty damn awesome The enemies to lovers feel made giddy cause their bantering was so good, full of tease and heat A certain dance scene didn t just leave Lance with a boner I got my very own lady boner thanks to Harper A common interest and fascination which slowly forms into a friendship that evolves intoBut it s not without complications and hurt feelings It s funny, sexy as hell and such an entertaining ride to be a part of Fair Catch is a novella but it doesn t feels like one It s filled with so much emotion, well developed characters I don t want to leave behind A knockout indeed.5 Ding Ding Stars BETA READ FAST BREAK by Kennedy RyanMore Hoops More Quinn and Ean What a couple I m a huge Hoops fan and to be back with August, Banner, Deck and now Quinn and Ean is like getting an early Christmas present Ryan excels in writing strong , determined and fierce women and Quinn is just that She had to have a her leg amputated At first her world crumpled but she slowly picked herself up from the ground and fought back She used it to her advantage To her strength Man, how I cheered for her and also for Ean who chased her because he wanted her Wanted to know her The real Quinn and not the Titanium woman or the public persona Their first date was so good Filled with tension and humor The slutty Vegan Their date doesn t go as planned but Ean is not a quitter The epilogue Oh my gawd Perfection It s a novella but it s packs one hell of punch.5 Bionic Beauty Stars [[ DOWNLOAD EBOOK ]] ↶ Team Player 2 ☞ Muscular Football Players Passionate Tennis Pros Sexy Soccer Stars All Sorts Of Alpha Hotties, On The Field And Off Have No Fear The Team Is Back Again, And This Timeit S Thicker You Ll Get Your Sports Romance Fix With Brand New Stories From Eleven Bestselling Authors Need One Last Summer Fix Dive Into This Anthology This Anthology Contains Original, Never Before Seen Stories From Ella Fox, Mandi Beck, Teagan Hunter, Ilsa Madden Mills, Sara Ney, Rochelle Paige, Meghan Quinn, Charleigh Rose, Kennedy Ryan, Emma Scott, And Kate Stewart We Still Aren T Responsible For Melted Devices Review for Fast Break HOOPS novella by Kennedy Ryan WOW HOTNESS This was Short and Sweet with a side of fire Quinn and Ean are perfect for each other I super enjoyed this quick wonderful read that also comes with so much motivation I found myself highlighting soo much My will is titanium My spirit is bionic I am made of steel, and hard times don t break me Hard times make me I was built by adversity and setbacks and shitty circumstances If you re still alive, there s still hope There are not enough pieces life can shatter you into to not be whole again I ve read only these 3 novellas and they were sooooo good The Guy in the Middle Fair Catch by Kate StewartFast Break A HOOPS Novella by Kennedy RyanLove Game by Emma Scott A big thick book full of sweet steamy sports romance novellas Personally nothing sounds better.I ve only read Guys Like You by Charleigh Rose so far and it was everything I wantedHalston Sully since reading Bad Influence, and I was not disappointed Perfect new adult quickie Two people who aren t looking forthan a hook up, but have a physical connection between them that s off the charts Oh yeah, and Sully is a hottie who plays lacrosse Do I really need to say anything else I think not.AVAILABLE NOW ONKU ARC An anthology collection of 11 new standalone stories by a group of fabulous romance authors So far, I have read two from the Anthology collection and they were both a real treat FAST BREAK by Kennedy Ryan is just brilliant and perfectly formed it s about two existing characters from the Hoops series, Quinn and Ean, and once again Ryan demonstrates how she is unafraid to tackle sensitive issues and can do so utterly convincingly within the confines of a novella size story This couple gave me all the feels and lured me to feel completely invested in their story from the opening pages I felt their chemistry and passion, and believed in all their thoughts, actions and motivation They formed the perfect character partnership whilst demonstrating their own individual character traits all of which endeared me to them and their story My one small complaint is that I didn t want their story to end, I was enjoying it so much LOVE GAME by EMMA SCOTT A story by Scott will always hit the spot in terms of eloquent writing and beautiful characters, with a solid plot and prose About a bad boy tennis star with charm and talent all mixed into a melting pot of gorgeous hotness and the beautiful, kind girl who stumbles into his life for all the right reasons The story that unfolds is one that will please fans of the romance genre This author, despite the novella length, manages to capture a full bodied romantic read with both story and character development.Anthology available Love Game Emma ScottEmma has deviated a tiny bit from her heart stabbing, tears inducing stories and given us a hopeful, light hearted, albeit intense love story She takes us to Paia Maui, where the beautiful