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Review will be posted closer to release day. What can I say LB Dunbar writes beautifully I love the gentle pace of the story unfolding The descriptions of the lake, farm and town are beautifully painted Many of the background characters we have met in previous stories, but Gavin, having been away from Elk Rapids for an extended period of time, we don t know too much about at the start., having returned for the film festival and Jess and Emily s wedding We are also introduced to Britton We get to knowabout Gavin and Britton both through the current storyline and the wonderfully written scenes , the flashbacks Gavin has Written from Gavins POV This is a wonderful, touching, second chance love story, reuniting the young lovers Oh, and tears, definitely lots of tears.ARC given by the author in exchange for an honest review. FREE DOWNLOAD ⚑ Touch Screen (Sensations Collection, #4) ⚔ Small Town Romance With Big Hearts Ready For LoveThe Prodigal SonGavin Scott Never Wanted To Return To His Small TownWhen He Sees Britton McKay Still Lives There, He Isn T Sure He Can Ever Leave AgainA Second ChanceBritton McKay Doesn T Know If She Can Trust Gavin Scott, The Man Who Broke Her HeartThen Again, She S The One Keeping A Secret From HimCan The Truth Bring Gavin Home Where His Heart Lives A Romance Told Through The Hero S Heart Only Welcome To Elk Rapids Enjoy The Sweeter Side Of LB Dunbar In This Small Town, Big Hearts Romance About Family And Love Each Book May Be Read As A Standalone, But Enjoyed Collectively, If You Like Stories That Weave Together The Lives Of FamiliesRead The Rest Of The Sensations CollectionSound AdviceTaste TestFragrance FreeTouch ScreenSight WordsAnd A Spin Off NovelThe History In Us Warning this book will make you emotional I received this book as an ARC for an honest review I loved this book It was beautifully written as well as an awesome story I found myself feeling the emotions of the Characters So get your tissues ready I also felt happiness, so it is not all sad.Gavin returns to his hometown after seven years of being away, trying to escape a disapproving father While back at home for his best friend s wedding and film festival, Britton and him rekindle their passion for each other But there is an extra person that Gavin falls in love with, and that is Britton s son I am not going to say muchthan that because I don t want to give away any spoilers.Did I find anything wrong with this book No, I didn t.Would I recommend this book Yes, definitely. let me start out by saying I love me some LB Dunbar she is such a gifted wrighter she pulls you into the book by making the characters real and dealing with real situations that you or someone you know has been through the love the pain the happy times you feel it all in her books you cry and laugh and sometimes throw things and Touch Screen is no different no spoilers but Gavin made Me laugh made me cry and made me want to smack the crap out of him onthen one occasion Britton is sweet and has been through a lot and sacrificed a lot all for a very good reason I might add I bawled like a baby in this book and I wouldn t have it any other way on March 3rd one click this book without thinking I promise you will not regret it thank you LB Dunbar and please never give up you turley are amazing Gavin Scott left for California to follow his dream of making movies and to escape his small town home He returned home after 7 years for the premiere of his first indie movie at the film festival in a nearby town Gavin is also reunited with the woman who was his teenage summertime sweetheart, Britton McKay Gavin remains in town to attend a friend s wedding and has his world is turned upside down when a secret is finally revealed.This is an amazing story The characters are wonderful and are vividly described so that you really feel like you know them, faults and all The story is well written and captivating with some amusing moments as well as a few teary eyed ones I especially enjoyed how the flashbacks were done, keeping with the movie theme This is definitely one of those must read books Holy cow I am ashamed to say that this is the first book of LB s that I have read and I am currently asking myself, why Gavin and Britton s story was phenomenal This book evoked so many emotions that I was floored at how skillfully written these characters were I was not sure if I wanted to punch Gavin or take him out for a beer While I cannot say that I completely agree with Britton s decision regarding their son, I can say that I do understand why she handled things the way that she did This touching story is written with an emotionally heaviness and underlying wit that pulls all of the characters and their situations into a wonderfully written story that will anxiously turning the page hoping that it will all turn out how you are hoping in the end. I loved everything about this book except George Carpenter He s such a slimy bastard.But seriously, I have so deeply enjoyed following the Scott and Carter families through this series The stories just get better and I m so glad Gavin was given a HEA because he truly was not happy at the beginning of his story Absolutely recommend this book and all the others. I have read most of the works by LB Dunbar and with each book the creativity and story development keeps getting better Touch Screen is no exception Since I first read Taste Test, I have been pulled into the Scott family and their close knit community Gavin Scott had been made reference to in previous stories, but in this book he is home in all his glory I love that Ms Dunbar keeps the reader abreast of the happenings in the lives of all her beloved characters from the previous books in the series The characters that the author creates are multilayered and so well developed you truly feel as if you know them Like most men Gavin is flawed, a point that his sister and others do not fail to point out to him I love the flashbacks being told in the form of a movie script or storyboard, a clever device to pull the reader into Gavin s movie world.Gavin returns home after seven years to premiere his first movie Having left to pursue his dreams of making films, Gavin not only left his disapproving father, he left the rest of his family and friends Returning for the film festival and his best friend s wedding, he rekindles his passion for his high school summer love Finding that she has a small child, Gavin finds himself drawn not only to Britton but her son While he may be a brilliant film maker, Gavin needs a slap upside the head on repeated occasions in this book I truly don t think I can say muchwithout dealing out major spoilers I loved this book I laughed, I cried and I sighed Rated S for sexy and as in the movies, the final reel is worth the wait. Touch Screen by LB Dunbar5 StarsReceived in exchange for an honest reviewHoly Wow Gavin Scott is somkin Gavin and Brittion were high school summer lovers in Elk Rapids where Gavin lived and Brittion visited her uncle each summer of high school After 7 years of being in California Gavin returns to his home town for a film festival and sees Brittion with her son Gee What Gavin doesn t expect is to have the same feelings for her that he had then, especially since he has a girlfriend at home As the spend time together over the course of the two weeks he his home, secrets of the past are revealed and we are left questioning if the secrets are too much for love to overcome I have loved LB s writing from the very beginning and was so excited for this release she did not disappoint, I loved every second of it We were introduced to the new characters of Gavin and Brittion and were able to check in one our favorites from early stories It was overall an amazing read and I look forward to .