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Exquisite writing Ms Poirer created a masterful suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat and introduced me to characters that I fell in love with I savored the story, wanting it to last, but near the end the pages were turning faster and faster as the climax approached The ending was cathartic in ways than one This is one of those books that you want to read slowly because you just don t want the story to end but at the same time, you can t put it down Highly recommend A gripping psychological thriller, Dea Poirier s debut introduces us to Detective Claire Claderwood, the prodigal daughter of Vinalhaven, returning to town when the local police need her help investigating the murder of a young woman Claire has her own sense of guilt and dark memories to combat, even as the death toll climbs Poirier s prose is terse and suspenseful, capturing the paradoxical claustrophobia of small town island life With no shortage of suspects, I was kept guessing about the killer s identity, turning pages as quickly as possible right up until the reveal Watching the logic of the case weave together is darkly satisfying, and NEXT GIRL TO DIE is a strong recommend for any fans of intense procedural suspense. FREE E-PUB ⚖ Next Girl to Die (The Calderwood Cases, #1) ☩ Solving The Case Will Avenge Her Sister Unless The Killer Finds Her First It S Been Fifteen Years Since Claire Calderwood S Sister, Rachel, Was Brutally Murdered In Their Small Hometown In Maine Claire Has Finally Carved Out A Life For Herself As A Homicide Detective In Detroit, But The Past Comes Calling When The Local Police Back Home Ask For Her Help With A Murder Eerily Similar To Rachel SStill Haunted By Rachel S Cold Case, Claire Returns Home, Hoping To Solve The Crime And Finally Put Her Grief To Rest As She Starts Investigating, The Last Thing She Needs Is Tenacious Journalist Noah Washington Asking Questions She S Not Ready To Answer But Like Her, Noah Won T Give Up Until He Finds The Truth And Claire Reluctantly Finds Herself Relying On Him And When Disturbing New Details About Rachel S Death Come To LightWhen The Killer Strikes Once Again, Claire Knows He S Not Done Now He S Set His Sights On Claire, Who Will Have To Find The Courage She Needs To Survive A Deadly Confrontation Years In The Making This was one of those books that I was so engrossed in, I had to keep the Kindle next to me throughout the day to snag every few minutes I could I was actually angry when pulled away from it And it was so unpredictable, I had no fewer than 4 competing theories at any given moment At 94% through, I thought I had it all figured out, and I was wrong I think the most compelling part of the book though, lies in the untangling of the lives and lies of the families in the small town There is something cathartic about realizing that not everyone is deranged enough to go around killing people, but they are deeply flawed people with secrets of their own Of course, at least one is just that deranged.This is a really exciting debut, and I can t wait to see what comes next for Claire and the swoon worthy Noah. Fast paced thriller main character who s a strong woman setting on a creepy island community What s not to love This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way Packed with a creepy island atmosphere, small town history, a strong but scarred main character, and a romance, this murder mystery kept me guessing every step of the way Everyone was a suspect I loved the way the past and the present were weaved together The prose is simple and the pace is fast Could not put this down, read it in 24 hours. Thank you NetGalley for giving me a ARC to give honest review I loved this murder mystery There were so many red herrings that I didn t guess the correct serial killer until the very end The suspense had me sitting on the edge of my seat The author did great with character s voice I felt so bad for Claire losing her older sister that I wanted to give her a hug.The author was also great with setting and description I ve never stepped foot in Maine, but I could picture every spot vividly The story flowed nicely, and the mystery of who was the killer, taunting Claire and the other detectives had me intrigued.After awhile, it got old seeing that every character, male and female, were having blonde hair and blue eyes I think I might of smiled when a brunette male was finally introduced.Noah and Claire were cute together There was sexual tension even though she was trying to fight it My favorite scene was when Noah was taking pictures at Claire s crime scene She blew up, rightfully so, because he wasn t authorized to do so He could ve contaminated evidence.The story had a good ending It opened the door for another book in the series with a new case to solve.I recommend this book to read. An invoking and well thought out thriller Dea Poirier takes her time to narrate an elaborate setting and plot that tells her readers a story opposed to delivering a quick adrenaline rush As the story unwinds, Poirier develops each character with this subtle dark underpinning that leaves a sense of impending mystery surrounding everyone in the novel The main character has been perfectly crafted for a premier novel in the series Poirier has given enough contextual material for the reader to connect with her on an emotional level but still leaves years of her life and emotional self open for exploration Great read 5 stars. I adored Next Girl to Die The book was totally heart pounding I had to finish it, to know what happened I was totally invested in the Claire and the case I thought the collision of past and present was really well down I never doubted the logic of the case or the story What was really special about the book was how well the setting, the small island and town was drawn I loved the mythology and family histories and culture that the author created All the little bits which explained each character s behavior and make the reader really buy in to how the events could unfold over so many years Claire and Noah s relationship was an added, fun bonus They had excellent chemistry and worked really well together but he never took away from her story and her ability to be the hero I feel super lucky I got to read this book early I totally couldn t put it down I read this book a couple different times during it s creation Dea has put together a twisty mystery with a main character who never recovered from the disappearance of her sister Now back in the town where it all happened, Claire is overwhelmed by memories and the need to solve the most recent deaths that are similar to her sister s if she can stay alive Throw in a little romance with a sexy investigative reporter, and this book will keep you reading.