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I really wanted to like it but it was just so meh. This review may have some spoilers, because I just can t review without mentioning what s bothered me I tried to be abstract, but not sure if I got it So, if you don t wanna spoilers stop reading after stars Just now in all it was pretty good read for me Stump and Zoey they had their own charm And it was nice to not only meet Predators again, but The Last Riders and even Porter I was confused about Zoey abilities And if you meet Porters, you know what I m talking about I love those twists in books But concidering what Zoey can do, you would think she can recognise the true people behind the mask Sometimes she got it, sometimes she was blindsided I didn t get it Maybe it just me Stump was just typical Predator or even TLR Trying to ingore pretend escape fight his feelings for h And there was moment, when I think needed a bit of work Meaning it was just too fast change from I m attracted But it wouldn t last long to I love you Stump said he was trying to show her how he felt for a month and half, and maybe if this was shown instead of told, I may felt different about the change And his plan with Shades help related to Zoey It needed elaboration, because I wasn t sure about it I mean I got an idea, what it was about, but it just needed , because it felt, like I walked in the middle of theirs talk.Stalker He was ok, well, not ok, but you know what I mean lol, until we got to his reasons for stalking Zoey And that was confusing to me too It felt like a base for another book and I understand when authors do it and love it, but in this case it just felt like unfinished business at the end. I m not sure what it s going on but I didn t love Stalked.I used to love all of Jamie Begley s books but lately, I m just not falling in love with her main characters.Stalked is about Zoey and Stump Zoey moved to Queen City a few years ago Her childhood wasn t a perfect one Her mother was absent and her father moved her too many times to count or remember Presently, she s a life coach and she loves her work She keeps her past to herself but she has befriended Grace and Penni who share an office in the same building When Zoey finds a dog outside the building, she can t leave him alone She s able to take him in and even though she wants to keep him when the true owner comes forward she relinquishes him.Stump is a Predator He loves his brothers in the MC but he s happy he doesn t have an old lady to nag him He likes his life uncomplicated Who needs an old lady when you can have a great dog instead When Hannibal his dog goes missing, Stump is determined to find him He s on his bike looking for Hannibal and in his haste, he doesn t realize he drenches Zoey with his motorcycle until much later when a stranger tries to hit him with his car What Stump doesn t know is that Zoey has many followers on social media and when she posted a picture of Stump leaving her soaked, the followers aren t happy and they are going to show Stump their displeasure Stalked had some of the humor that I have come to expect from Jamie Begleys books It s always nice to see the Last Riders popping in for a cameo Greer and Shade were both awesome in this book.I liked Zoey She had a way to see the positive in people and in this world She was sweet, caring and a good friend to Penni and Grace I m just not sure what she saw in Stump Stump was rude, called her names and never liked to apologize to Zoey But, my main problem is the execution of his profession of love towards Zoey No man should do it under those circumstances It just felt wrong and disrespectful to me I was also not happy with the rushed ending I felt like they were too many unanswered questions in this one I don t know I missed the earlier Last Rider s books Cliffhanger No2 5 FangsMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram Stalked was the fourth book in Jamie Begley s Predator s MC series.This was a tough one for me to review I love an MC read and I love a suspenseful romantic plot Stalked had all three but I had a tough time connecting.Stump not my favorite name was a member of the Predator s MC During a horrendous day where it was raining, his girlfriend broke up with him, his dog got loose and he was fired from his job he soaked an unsuspecting lady, Zoey, with a water spray from his motorcycle Unfortunately for him, the quirky and eccentric Zoey, tweeted about it and he became a social media target.Begley fully developed the characters and storyline, but I had a difficult time relating to both Zoey and Stump I struggled with feeling the chemistry and love between them Additionally, there were quite a few editing errors that were hard to overlook However, I thoroughly enjoyed the suspenseful plot that Begley created and it s what kept me intrigued and entertained No spoilers here, but there were several layers to the mystery Begley weaved And as disheartening as it was, I enjoyed the creativity she used in unraveling Zoey s past.In the end, it was a quick and suspenseful read mixing several MC clubs and series With the conclusion of Stalked, Begley provided an intriguing segue for continuing the series with the next currently unnamed book. The ending felt flat The book was a solid four star until I couldn t find another page to turn Pretty mad at having gone a long with all those childish letters all throughout the book to have them mean not enough got a star removal Very vengeful of me but I ll give