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Outstand plot, characters and multiple setting make this a a Sci Fi novel that harkens back to the days of the Space Opera In grand sweeping detail, we learn the story of Alvin Baylor and in doing so, learn the world he has come to learn to survive in Its wonderfully descriptive smartly written and simply begs for a Volume 2 You can hear my interview with him here Alvin Baylor, once upon a time was a highly successful cyber athlete, career was cut short when a teammate kick the bucket by frying his brain while in a game tournament Somehow Alvin got the blame and his lucrative career was over Alive now worked on synaptic controls for asteroid mining vehicles In a few hours he was scheduled to take a long earned vacation Well as we all know, the best made plans of mice and men often go awry Alvin gets called into work after a binging on his favorite liquid Somehow his boss knows it Alvin thinks that he is being monitored via his wrist band sound familiar anyone Alvin dutifully goes back to the office to find out why he has been recalled Seems the CEO of Alteris, his employer, wants him to handle an emergency Alvin having no choice by to comply and is directed to the spaceport Alvin has never been off planet before and still is unsure of the details of his mission only that he must get to an old mining camp called 243 Ida Much to his surprise the CEO is sending him first class on a luxury cruise ship The Hope Alvin is supposed to keep a low profile unfortunately he is recognized as Zeus the famous cyber athlete and is persuaded to enter into a VR Gaming Tournament playing against his once arch enemy This is where the fun part comes into play You get a firsthand view of the game playing Innovated interpretation of the rules wins the game for Alvin and a lot of unwanted attention Of course Alvin meets a girl he likes, but she is not what she seems She has her own mission and is using Alvin to get it When Alvin reaches 243 Ida he has one hop to a derelict space ship to retrieve what he thinks is new space mining test equipment What he finds is nothing like what he expected As much as I would like to tell you , I think you would enjoy reading this book yourself and participating in Alvin s amazing adventure I really enjoyed this pulp scifi story much to my surprise The characters are complex, quirky, dynamic and fun The storyline is intriguing and keeps you guessing as to what could happen next Can t wait to find out what happens in the next book I won this ebook on Goodreads.com This was a GoodReads giveaway win of a Kindle ebook.I found this book to lack direction It started with a substance abusing hero whom I never liked It ended without me really caring enough of our hero or his fate the book ended at a spot that implies is to come in a sequel Maybe that is what left me feeling like I didn t really care It doesn t help my distrust of ebooks I think too many of them are not fully cooked concepts and are really experiments by the authors trying to find a winning formula.Have a GoodReads. EnjoyableAfter you get past the first 8 chapters Lots of action, a little sex, a little profanity and some violence OH, and plenty of subtle humor. Sci Fi AdventureI got this book courtesy of a GoodReads giveaway It was a good adventure but I m not sure of the marketing What is pulpy about it I m a little tickled that I read the book on a device that retails for over 1K Besides which, didn t Pulp Fiction books of yore have sex Alvin Baylor Lives has almost none. Throughly enjoyed the storyline I expected humor and likable anti hero, but there is nothing of the sorts here Just a plain adventure story, not worth my time. Alvin Baylor has been living in quiet, and drunken, obscurity since he was disgraced as a Cyber Athlete in college His days are spent laboring for the Alteris Corporation and his nights are spent at his local bar Then the corporation offers him a deal he can t refuse He simply has to recover some tech after an accident out at a mining colony past Mars and they will give him a retirement On the 6 month trip out, he finds a chance at redemption with a Cyber Tournament He gets to see the life he could have had and he finds love All while hurtling towards intrigue, betrayal and adventure.This was a good read Alvin was a complicated character If this had been a 30 s pulp instead of a science fiction pulp, his character could have been played by Bogart, at least emotionally It s the kind of lost man Bogey could redeem so well The story had excitement and fun and I really enjoyed it. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇻ Alvin Baylor Lives! ⇪ Alvin Baylor S Life Is Not Turning Out As ExpectedHe Was Tasting Glory As A Cyber Athlete, Until Scandal Ended His Career Now He Spends His Days At A Dead End Job In A Constant Hangover Haze And With The North America Of Fractured Into Corporate Territories, Who Can Blame Him But Alvin Is About To Get A Life Changing PropositionHis Corporate Overlords Have A Special Need For His Cybernetic Gifts He Ll Deliver A Mysterious Prototype To An Asteroid Mining Colony In Exchange, His Debts Will Be Erased And His Fortune ChangedOr He Can Take Option Number Two The Unemployment LineRiding An All Expense Paid Cruise To The Frontier Of The Solar System, Alvin Has Every Reason To Be Optimistic There S Gaming, Booze And Temptation Aplenty Aboard The Starship Hope But Alvin S In The Dark On A Couple Of Key Details The Prototype He S Delivering Is A Technological Marvel That Will Transform The World And A Deadly Female Assassin Is Coming To Steal ItIt S The Opportunity Of A Lifetimebut Alvin Baylor Just Might Pay With His Life