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READ PDF ⚷ The Pillow Parade á For Generations, Sheep Have Had A Proud History Of Jumping Over Fences To Help Children Sleep But When A Little Bunny Tries To Join This Bedtime Ritual, Will The Sheep Be Ready To Welcome Her Into Their Group Join Olive On Her Adventure, As She Sets Out To Change Bedtime As We Know It And, Along The Way, Discovers The Joy That Comes From Helping Others And The Importance Of Not Giving Up The Pillow Parade Is A Funny And Lighthearted Rhyming Book That You Will Enjoy Reading To Your Kids Over And Over Again In A Playful And Subtle Manner, The Story Shows Children The Importance Of Not Giving Up When They Are Confronted With A Difficult Situation Or A Flock Of Veeeeeeery Stubborn, And Not So Nice, Sheep This book was so enjoyable to read that I don t mind reading it twice at bed time The illustrations are adorable as the rhymes I really love that little Olive. Olive is an energetic rabbit who loves to hop and play One day she comes across a playful sheep who enjoys leaping as well Olive challenges him to a race, but he tells her it is his duty to help little children who cannot sleep to count their sheep So Olive decides to follow his footprints and encourage children to count rabbit hops instead.The rhymes are sharp and crisp the illustrations assist in explaining the tale Recommended as a bedtime story for children in the three to six year old range. Olive, Olive, help me sleep Olive, Olive leap leap leap Canadian author Ed Dron studied Economics and Business at the University of Windsor and in his spare time he writes He was nurtured on Pop culture, which he states, shaped his imagination and writing style Now living in British Columbia he writes children s books that need to be fun and not only nurture curiosity but initiate that spark that ignites the way toward a lifelong love of books and reading Ed s debut in publishing is THE PILLOW PARADE and is beautifully illustrated by Hong Anh Olive is a rabbit who loves to bounce like a ball, and with her big paws and long ears her bounces allow her to soar into the sky as though she could fly Olive encounters a sheep who likewise loves to bounce and leap and Olive challenges the sheep to a race But the sheep declines the sheep must jump as children snooze, assisting their sleep When the curious and ambitious Olive offers to perform the same duty the sheep shows her a membership card in the Pillow Parade and states the task of jumping for children to sleep is one only for sheep Not to be excluded Olive studies the sheep hoof prints left as they bounce and following the prints led her to the site where the sheep practice jumping over a gate to prepare for their nighttime function And as she watches the bouncing sheep she hears a cry from a child who lives in a high house and cannot see the sheep bouncing Olive can soar with her big paws and long ears, and with her particular gifts she is able to bring sleepy time to the children in the high house She spends the night hopping over buildings and beds, helping many children sleep and dream Olive had won membership into the Pillow Parade Written in charming rhyme with a fine twist on an old children s idea of counting sheep, Ed Dorn demonstrates a superb gift for entertaining and reassuring children especially at bedtime He appears to be an important new talent in the genre of children s books Highly Recommended. Natural rhymes and an easily voiced rhythm make The Pillow Parade a perfect pillow time storybook for kids The illustrations are full of humor and delight, from frowny sheep to almost flying rabbit I love those ear wings And there s even a chance for less than sleepy children to practice counting sheep as the story progresses, while a less than sleepy bunny tries to reach and help everyone The story is delightfully satisfying, even surprising by the end It s beautifully illustrated and very pleasingly told a really fun read, and a perfect gift for parents of reluctant sleepers and for children who love picture books.Disclosure I was given the chance to read a copy and I loved it