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When Bren Price, a local Minsiter s wife and Poppy Thompson, a local pet trainer and groomer receive a phone call from the local solicitor they are quite surprised to find they have inherited the jewellery that the town outcast Maude Rose used to wear around town, it was ugly, large and gaudy so were they surprised to find out some of it was worth a lot of money.Bren is having trouble at home and has hard time finding the right moment to tell her husband of her inheritance whereas Poppy had to share it with someone so she shared it with her boss, the local vet Webster O Brien.Poppy and Bren thought they had nothing in common and neither of them had known Maude Rose very well at all, but they were wrong along the way they got courage to do things they had wanted to do but didn t quite know it.It was a simple read. I actually picked up this book on a cruise, just the promo they give you in your room with a few teaser chapters and I found it enjoyable enough to actually go get the book It was a fun read, but I expectedfrom the characters. This seemed really confusing, because our library designated it as beinginspiration religion It had nothing to do with being a Christian Fictionbook Nothing in comparison, that I have read No This is a regular secularbook The Minister s Wife had problems with her husband who was the minister,acting, weird and hateful, she leaves him God was not even mentioned, butthere are cuss words in every new paragraph Poppy and Bren, become good friends, eventually through this unexpected inheritance Over all okay, love scenes, one or two,no way a Christian book A fun, loving one though If this is your taste.. I found a new author to read Good book to read over the summer I enjoyed it This story is about two totally different women becoming friends after they receive a surprise inheritance of jewelry Poppy a prim and proper minister s wife When Maude Rose the town outcast dies, these two are shocked that they inherit gaudy jewelry More so when they find the gems are the real thing. [ Kindle ] ♖ Sparkle (Harlequin Next) ⚖ Poppy Thompson The Self Proclaimed Homeliest Woman In Town, She Deals With Animals For A Living Rather Than PeopleBren Price The Ever Proper Minister S Wife, She Does Everything Her Husband Tells Her, But Lately Her Best Just Isn T Good EnoughThey D Never Even Spoken To One Another Until A Surprise Inheritance Brings Them Together A Fortune In Sparkling Jewelry Could Give Them What Each Desires Most Poppy S Surgical Transformation, Bren S Escape From Her Husband Yet The Real Treasure Just Might Be The Friendship These Two Total Opposites Form Once They Discover All That Glitters Isn T Gold Just not like other booksbut I couldn t put it down Two women characters, so real Both seeking to find the good in themselves E.g searching for the sparkle Loved the whole thing. Nice, uplifting little book. An unlikely friendship forms between free spirited Poppy and minister s wife Bren when both are left an inheritance by the town eccentric.