sun drenched beaches Lush landscape is crawling with Tourist, turtles and Clusters of young people in a smoke of pot It s also a hideout of sorts for Daisy Watson, a Reiki Yoga Trainee, running from horrors of her nightmareskale eating, yoga doing, Earth Godess It also happens to be a rehab getaway for World renowned tennis player, 44th seed Sikai Solomon, who carries a volcano of boiling anger within him His misdirected frustration and temper is lethal for his career and he s here to find his inner peace and Re center his emotionsThe meltdowns they accuse me of weren t me losing my shit they were me directing it pain, anger, pain outward so it wouldn t burn me up from insideThe Twain meet and the lofty walls of the heart come crumbling down and they both find peace and love at unexpected place a Goat Yoga Farmyep, you read it right.Trust Emma to take a detour and go find unusual ways to tell simple stories with unexpected journeys I ve become a huge fan of hers, stalking her books and sometimes her physical books from her table Jokes aside, I lived the story with a passion, loved KaiSyThis being my second book of the anthology, I m raring to go read ALL OF THEM 5 stars for Pissing Goats Fair Catch Kate StewartWhat if this moment, right here, is the moment that changes your lifeIt did..IT EFFING DID The MOMENT I picked up DRIVE, I KNEW my life as a reader would be changed forever The MOMENT I opened SEO, I KNEW I had just scratched the surface of what Kate s talent is capable ofThe MOMENT I met her and hugged her in nyc, I KNEW we ll be connected foreverher soul to my soul The MOMENT Heartbreak Warfare annihilated me, I KNEW I had taken pledge of allegiance in Kate s Fanclub The MOMENT I met TheoAndLaney in TGOTR, I KNEWI had upgraded from a fan to a DEVOTEE I sincerely religiously WORSHIP every word that ever has or will sprout in your brain Kate, I m your designated stalker, whether you like it or not And she has book and book again proven her Ninja Stealth in creeping upon us with light sweethearted stories and halfway in, out come the knives and she massacres our hearts.And This bookOMG THIS BOOK will slowly waft like A Heady perfume, envelope you, seep into your skin, linger in your heart and you ll forever smell like Lance His frustration, his mania, his generous heart will win you over and you will cross all boundaries of Forbidden to be with him It s no surprise that Harper falls for him, although they know how it s gonna endNot every dream is realized That s the hard truth, and the lesson I ve come away with and survived Not all hard work pays off Not every guy gets the girl And sometimes even the most carefully laid plans get changed, interrupted, or abandoned because life has other ideasI want to strangle Kate but NC is too far away I ve loved her and hated her with equal fervorbut I go down on my knees for her words, her thoughts and her stories.An emotional powerhouse that will sweep you in its maddening lust, make you fall head over heels in love and leave you unsatisfied cause you will end up begging for MORE Too short a storyI wish it went on and on LanceIsMyMan HungoverAF KateIsMyEleven TroyYoureNext ELEVEN stars cause I HATE season of SummerBookBistroBlogApproved Follow me on BookBistroBlog gmail.comhttps Twitter.com BookBistrowww.instagram.com BookBistroBloghttps bookbistroblogger.blogspot.com Review of Love Game by Emma ScottOh my gosh Emma Scott slayed me with this story, in every possible way, some I didn t even know existedIt s a crazy life, isn t it I said Good and bad Ugly memories and beautiful things, all existing at the same timeKai has the talent to be the best of the best But after the death of his father, he s addressed tennis as a take it or leave it type of activity He is his own worst enemy Now he has two weeks before the Australian Open and if something doesn t change he s going to drown in his own self destruction, once again Kai couldn t care less, but his agent and friend does.Suffering from PTSD, Daisy is learning Reiki and is determined to find peace after her terrifying encounter in the dark of the night When she is offered a job to help Kai, she can t say no to the money And although he might be the most beautiful man she s ever seen, especially when he smiles, he s a complete and utter jerk But what s a girl to do except perhaps expose him to goat yoga, share her own nightmares, and try to find the courage to face her own demons.Holy heck did I love these characters Kai was so broken His grief kept him in bondage and his refusal to face it only added to the burden He refused to feel anything and my heart literally hurt for him as he spiraled downwards But when it came to Daisy, he became protective and possessive She helped him to open his heartDaisy Watson whipped up my emotions and made it impossible to let me talk myself out of feeling thingsDaisy was an amazing heroine Even as she struggled with her own nightmares, her love of life radiated in pretty much everything she did It felt as if