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Genre NA RomanceType Book 5 of 7 from The Elite Seven seriesPOV First Person DualRating 4.25 starsBaxter Samuel Goddard the Fifth a.k.a God knew nothing but luxury since the day he opened up his eyes Growing up in the Goddard household, excessiveness was the only way to live Being an Elite was practically his birthright But his simple task became a complication when he unwittingly crashed into Zemira Coleman s life and changed the course of their futuresLuck is for dumbasses It s called money, man You should try it sometimeGod was my favorite since I first met him in book 1 In this book, he showed a completely different side the serious, responsible side and heartbreaking insecurity Also, I ve always loved the loyalty he showed to those he cared for While I liked this different God, I also wanted of the old God I hate that he s my literal rock to lean on He did this to me, and I have become dependent on himZemira was the only heroine that I actually liked in this series Her past and her philosophy in life were completely different from God I loved how both of them helped each other to be the better version of themselves and the romantic element was the most developed in this series so far God is becoming worse than any addiction a person could have He s a sickness An infection And as I watch him effortlessly start a fire, his beautiful smile in place, I realize I want to lick him, inhale him, make love to him Whatever sickness he is, I want to make it mineI m intrigued by how the series storyline evolving Things were changing gears and the players were scrambling to adapt in order to stay at the top Though I wanted to know of the significance of his task, I m glad that the word gluttony was truly embodied in the story Gluttony is a story of power and how it steered one s life I m looking forward to the next book of this series Note I wish certain things concerning the main characters didn t happen towards the end of the book It s a personal turn off of mine and I felt it s especially not suitable for this book Books in the series F BR With Loyda For reviews reveals giveaways visit @READ KINDLE ⛑ Gluttony (The Elite Seven, #5) Ö My Life Has Been Served To Me On A Gold Platter To Be Devoured By My Silver Spoon Money, Money, And Money It S The Backbone Of The Goddard Name I M The Only Son, So It S All Mine For The Taking But Sometimes Money Isn T Enough I Always Want , Yet Nothing Seems To Satisfy MeMy Father Has Made Sure I Become A Part Of The Elite Seven Where Most Candidates Are Chosen, I Was Given My Place Everything Comes At A Price, Though Luckily, I Can Afford Any Price No One Has Money Than God The Elite Seven Have Their Initiations My Assignment Is Personal And Beneath Me Steal A Car And Send A Warning It Ll Hurt My Best Friend In The Process, But We Both Made A Pact Going Into This There S No Line We Won T CrossMy Task Makes An Ugly Turn And I Nearly Take A Life Such A Small, Unimportant Person Someone No One Would Even Notice Was Gone She S A Problem My Money And Power Can Easily Sweep Under The Rug It S What My Father Wants It S What My Brothers Want But When She Finally Opens Those Big, Innocent Brown Eyes, I Realize I Ve Found What I Ve Been Searching For My Entire Life I Don T Want My Little Problem To Disappear I Want To Keep Her Accept Your Sin Wisely, For The Tasks Given To Earn Your Place Are Not For The Weak They Re For The Elite Money Is My Legacy, But I Want Something Money Can T BuyI Am Baxter Samuel Goddard VI Am Gluttony The Elite Seven SeriesLust The Elite Seven, By Ker DukeyPride The Elite Seven, By JD HollyfieldWrath The Elite Seven, By Claire C RileyEnvy The Elite Seven, By MN ForgyGluttony The Elite Seven, By K WebsterSloth The Elite Seven, By Giana DarlingGreed The Elite Seven, By Ker Dukey And K Webster 4 God works in mysterious ways stars I m the son, the heir, the golden fucking eggI m not just anyone I m God And one day, it ll be me making all the rulesMmmm After the previous book who made me wild and furious, this book came along and i m feeling finally satisfaction Yes, this book was good and i enjoyed it very much Now, i don t really how the rest of the books will work after all, since the postponing and rewriting of Greed, but i really can not wait This book had a closure in a way, something that we didn t get in the previous books and i m really wondering how the rest of the books will play outIt doesn t end with Lillian No It ends with usHere came God s turn A man whom had intrigued me from the first book and honestly, i wasn t expecting anything in his storyYep, he was spoiled and he was literally bathing in money He was cocky, arrogant, loyal, but he was drowning and it was screaming for miles God didn t need Elite as some of the previous boys needed, but he did it only for his best friend s sake And then, a strange task came to him and everything turned upside downGo to hell, God I m already there,Z I m in hell and I don t know how to get outZemira was a girl that was fighting very hard for a better life and a spoiled, rich boy tumble into her life and took everything away from her She should hate him, but he is very persistent and she can t kick him out of her life even though that she should She can see how lost he is and maybe she can help himMaybe they both can help each otherI think the real God has a sick sense of humor because this God calls to me This God needs me And for the life of me, I can