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~Download Kindle ♠ Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme: A Play ♗ This Powerful And Subtle Play Follows The Experience Of Eight Men Who Volunteer To Serve In The Th Ulster Division At The Beginning Of The First World War It Reaches A Climax At The Start Of The Terrible Battle Of The Somme On July The Actual Anniversary Of The Battle Of The Boyne In The Somme, Where The Ulster Division Suffered Heavy Casualties, Has, Like The Boyne, Come To Have A Sacred Place In The Loyalist Protestant Mind It Marks The Union Sealed With Blood It Stands For The Ultimate Test Of Ulster S Loyalty A Blood Sacrifice To Match Any Made By Irish Nationalists Times Literary Supplement Observe The Sons Of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme Was Revived By The Abbey Theatre, Dublin, In As Part Of An Acknowledgement Of The Peace Process The Production Was Subsequently Taken To The Edinburgh Festival In And Opened At The Royal Shakespeare Company S Barbican Theatre, London, In March A play about the First World War Four acts The first is a monologue, Kenneth Pyper thinking back to the war and his dead comrades Part 2 introduces the eight characters as they enter the barracks and the army In Part 3 they are on leave from the front In Part 4 they prepare to go over the top in the Somme Part 3 is the most ambitious, the eight are on leave, back in the North of Ireland, they have divided into pairs and while they share the stage, they are in four different spaces or places the play cuts between them, linking their different concerns There are the obvious fears of death, but there are other tensions Throughout the men are rooted in place and history Through much of the play the place is offstage, their homes, the land they grew up in, the rivers they fished in are memories, yearnings the paradox is that they fight the war for their homeland, while being separated from their homeland They are also grounded in their traditions, those of Unionism and Protestant Ulster Although there is the paradox that while they are loyal to these values, this is not what the war is about Pyper is the outsider, is better educated, has already been outside of Ulster, living in Paris before the war he satirizes the views of the others and their parochialism But by the end he seems to have been integrated into the group, rather than still questioning it The pivotal section is part 3, but I m unconvinced by its success its ambitions pull in too many ways I will admit I am very uncertain how successful this work is I should probably return to it. review to come An Irish Catholic from the South reflects sorrowfully on young Ulster Protestants being offered up to Mars Read along with Sebastian Barry s A Long Long Way. I love drama, I really do, but this piece was one of the most boring plays I ve ever read.My opinion might change if I saw it performed on stage 2.5 Stars Another play for my dissertation It was a really good source the play is just incredibly depressing It s an Anti war play from the perspective of a Company of men, with one of them surviving the war and remembering what happened, and his mates I didn t particularly enjoy reading the play, but I could imagine the play to be really moving if was performed. One of the most moving and powerful pieces of drama I have encountered in a while I saw this in the theatre with fantastic actors who commanded the utter attention of the audience through superb character performance and stunning interpretation of the work I then bought the play myself to read as the theatre had left me curious and wanting The play is set in WW1 in the lead up to the Battle of the Somme where over one million soldiers lost their lives However, instead of being a play based around the actual physical battle, it focuses on the lives of eight soldiers from Ulster, from when they join up until the front line The characters are explored tenderly yet with great emotion by the play write, and it is difficult not to find yourself completely immersed in their world While the play touches on themes such as the Catholic Protestant conflict in Ireland, Homosexuality, the meaning of life, and the morality of war, it is clear from the start that the real drama is the emotional and spiritual journey of the main characters An absolutely first class play I recommend it heartily, and if you get the chance to see it live, as I did, you should take it. McGuinness does an excellent job of re visioning a WWI drama instead of a focus on the battles, etc the audience is left with only eight young men who are fighting for Ulster who understand that they will die for Ulster Done in four parts, McGuinness hooks the audience immediately with Kenneth Pyper seemingly alone on stage yet soon revealing he is haunted by the seven men he fought alongside Pyper was the only survivor The most beautiful part in my opinion is Part 3 where the men are paired off we see them bonding and connecting with the other half of the pair, we see them arguing and challenging each other as well It is the beautiful juxtaposition of characters, of war and humanity, of peace and struggle It was moving and I would love to see this performed on stage. Tonight I watched the play, and it was powerful About love and morality, faith and friendship the things that pull us through the worst of it all, how we are changed by all of it I ve been skimming different sections of the book to relive the strength of the play ever since the play let out in fact, in the intermission I was reading the opening bits, to hear them again in my mind The actors did a brilliant job in the show, a moving performance all around.I even went in and willingly underlined a couple of passages that I found particularly moving I don t think I have ever, under my own free will and initiative, underlined a book Not even in the pencil I did it in tonight.ELDER PYPER I will not talk, I will not listen to you Invention gives that slaughter shape That scale of horror has no shape, as you in your darkness have no shape Your actions that day were not, they are not acceptable You have no right to excuse that suffering, parading it for the benefit of others.ELDER PYPER Those I belonged to, those I have not forgotten, the irreplaceable ones, they kept their nerve, and they died I survived No, survival was not my lot Darkness, for eternity, is not survival P.S JULIE It was either at the quote of Crawford or of Moore Millen below which made me think of the Auxiliary Animorphs yes, specifically of them in the middle of watching this play Hrm, I am inclined to think it was Moore Millen where I thought it CRAWFORD What am I I ll tell you I m a soldier that risks his neck for no cause other than the men he s fighting with I ve seen enough to see through empires and kings and countries I know the only side worth supporting is your own sweet self I ll support you because if it comes to the crunch I hope you ll support me That s all I know That s all I feel.MCILWAINE The whole of Ulster will be lost We re not making a sacrifice Jesus, you ve seen this war We are the sacrifice.MOORE Who leads you MILLEN Top brass I do as I m told I make no complaints If they order me to put my hand in the fire, for the sake of what I believe in, I d do it willingly You have to do that as well, Moore That s the only way you ll come back alive.PYPER Dance. Eight young Protestant men in their twenties and early thirties enlist to fight for their country In the beginning they joke around and tease each other about their differences and their backgrounds, but as death creeps closer, they begin to question their motives and realize that it s too late to go back At the beginning, and old embittered Pyper greets the ghosts of his comrades and.yikes