she was a shining beacon of hope and I think Kai felt the same Her strength was exemplary and I loved absolutely everything about her.Daisy to KaiDealing with pain isn t about being masculine or strong enough, I said quietly It s about being scared shitless and facing it anyway For your own sake, not anyone else sTogether, this couple had me smiling and then laughing Kai had a wicked sense of humor that I loved The chemistry between Daisy and him was felt from their very first meeting and grew to intense proportions throughout the story, finally catching fire and causing my Kindle to sizzle in my hands They had some issues to work through and while this isn t high angst, it isn t entirely low angst either And then there is the tennis I am not really a fan but oh my gawd, this author captivated me with Kai s tournament play and I was glued to this story as one match bled into another My heart was racing and I was on the edge of my seat So much was happening physically as well as emotionally throughout these scenes that at times I had a lump in my throat and tears threatened to ruin me This is definitely one of my top favorites for the year, if not all time And I m kinda prejudiced against novellas because they usually just don t do it for me This one proved to me that a novella can have everything andthan a full length book, leaving me happy and satisfied Dual POVSafe view spoiler no ow drama om drama comes from H s rival that makes a move on h it is handled quickly within a few paragraphs but it does cause a small conflict hide spoiler 5 Stars ARC provided by author I read and reviewed The Guy In The Middle Fair Catch by Kate Stewart What if this moment, right here, is the moment that changes your life Harper is a 20 yr old sopho at Texas Grand University in College Station, Texas Dancing is all she s ever wanted since she was a little girl, so after she gets her degree she plans to pursue dancing She is driven and determined to make all her dreams come true Her time is spent at class or dancing Then she meets Lance, the star cornerback for the Rangers football team at TGU He s a broody, arrogant, entitled jerk full of attitude who makes a horrible first impression They clash immediately, but eventually she begins to see a different side to the rough around the edges hot jock.Lance Prescott is a misunderstood, mysterious guy who keeps to himself He loves football and boxing, and he s worked hard to soon be able to provide for his family and have the life he wants His focus is on the draft, and his future is riding on him making it to the NFL Everything else has to take a back seat, including dating Then he crosses paths with Harper She s sassy and challenges him in every way He begins to enjoy spending time with her, and realizes they havein common than he knew They are both ambitious, talented, hard working, goal family oriented loners with trust issues Together they feel free to be themselves without the pressure of the outside world, but he soon learns being with her could ruin all his best laid plans They are happy and falling fast when a secret threatens everything Will she be the key to his demise or the best thing that s ever happened to him The way she moves is addicting I can t stop watching The minute she starts to move, I m fixated Our eyes connect, and I feelsomething shift It s a connection, along with a low lying pulse that s been strengthening since the minute we met With you, things are just different With her, I can exhale With her, there s no pretense She knows exactly who I am and what I m about I let her in, and I did it willingly, no resistance There s a reason I m into her too much to walk away The Guy In The Middle Fair Catch is an Underdog series novella by Kate Stewart that is part of the Team Player 2 anthology that contains brand new sports romance stories from eleven bestselling authors.I read Lance s story which I ve been looking forward to since we met him as the reclusive roommate in The Guy On The Right I loved Lance and Harper s story It s a sexy, emotional enemies to lovers forbidden romance packed with angst and explosive chemistry I can t wait forof this couple in their full length novel coming January 2020 NOW AVAILABLE Read my novella Dear Ava inside Team Player 2 A Sports Anthology Grab your copy now This anthology is only available for three monthsUS International mybook.to TeamPlayer2Our love of hot jocks is never ending.Muscular football players Passionate tennis pros Sexy soccer stars All sorts of alpha hotties, on the field and off.Have no fear The team is back again, and this timeit s thicker You ll get your sports romance fix with brand new stories from eleven bestselling authors.Need one last summer fix Dive into this anthology This anthology contains original, never before seen stories from Ella Fox, Mandi Beck, Teagan Hunter, Ilsa Madden Mills, Sara Ney, Rochelle Paige, Meghan Quinn, Charleigh Rose, Kennedy Ryan, Emma Scott, and Kate Stewart.We still aren t responsible for melted devices.