t understand why I have this strange tugging inside me that says I think I need him tooTheir story started very unortodox, but it was refreshing in a wayThey had a very rocky and scetchy beginning Everything were hanging from a thread Z something did inside of God and he cling into herHe became a different man, but not without a big effort and support from her They were so good for each otherI hate how we got here, but I m not hating that we re here Me, the girl with nothing, gave the man with everything something worth having loveLiterally, i wasn t expecting God to be like that I wasn t imagining what he was going through because of his father s obsessions I wasn t preparing for the bad that he was causing to himselfYep, he had money, but he had also some serious freakin issues A great mistake because of the Elite and a damaged girl was all that he was needing to wake up and change his lifeI really liked him when he was around Z even though his was a little bit too much LOLI will never be like that gluttonous pig Fucking never Zemira is in my blood, in my veins, in my soul.Burning through me like lava hot and explosive Changing me Evolving me Hiding the ugly parts and molding me into something new.I yearn to be new and whole and better.I crave the tranform into someone a girl like Zemira deservesAs for his girl She was a hidden diamond I liked her personality very much and i liked that she had the courage to put up with God s extravagant characterI appreciated her for not changing because of God s spoiled ways and i liked her for how she stood beside him and tried to help himGod is becoming worse than any addiction a person could have He s a sickness An infection Whatever sickness he is, I want to make it mine Something draws me to him I feel connected in a way I can t explain It scares me because of who he is and what he s done Yet I can t stop it I want to fix him I m the one with the broken body and the broken spirit, but he s the one with a flickering soul Like, at any moment, he might blink out and fade out of existence And dammit, I just feel like that tiny little flame of his needs some stoking I want to be the one to show him he s than these insecure feelings and self doubtWhat about the rest of the crew I liked how close the boys are becoming in each book And i can t wait about Sloth and Greed I m also waiting like a crazy person for the Elite to get vanished from the map, because they are getting on my nerves Yes, there was a kind of satisfaction in someone s finale, but now, i m curious than beforeAnd i need some closure with fuckin Sebastian and Sabella Oh, did i mention how disgusting was God s father EwwwwwwwwwFamily Sometimes the ones we choose are better than the ones whose blood we share Sirens can be heard in the far distance Our time here is limitedBut the message is clear No One Fucks With My Brothers NOW LIVE US UK Gluttony was kind of like a breath of fresh air when it comes to The Elite Seven series This book quickly became one of my favorites and I was really happy with the insight it gave into the society It had of a romantic vibe to it as well, which I actually really enjoyed and thought it added some intrigue to the book More than that it moved up forward within the society plotline, making it very captivating as I waiting with each turn of the page to find out what secrets were going to be revealed about it s members I was honestly starting to think that this series wasn t going anywhere since we seemed to just keep getting the same scenes over and over again, so to say I was happy with the way this book took us deeper into the mystery of The Elite Seven is kind of an understatement God was out main focus for this book and all I can really say is that the boy s got issues But I actually liked him and his cocky attitude Especially when it was him pushing his way into Zemira s life and helping her He could easily have been a character that I hated and wanted only to punch in the face, which I m not going to lie there were some moments that he had me feeling a little animosity towards him, but for the most part we got to see him being a decent person and I really enjoyed it Overall, this book has me feeling good about what s to come from this series and it s ending so I m looking forward to the next ones ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. This instalment was my favourite in the series so far I m just on holiday right now, so review to come Thanks once again dear Steph for the wonderful Buddy Read K Webster delivered an enthralling installment featuring a lead character who embodied his assigned sin and was complex than expected, confronted unexpected matters within a secret society and established a relationship that flourished and bloomed Gluttony maintained a perfect balance of romance and intrigue, furthering the story line surrounding the Elite Seven without disrupting the momentum or disregarding the burgeoning relationship between God and ZemiraI hate how we got here, but I m not hating that we re hereI assumed nothing than some entitled, self absorbed and conceited asshole in Baxter Goddard, but his character captured my attention, leaving me riveted and captivated Hidden complexity is waiting to be discovered beneath his superficial over indulgent and materialistic personality, an undeniable pleasant surprise that made this story great Brimming with self hatred and intense insecurity, God expressed selfishness and selflessness in equal