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Tim Moore is one of my very favourite travel authors His books are outlandish and enchanting, as he voyages near and far in the quirkiest of manners, whether riding the route of the Tour de France on a vintage bicycle or walking the Camino with a donkey or just wandering around his hometown of London, trying to figure out why the UK version Monopoly streets were chosen He has a wry wit, a genial manner and a keen observation, all essential in his chosen literary field I have my favourites among his titles, of course, but there is not a single one I have not enjoyed immensely Another Fine Mess continues this fine tradition.It kicks off his latest oddball journey very abruptly, with contemplation of Donald Trump s election victory and a map of the US that showed the deep red of Republican votership edged in Democrat blue Moore wondered who these people were, and what the fabled American Dream had to do with their peculiar choice of Conman in Chief In typical Moore fashion, he goes from I m going to cross the red bits of America to find out to I m going to cross the red bits of America in a 1920s Model T Ford to find out , and that is just so par for his left of field course that the decision barely warrants a paragraph in the planning stages.It is a decision that will take up chapters upon chapters of the rest of the book, however, as his Model T dubbed Mike breaks down at regular intervals and is constantly in need of attention from a vast network of Trump voting red state old car guys who are so incredibly kind to Tim throughout his journey that he finds it difficult to reconcile their hospitality and can do spirit with the lying leader they still support He does note that perhaps his journey would not be quite so full of downhome generosity were his skin colour different, and he does tell tales of the casual racism he encounters that hurt the heart and soul But for the most part, he finds the people of Trumpland to be everything that is good and decent, which makes their willingness to follow a man who is manifestly not those things even confusing to him.Along the way, Moore goes in depth into the legacy of Henry Ford, examining the car magnate s history of pacifism and industrial largesse and belief in socialized medicine and then turning any potential hero worship on its head by exposing Ford s rampant anti Semitism Hitler gave him a medal and pernicious social engineering agenda He looks at America s car culture, at the suburban sprawl and the ghettoization of inner cities like Detroit and Atlanta, and the generalized decay of the fly over states, where vast tracts of land lie fallow and the sumptuous beauty of the landscape is overhung by the shadow of opioid addiction and steady economic decline.It is a startlingly real image of America today, giving some insights into how it got to its present position bearing in mind, Trump s presidency was barely a year old when this was written and how it lost its place as an innovator and leader on the world stage But it is also a detailed catalogue of all the many things that can go wrong when driving a 93 year old car across an entire continent, and the kindness of strangers that gets you from sea to shining sea As long as you re a middle aged white male, of course Through it all, Moore is at his amusing, thought provoking, self deprecatory best, and if the book doesn t necessarily answer its over riding question how can good people follow such a bad man it does offer up some theories, and than anything, puts a human face on those deplorables who were just doing the best they knew in a world they no longer understand.And many of whom know how to fix stuff when it breaks, giving us hope that America can indeed, someday, be made great again. I have been a fan of tim for many years, and usually give his books 4 stars, this is not a 4 star book The book itself is well written but not funny as normal, also some of his facts are just plain wrong, ie Americans can buy assault rifles very easily they can buy semi automatic rifles but not assault rifles as there automatic so not available to civilians Also he seems to look down on all the people who vote for Trump but not those who voted for Hillary, he seems stuck in a middle class left wing mindset and as no understanding of the blue collar working man and his fears and aspirations I hope his future books stick to travel and humor as I do not read a book to be preached too. Tim Moore goes on another of his madcap trips This time he had swapped his vintage bikes for an old car, as he travels across the US in an original Ford Model T, going from the East to West coast only through counties that voted for Donald Trump.His writing style is very reminiscent of the early Bill Bryson, irreverent and erudite at the same time, offering up a mixture of his own mishaps and personal anecdotes together with a well researched background story of the Model T and how the fertile central parts of the continental US turned from a prosperous industrial and agricultural breadbasket into the desolate flyover country that voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016.He also visits Detroit where he charts the