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READ PDF ê Down and Rising ⛏ The Debut Novel From Award Winning Filmmaker Rohith S Katbamna, Tells The Powerful Story Of A Brave Few Who Venture For Truth In The Aftermath Of A Global UprisingIn The Year , Society Has Fallen Mass Revolts And Warring Nations Have Claimed Countless Lives And Destroyed Vast Lands Forced Into A Dark Slumber, The World Now Draws Fewer Breaths And Hosts Infinite GraveyardsIn England, Ten Survivors Who Have Journeyed Many Miles Are On A Path Ready To Converge With Histories Soaked In The Blood Of Betrayal, Lies And Deceit, One Common Thread Binds Them The Human Instinct To Seek A Greater TruthOver Six Days, These Ten Souls Will Come To Find That The Ruined World Around Them Is Reawakening As A Presence Emerges, Bringing With It A Merciless Intention To Eliminate Any And All Beating Bodies, This Company Of Strangers Will Confront A Series Of Hardships In A Tale Of Underdogs, Oppressors And The Human ConditionDown And Rising Is An Immersive Reading Experience An Imaginative Multi Story Arc Intricately Woven Together By Striking Imagery, Reference Materials And Finely Crafted Characters Experimentation at its finest.A wonderful blend of prose, art, history, politics and masterful storytelling. I was fortunate to read an advanced copy as part of an impartial reader s circle before buying a copy upon release Cover ArtA canvas style painting with the duplicate image of a girl s face In addition, 10 flowers that if left to my interpretation, represent the 10 main characters What makes this cover that much important, is how it has been woven into the fabric of the story You learn from the beginning that everything in this book has a reason for its place CharactersI was apprehensive about seeing an ensemble collection of characters because I mainly found my most enjoyable reading experiences to be those that focused on 2 or 3 key people However, in Down and Rising , the author managed to pull off what I feel is rare these days Rounded out characters, whom I cared for, warts and all StoryI came in expecting zombies, nuclear mutations and all of the other tropes we have grown accustomed to with post apocalyptic tales This shelves all those in favour of the human story A unique focus on social and political culture that funnily enough mirrors in many ways today s situation I found myself smiling at points because where we are now doesn t seem too far off in some ways from where 2027 is in Down and Rising.The story was told in a very cinematic sense Heavy on the psychological drama and suspense and just as much on the violence and action all the while with a grounded control of realism.The reveals, the twists, the turns are sewn beautifully throughout for a page turning experience Structure This is perhaps one of the easiest parts to highlight Not only are we greeted with flashback storytelling through a main liner arc, but we are offered reading materials between chapters Each offering supplemental and interesting knowledge while continuing to world build We see background information on certain characters and storylines and clues and nuggets to events that are to come later in the story Conclusion Patience This book is about patience Taking the time to understand each other Our world isn t moving fast Our perception is A very enlightening read. WARNING This book is suitable for mature readers.There is violence, strong language, disturbing events.REVIEW Down and Rising made me feel optimistic in a strange way Considering how depressing the situation of the end of the world appeared in this story, the hopeful glimmers and strong messaging on never giving up no matter what, shone through.There is so much to take from this story and I can t really compile them into a single review But I will say this I feel informed and alert to things in my life that I wasn t necessarily aware of before Whether it s information consumption or human decency, these things were strongly represented in Down and Rising.As for why one should read this book, or who should read this book I d say anyone who wants to be challenged or is open to being challenged on their views and judgements It s a book on the human condition and in some ways, the psychological make up of society A final note creative approach to presenting literary fiction through artistic images Wonderful work by Filmon Belay. Fine storytelling with an atmosphere that exudes from the pages A different kind of post apocalyptic tale One so timely, yet timeless.Some very upsetting scenes which are balanced with delicate moments of human exchange A fusion of grief and hope.Different in the way it has been written Artwork compliments some frighteningly realistic historical documents Highly recommend this.