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@READ E-PUB ¾ Cassia Great House Ë TROPIC TERRORCassia Great House Had Been Built To Withstand The Awesome Hurricanes That Swept The Tiny Caribbean Island Of Sabella But When Beautiful, Brilliant Young Lawyer Shannon Winchester Came To Cassia Great House To Help Its Fabulously Wealthy Owner, She Swiftly Learned How Easily A Fortress Against Danger Could Become A Prison Of Peril In This Remote And Primitive Place, All Of Shannon S Knowledge, All Her Legal Training Could Not Help Her Here The Only Law Was That Of The Junglehere Death Struck Like A Vicious Animal In The Nighthere Love Itself Showed Fangs That Could Poison And Claws That Could Killas A Mysterious Hand Locked Off All Escape And Macabre Menace Became Master Of The Mansion