meteoric rise and subsequent fall of Motown Ford s Model T was designed and built there in 15 million copies, making it the first mass market consumable, making Henry Ford very rich, and also creating the middle class by raising the pay for the workers until they were able to actually buy their own cars Over the second half of the 20th century the population of the city shrunk by , and the downtown area turned into a crime ridden gang warzone Over the past 20 years the situation has improved slightly, but it s still a long, long way from its peak in the early post war era.Some of his earlier books had a rather juvenile tone, and while it s still here, it s less pronounced, and he has really done his research He manages to fill the most unexpected nooks and crannies of the story with tidbits from Henry Fords life, Trumps presidency and a lot in between. Catching my attention due to its cover I d pay for a print of the cover art free of testimonials I took a punt on this and was pleasantly surprised Moore nailed the balance of recounting his journey and the historical and political context as he tried to drive a Model T coast to coast, but crucially, he s just very funny.The idea seemed ambitious, if far too time consuming to be enviable, as Moore drove from the Atlantic to the Pacific through Trump voting counties of America This makes it sound political than it really was, most of the book taken up by mechanical failures and the hospitality from motels and kind strangers Moore stopped it becoming repetitive by giving a history of Henry Ford and his most famous product, as well as many of the towns he passed through.But Moore s writing was the main draw, and a synopsis of the book doesn t really do it justice Even when mocking people he still demonstrated warmth and he was funny without resorting to gags, simply having a way with words For a trip that sounded quite repetitive, going through endless declining towns with blown gaskets and valves, reading about it was very entertaining.Initially I gave this 4 stars but I can t really find a flaw in it, so 5 it is, and I will look out for his other travelogues hoping they are just as good. Another fine readAnother excellent travel book from Tim, highly recommended.I have read all of Tim s books and if you enjoy travel writing with a good sense of humour then give it a go. Not a fine messI ve read several books by Tim Moore and mostly enjoyed them, but this one seemed pointless and dull It turned into a textbook of car maintenance, rather than a trip through Trump s America Driving a Ford Model T through regions that supported Trump didn t really seem all that relevant It was almost as though the author was desperately trying to come up with an idea for a book that involved travel in something anachronistic. I love Tim Moore s books and this one is as good as his others funny and informative. In this book, Tim Moore sets out on an incredibly ambitious trip First, he decides to travel coast to coast across the United States America Second, rather than taking the shortest or quickest route, he will be travelling exclusively through counties that voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election Finally, he will be doing this in a 90 year old Ford Model T The chapters weave in and out of a biography of Henry Ford and the rise of the car industry, troubles he is having with the car and observations on small town rural life and its decline which Moore partly attributes to the popularity of the car The last being the most interesting but unfortunately lacking as much as I was hoping for Occasionally the issue of Trump is raised with the people he meets along the way, whose opinion on him unsurprisingly varies and doesn t shed much new light on why people voted for him However, despite my frustration, the idea of driving such a great distance in a car liable to frequent break downs and or putting his life in danger wants my respect. (EBOOK) ⚝ Another Fine Mess ê Tim Moore Indefatigable Travelling Everyman Switches Two Wheels For Four As He Journeys Across Trumpland In An Original Model T Ford Alarmingly Full Of Incident, Very Funny Even Mildly Transformative Daily MailLacking Even The Most Basic Mechanical Knowhow, Tim Moore Sets Out To Cross Trumpland USA In An Original Model T Ford Armed Only With A Fan Belt Made Of Cotton, Wooden Wheels And A Trunkload Of Wise Ass Limey Liberal Gumption , His Route Takes Him Exclusively Through Donald Voting Counties, Meeting The Everyday Folks Who Voted Red Along The WayHe Meets A People Defined By Extraordinary Generosity, Willing To Shift Heaven And Earth To Keep Him On The Road And Yet, This Is Clearly A Nation In Conflict With Itself Citizens Tooling Up In Reaction To Ever Increasing Security Fears A Healthcare System Creaking To Support Sugar Loaded Soda Lovers A Disintegrating Rust Belt All But Forgotten By The Warring Media And Political ClassesWith His Trademark Blend Of Slapstick Humour, Affable Insight And Butt Clenching Peril, Tim Moore Invites Us On An Unforgettable Road Trip Through America Buckle Up Another superb book by Tim Moore, if you have never read any of Tim s books and enjoy quirky travel books then I can recommend all of his books