you a thank you for sweet cover model. Zoey s life has formed her into who and what she is now A life coach, Zoey believes a cup is half full and there is always a positive, even in the worst case scenario Prime example is when she s drenched on her way to work by a motorcyclist Her take is that at least she wasn t hit by the motorcycle Yes, life has it s ups and downs but focusing on the positive is her mantra Stump is in a panic though he d never admit it when his dog Hannibal escapes forcing him to search for him in the rain Finally having to give up on his search, Stump s shows up to his job only to find out he s been fired for being late and getting some chick wet If that s not enough, random people are stopping him, blaming him for upsetting some blog chick for something he has no idea he did Whatever Life isn t done with these two when a situation forces the two into close contact per orders of Stumps MC President, Ice Apparently a stalker is threatening Zoey s safety and Stump is to be her bodyguard protector Why should an MC club get involved in Zoey Two of Zoey s half million follows happen to include MC members wives who have made it known that THEY care As an MC club series I grabbed this book looking for a good karma is a b tch sort of read Of course I read the sample before one click but that was enough to hook me and the rest is history OK Different take on MC life in that a biker becomes public enemy 1 because of a life coach blogger post For this reason I wanted to tag the overall story with romantic comedy but there was a running subplot of darkness as the author gives the reader an ongoing glimpse of the pain Zoey experienced in her childhood to to the present time line Whiplash of sorts for me between the two The two main characters Zoey is a saccharin sweet optimistic sort of character who I had a hard HARD time relating to while Stump was a grumpy biker who I could relate to but had character inconsistencies that were problematic I totally get the premise of opposites attract that I think the author was going for but in my world, in my reality, nope These sort of characters and these sort of character attributes don t act or behave this way End result I wasn t a fan of either Romance between the two did evolve into adult content scenes, but, in my opinion, would have been better served if the author had gone to fade to black format Authors who choose to include adult content scenes need to fully commit if they re going this route as choppy or brief shock and awe bedroom action are depressing Secondary characters Characters from previous installments do return in varying degrees of participation Does this mean this story cannot be read as a stand alone Honestly, I m of the mind this is a stand alone as long as the reader is ok not to know the back stories of those characters As for the elephant in the room This is a romantic mystery suspense thriller sort of read that includes two separate subplots for the reader to ponder 1 has to do with Zoey s past and present As I m a non spoiler reviewer I can t say much2 has to do with Zoey s stalker Again Not much to say without spoiler info, so My thoughts about both are my own and I own it when I say that neither made sense or worked when I got to the ending Serious concerns regarding my own ongoing debate on self perceived inconsistencies and lack of world building with a lack of evidence towards the final reveal scenes Further, the reveals themselves were rushed, condensed, and wrapped up too conveniently Everyone loves a HFN or HEA ending but that doesn t mean they shouldn t be a natural progression twisty curve ball climatic for the reader to realize Further, a lack of editing in regards to grammar and even using wrong character names in certain scenes were problematic I m not one to hold a few errors against an author so when I do notice them, and start to get irritated by them, yup, it s a problem I m not a fan of this story forreasons than I can go into I m actually not sure if this is the end of this one as, for me, there are still open ended aspects that weren t resolved Once again though I see I m in the minority in regards to my feelings about this story but that IS the beauty of reading in general No two persons ever read the same book Edmund Wilson .EPUB ♄ Stalked (Predators MC #4) ⚐ There Are Some Days It Just Doesn T Pay To Get Out Of Bed My Girlfriend Kicked Me Out Then, Even My Dog Didn T Want Me, So He Ran Away My Boss Fired Me When I Called To Let Him Know I Was Going To Be Late And To Put The Cherry On Top Of The Crap Sundae, I Accidentally Doused A Woman In Water Who Had Followers Than Brain Cells As If Becoming One Of The Most Hated Men In Queen City Wasn T Bad Enough, Some Lunatic Was Stalking The Popular Life Coach I Had Soaked The Fucker Should Be Running From Zoey, Not Watching, Especially With Me Protecting Her Some Fuckers Must Learn The Hard Way, And I M Going To Be The One To Teach Him You Don T Mess With Anyone Who Belongs To A Predator It Was A Perfect Day Until I Met Stump I Found A New Friend, Reached Half A Million Followers, And Was On The Brink Of Putting My Past Behind Me When The Crazy Biker Accused Me Of Stealing His Dog To Make Matters Worse, He Then Blamed Me For People Hating On Him He Did That With No Help From Me I Don T Blame The Dog For Running Away I Would, Too, If I Belonged To Him My Skills As A Life Coach Don T Work On Him I Might Not Be Able To Change The Irritating Predator, But I M Not Above Using Him To Catch The