measure But, Gluttony goes beyond this it focuses on God s growth as he traverses the ramifications of destroying someone s life almost Zemira is in my blood, in my veins, in my soul.Burning through me like lava hot and explosive Changing me Evolving me Hiding the ugly parts and molding me into something new.I yearn to be new and whole and better.I crave to transform into someone a girl like Zemira deserves. Zemira Coleman is perhaps my favourite heroine in this series Despite the hardships she has experienced, Zemira s strength, outlook and philosophies are awe inspiring Her kindness and stability manage to balance God s chaotic, perturbed life, the perfect counter and lesson that exhibits there s to life than money and power She s also, quite easily, the only developed character within this series Unorthodox, though somewhat romantic perhaps because it is the only developed romance in this series God and Zemira have a connection that is unique and refreshing as they inspire and support each other through difficult situations Me, the girl with nothing, gave the man with everything something worth having love. Gluttony transcended my expectations, showcasing what this series should have achieved K Webster s writing is fantastic, a combination of compelling and enthralling, as she balances the romance and darkness within a shorter format without wavering Shame we needed to wait five sequels to have this moment.Follow me on Blog Instagram GLUTTONY by K.WebsterGENRE Dark Romance NARRATION Dual POVBOOK DETAILS Book 5 in the Elite Seven Series MY REVIEW This is Baxter Goddard AKA God Gluttony story.Zemira Coleman an orphan who is trying to better her life through sacrifice and hard work, is the complete opposite to the entitled and wealthy Baxter He has not had to earn anything in his life until Zemira Now he must earn her forgiveness.God is a trouble character, desperate to not be like his greedy and gluttonous father Although he still indulges in the luxuries and power that his father s name and status in the elite provides, there is a clear difference between them God shows us he can show remorse and compassion unlike his father.Zamira brought out the better side in God and despite her pushing him away he still persisted in helping her Their chemistry is hot, their encounters alluring and their story addictive.K Webster did a brilliant job in portraying God into his character of Gluttony and aligning all the details with the previous books in this series making the story flow smoothly This is definitely one of my favorites in the series to dateARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Teasers used are from the authors Facebook pagePURCHASE LINKUSLiked my review Follow my Blog or join me on Facebook for reviews, Giveaways, Freebies and new release updatesFacebook Website blogTwitter Instagram 4.5 StarsFINALLY A book worthy of almost 5 Stars I have been barely hanging on with this series What started out promising had gone all pear shaped With this book K Webster has given me hope it will wrap up on a high note This was certainly the best book of the series so far It was on the longer side We had minimal repetition It moved the story forward Although I felt the Elite task part took a backseat to the romance That wasn t a bad thing as the rest of the books fell short in that regard, so it was a welcome change of pace to actually get a romance that had meat to it The overall plot and characters also fit the sin of GLUTTONY perfectly The plot itself also had depth God s character was well developed Zemira was probably the most developed and likable heroine of the series It had some heat No OW drama, but unfortunately for me there was still an OW sex scene I thought it was pretty pointless, but then again, I ve thought ALL the OW sex scenes in this series have been pointless and gratuitous That said, at least in this one it happened right at the start and weeks before he meets the heroine Last, it wrapped up in a rather sweet ending that I loved, but was maybe a bit weird considering the overall tone of the series TRIGGERS I m just adding this because this is one of the few things that can trigger me for personal reasons So I appreciate a heads up when a book has this topic view spoiler Eating disorder hide spoiler I ve been dying to know Gluttony I thought he d be another poor little rich boy, petulant and entitled, and maybe his story would have a weird twist like the others But his story was so much than what I expected God had it all money, good looks, material goods and his life was made But God was living in pain He was insecure and full of self hatred and the lengths he went to in order to deal with his issues made my heart hurt He was selfish and then he wasn t This story was all about God s growth as a person and the most horrific event that ended up changing his life for the better.I loved this story Webster gave me what I ve been praying for I even got a huge glimpse into Sloth s character and I m excited to see what he s all about Shoot, I ve been intrigued by the guy who always finds a way to be there when people need him He s connected in ways I can t even begin to understand and I m excited to learn what makes him tick.Is that a bird A plane Nope, that s K Webster hitting this shit right out the damn park We all know the issues with this series We know that it s kinda gone off the rails Well, K Webster put that bitch back on the track Blog FB Twitter IG Tumblr Pinterest BookBub