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This book is the bomb for flavour, creativity and just all round cake Heaven Mandy also provides step by step photos and instructions for the perfectly decorated cake, straight edges and all The buttercream recipes are soooooo good and perfectly measured for the cake sizes which are recommended My family are pretty harsh judges and I got the thumbs up for my first attempt at one of the cake recipes chocolate with chocolate buttercream For me, the test of a great book is if the chocolate cake is a winner, AND IT WAS SO MUCH MORE This book packs a punch and the author has clearly poured her heart and soul into her first cook book Mandy, you have catapulted me from an average cake maker to Whoa, where d you buy that from Thank you. Amazing cakes, fabulous icings and excellent pictures and instructions If you are looking to expand your cake recipes or step up your decorating skills, look no further Looks like a great cook bookLooks like a great cookbook After seeing her on the Home and Family on The Hallmark channel I decided to look at her cookbook to see if this is something my young baking niece would like And it most certainly is After reading threw on kindle unlimited I know she will I cannot wait to give it to her I will be getting her a paperback copy I hope I get a few cakes and get to help I love to bake as well but with no one to bake for and no room to have the items need to make such great creations it s all up to her now. SO GOOD SO EASY I love this cookbook Thank You Fun to read Nice pictures However, some typos in the text, that should have easily been caught, makes me wonder about the possibility of typos in the recipes You need people writing and publishing a cookbook to really give a crap about accuracy So, I rounded my rating down to a 3 based on the book having typos Because of the typos, for my first bake from this book, I chose to make the cake with the least amont of expense and effort, and that was the Fruity Pebbles cake It was a decent cake, with a somewhat heavy crumb It was on the super sweet side even a 9 year old couldn t finish his piece, and he loves Fruity Pebbles LOL While not bowled over by this particular cake, everyone does want me to try some of the other cakes. |DOWNLOAD EPUB ♥ Cake Confidence ♔ There S Always Something To Celebrate In Life, And There S No Better Way To Celebrate Than With Some Decadent, Mouthwatering Cake No Matter Your Confidence In Baking, Mandy Merriman The Blondie Of The Popular Blog Baking With Blondie Is Here To Help You Think Outside The Cakebox And Create Easy, Delicious, Beautiful Cakes That You Ll Definitely Want To Show Off Dust Off Your Apron And Get Ready To Create Some Buttercream Joy