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!Download ☤ Bloodline ⚈ Jack Has Been On Hiatus Since The Events In Harbingers With His Lover Gia S Encouragement He Dips A Toe Back Into The Fix It Pool Christy Pickering S Eighteen Year Old Daughter Is Dating Jerry Bethlehem, A Man Twice Her Age Christy Sensed Something Shady And Sinister About Him, So She Hired A Private Investigator To Look Into His Past But The PI Isn T Returning Her Calls Will Jack Find Out Why Jack Learns There S A Very Good Reason For The Unreturned Calls The PI Is Dead, A Victim Of A Bizarre Water Torture Murder As Jack Delves Into Jerry Bethlehem S Past He Learns That The Man Is Not Who He Says He Is Who And What He Is Will Have A Devastating Effect On Jack S Life And Future, Adding Another Piece To The Puzzle Of Who He Really Is And Why He S Been Drafted Into This Cosmic Shadow War listening to audio, so far pretty good.okay finished the audio book and liked it so much i plan to go back to the beginning of this series or as close as i can get to the start i suppose you can read these as stand alone novels but there is a history and things the main character refers to that i think might make the story richer if i had read the earlier novels it seems some of the repairman jack history is in short stories that may be difficult to get copies of.as far as Bloodline goes it was very enjoyable, action, mystery, hints of supernatural and a satisfying end to this part of a continuing story. In this installment of Repairman Jack, Jack finds himself trying to cope with the recent loss of his brother and daughter by taking on a new job a mother concerned that her daughter is dating a man twice her age Jack takes the job to find out what happened to the first private investigator only to find himself wrapped up in something much deeper.Once again, it helps to have a running knowledge of the previous Repairman Jack books This book mentions the death of the brother and Jack s daughter which happened in books 9 and 10, respectively There are also nods to Dormentalists, who were in book 8, I believe So lots of what s being called mythology.The story flowed well and was a fast read We learn some interesting things about Jack s client and the man who is dating the client s daughter By the time the secrets come out into the open things take a tragic turn and might leave the reader slightly disappointed with the looming threat at the end of the novel.This was a decent addition to the series It furthered the plot and left than its share of loose ends for the next R Jack adventure In the end, we also learn something interesting about Jack With BLOODLINE, you can see the final act of the Repairman Jack series begin Wilson has talked about how everything will lead up to a grand conclusion in Nightworld which will be rewritten to better tie in to all the previous novels By leaving some of the plot lines open at the end of the novel, we can see how events will start to cumulate.BLOODLINE has Jack being hired by Christy Pickering to break up her teenaged daughter Dawn s relationship with a much older Jerry Bethlehem It turns out that Jerry is on a mission from his father to create a baby with a large amount of other DNA and who will end up being a key factor in the fate of the world We are also introduced to the Kickers movement which in addition to the oDNA seems to be tapped into the Otherness that is guiding Jack s nemesis across the novels.While it doesn t sound it from my description above, this book is grounded in reality a bit than the supernatural based two previous novels Jack s actions have a concrete goal and a immediate effect on his future than previous novels Plus he starts to accumulate mysterious items which we know will become important by the end. A lot of interconnected plot threads happening in this one And we learn a little bit of what Jonah has been up to since Reborn. Jack is depressed over the loss of his unborn child and the danger he imposes on Gia and Vicky, when he is approached by a mother concerned over her 18 year old s relationship with a man twice her age As it turns out, the boyfriend is a fiend, with a nefarious agenda involving preserving his daddy s bloodline via incest The plot is suspenseful, but also sickening. Wasnt the worst book i have tried to read At least i finished but wish i had quit Left questions than answers but i dont want to know bad enuf to read any of them. The story is really good I love The characters I listened to this audiobook and it was just awful Dick Hill is not the narrator for this series Yuck Although a good read, Bloodline is not one of my favorites in the Repairman Jack series It s not as fun or even suspenseful as some of the earlier books It s a serious thriller that takes a long and winding road to make Jack question his bloodline and the origins of his DNA Of course, along the way, a new link to the Otherness is revealed in the form of another pivotal character Jack is sure to run into again in a forthcoming book Bloodline lacks the playfulness that Gia and Vicky bring to the series, although understandable after the heart wrenching events of the previous book, Harbingers Jack s harrowing ordeal to save the lives of those he loves the most left the reader wanting for But that s where Bloodline is a bit of a let down Gia and Vicky barely factor into the book at all Vicks only makes a brief appearance in one chapter And surprisingly, after all he s been through, Jack seems slower to make some obvious connections Plus, at this point, one would think he would be far cautious and suspicious of everything, but that s not always the case Anyway, I hope the next book raises the bar and brings the series back to life after this brief stumble. Another great Repairman Jack novel