One Who Wants Me Dead WARNING This Work Of Fiction Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only All Sexually Active Characters Portrayed In This Ebook Are Eighteen Years Of Age Or Older Please Do Not Buy If Strong Sexual Situations, Multiple Partners, Violence, Child Abuse, And Explicit Language Offends You Hmmm I absolutely adore Jamie s book, but this is my least liked book out of all her books it felt rushed and the plot was lacking Usually her books make me feel a tone of emotion but this one wasn t like that it just felt like it was missing something Very disappointed Escape into My Reads Book Blog RajThe first chapter of Stalked started off with a bang and I was hooked, but my excitement soon dwindled as I continued reading and felt like I had to force myself to finish a Jamie Begley book.So little was known about Stump from the previous Predator books and I was interested to get to know him better, but I came away after I finished reading like I still learnt nothing about his character, his past or his family life As Zoey s character was new I couldn t get that invested in her at first as the connection was missing, but afterwards I liked her and could empathise with her pain and need to help others I think with the book being dropped out of the blue that also dampened the excitement for this release on top of not expecting Stump to have a story to tell I think I would have preferred for Moon s book to have been released before Stump s, but I think this book was a filler for another character s future storyline and I can say I am very excited to see that happen as I love that character I felt like this book was underdeveloped and lacked depth to the characters lives and left many questions unanswered, like a puzzle uncompleted due to the raw jigsaw pieces refusing to gel together I loved that we gotPenni and Jackal but I kept having questions at the back of my mind, like who the hell looked after their daughter Wylie whilst Penni was at work, and Jackal was with the Predators I found questions like this holding me back with the story and I was unable to focus on the words in front of me, I mean it s the little details that add to the character s lives and delivers a much richer story I mean we didn t even get a scene with their daughter which added to the disappointment of this book There was also lot of characters in Stalked to get familiar with and the constant reuse of the same C G letter for a character added to confusion, and made it difficult to connect to their individuality I felt that Stump s hating Zoey one minute to loving her unbelievable I could understand that he knew what he was looking for in a woman and that he was selective but JB failed to show the stages of how he fell in love with her Chapter 18 all I m going to say is I was upset for Zoey and mad as hell at her for the lack of self respect and non existent reaction she showed to what she came upon Seriously I wish JB would please stop writing these scenes of weak women who are too accepting forgiving of the men s hurtful actions It s overdone and I am so over it My favorite parts of the book belong to Roo Buster aka Hannibal the daschund dog, who proudly wore Stump s property patch lol His scenes were so hilarious and JB as always knows how to deliver humour to her stories I also loved Greer s scenes who was his usual cocky annoying self, and Creed really interested me I love your work JB but please for the sake of fans read our reviews and take them into consideration, because poor editing continues to be unaddressed or corrected with each new release, and I totally don t get why, like seriously why This influences me to rate the book low, and spoils the read when words are missing to complete the sentence, or the wrong name is used like one minute its Cole then its Colt I just don t understand the logic of why mistakes are not picked up by your beta readers editor, or if you have them I want quality over quantity every time The epilogue yeah I actually cried, it was emotional and beautiful but before I could really capture all of those joyful feelings of a reunion for Zoey, JB cut it off and lost a damn star in rating This isn t the first time JB has ruined an epilogue for me, I just don t understand why as an author she wouldn t capitalize on delivering an epic epilogue that did the characters justice, and finished a book strong leaving fans happy instead of cutting off not including scenes and leaving them disappointed and making me feel like the whole story I read was worthless This about sums up all my feelings and thoughts about Stalked Zoey annoyed me through about 85% of the book I don t know why but heroines like Zoey and Shade s Lily bore me and make me want to roll my eyes until they roll out of my head and across the floor Too goody goody Too pure Too kooky Predators word Zoey was almost TSTL when it came to her stalker It s just hard for me to see Zoey s appeal to Stump Why was everyone so maniacally angry in the beginning chapters Stump was pissed off at everybody he came into contact with Seriously, why was he angry over a slut leaving him Grace and Penni were shrews I seriously don t see any tough MC officer guy particularly the president allowing his wife to lead him around by the dick in front of other people I wish we d know if Cole s condition improved after, you know Also, I cannot believe this book ended without the big reveal WTF WHY On a different note, anyone else find the cover model looks like Jake Gyllenhaal