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Otra historia incre ble.Los personajes se sienten tan reales, que son casi como aquellos compa eros que tuve en mis a os por la preparatoria La t pica chica estudiosa que adula a los maestros en busca de un beneficio, para luego cobr rselas al resto, es algo odioso para lidiar y por ello las protagonistas de este libro deciden darle una lecci n a esa molestia de chica.La cosa tomar un rumbo radical y la competencia por la atenci n y destrucci n lo es todo, hasta el final.Justo as es esta peque a pero super intensa historia. This one reminded me a lot of the Fear Street books I read as a teenager Also great ending Diese Rezension und viele mehr findet ihr auch hier Zusammenfassung Eigentlich sollten Shelli, Liam, Danny, Mayra, Del und Jennifer gl cklich sein schlie lich haben sie gerade ihren College Eingangstest erfolgreich hinter sich gebracht Aber eben auch nur eindeutig erfolgreich, weil sie alle betrogen haben Als diese Tatsache jedoch Jennifer so sehr zu schaffen macht, dass sie ank ndigt, sie alle nach den Ferien auffliegen zu lassen, schmieden ihre Freunde einen teuflischen Plan Jennifer muss sterben, bevor sie die Leben von Liam, Mayra, Dell, Danny und Shelli ruinieren kann Und wer die Tat vollbringen muss, entscheidet ganz alleine das Los Fazit Eine ganze Weile schon stand dieses Buch bei meinen brigen Fear Street B chern auf einem v llig ausgelasteten Regalboard und war schon fast vergessen Jetzt habe ich es aber doch gelesen und kann nicht allzu viel Positives dar ber sagen, leider Denn die Aufl sung der ganzen Geschehnisse war mir selbst f r ein Stine Buch zu sehr an den Haaren herbeigezogen oder viel mehr f r mich nicht so wirklich zufriedenstellend Dennoch es handelt sich hier um ein New Fear Street Buch Und daher vergebe ich doch noch wohlwollende Moral of the Story It s easier just to study hard for an exam than to plot killing your closest friend because she is going to snitch on you.Body Count 4, Danny, Mayra, Liam andThe Usual Suspect s JenniferThe Actual Suspect s JenniferTagline Getting into college can be murderPlot Jennifer, Mayra, Liam, Danny, Del, and Shelli have all cheated on their College Placement Exam Most of them have good grades, but they are all under a lot of pressure to attend only the finest of institutions No community college for any of them One of them has a conscience, however, and regrets their decision to cheat She tells everyone that she is going to report them as soon as she can She just feels awful about what they did and cannot get over it Look out, Jennifer Everyone immediately gangs up on Jennifer She flees the house party in distress Shelli is Jennifer s best friend, and she tells everyone that once her mind is made up about something then she isn t going to change it They all fear the worst for their futures Danny suggests that they kill her and make it look like an accident If she really isn t going to change her mind about snitching then it is the only option they have The boys all muse that it can t be THAT hard They all have the smarts This coming from a group of cheaters, mind you.Danny s brilliant plan is to hold a lottery to see who will kill Jennifer since they can t all do it at once Whoever gets the highest number has to do the dirty work It comes down to Shelli and Danny Danny draws a 5 He must kill Jennifer Since they used to date, he knows her schedule and where she works His plan is to run her over the following night He tells them if anyone else is around he ll just give up on his plan Tensions are high the next night at Shelli s house Everyone is sitting around waiting for Danny to come home By 10 30 he s still a no show They decide to drive down to where Jennifer works to find out what s going on The scene that awaits them is not pretty They see Danny s car crashed into a light pole When the police pry open the driver s seat a bunch of Danny s blood comes gushing out Danny has a glass shard through one of his eyes, which I thought was a nice touch.Talking to the police is, lo and behold, Jennifer She s alive and well, though Shelli notices blood on her jacket Hmm Jennifer stares at everyone with cold and lifeless eyes, but none of them talk to her The remaining four head home and discuss what to do Jennifer is still alive, and they are all still concerned that she will tattle Shelli wants them to quit talk about murdering Jennifer She never wanted this to happen Del volunteers to try and talk some sense into Jennifer the next day at school While Mayra, Liam, and Shelli wait for Del the next day, they start to notice some commotion on the upper floor of Shadyside Before they can react, they see something come crashing through one of the upper windows and land with a sickening splat on the ground Shelli just knows that it s Del He has broken most every bone in his body, but the doctors tell the remaining three that he is in stable condition He won t die.Jennifer pays her remaining friends a visit the next night She sneers at them and glares at them with dead eyes She tells them that SHE killed Danny and pushed Del out of the window She tells them that she has to kill each one of them since they tried to kill her Then she leaves Shelli chases after her to no avail Liam STILL thinks it s a good idea to keep trying to kill Jennifer Shelli thinks he s crazy So do I They hold the lottery again, and meek Mayra is the winner She has to kill Jennifer the next day She s a nervous wreck, though, and she knows she can t do it alone Shelli and Liam agree to be available as back up The plan is for Mayra to tell Jennifer that she wants to speak to her and let her know that she agrees about the test She wants to set things right They will meet an old bridge that is abandoned during the winter Liam tells Mayra she has to push Jennifer off the bridge.Jennifer agrees to meet Mayra As Liam and Shelli approach the bridge the next day, they see a bunch of flashing lights Mayra hasn t appeared yet, but they figure she must have succeeded in pushing Jennifer off the bridge Shelli asks a cop for the name of the person who died He tells her it was Mayra Simone.That night, Shelli is at home drinking cocoa to calm her nerves and watching the news to find out about Mayra s death She is shocked to hear the death has been ruled as a suicide A note posted to Mayra s mirror at home flashes up on the screen I feel so guilty about cheating on the test I couldn t take it any Shelli is shocked.Liam s twisted brain tells him that he and Shelli are still not safe until Jennifer is dead Shelli is sick of all this tragedy Liam vows he s still going to get Jennifer, and Shelli realizes that she has to stop him before he dies too She now believes what Jennifer said about killing them all one by one That night she goes over to Liam s house, but he isn t there She calls him on a gigantic old school cell phone but gets no answer She goes over to Jennifer s house and her parents tell Shelli that Jennifer is working on set construction for the play at school Shelli rushes to Shadyside High and hopes that she isn t too late The creepiest death yet is awaiting her When she gets to the auditorium and flicks on the huge lever that lights up the stage, she is greeted by Liam s dead form rocking back and forth on a rope that Jennifer used to hang him Shelli goes to take him down, but she can t bring herself to touch him in this condition I cannot blame her I couldn t do it either Hanging is one of the most gruesome and creepiest ways to die Have you seen The Virgin Suicides She finally runs into Jennifer at the bottom of the stairs Jennifer admits that she DID kill Danny, Mayra, and Liam Then she reveals something else too that s it s not that hard to kill the ones who have killed you And she won t stop until Del and Shelli are dead.Yes, Jennifer is a ghost She DID die that day that Danny ran her over That s why there was blood on her jacket But she couldn t fully perish because she had unfinished business with her friends So she begins to chase Shelli around the theater Jennifer lets Shelli fumble around in the dark for a while before turning the lights back on Then she goes to strangle ShelliOnly to find that she can t Her fingers touch Shelli s heart pendant, the one that Jennifer made for her when they were kids Shelli never took it off, not even when the others talked about killing Jennifer Shelli never wanted her to die She still wishes that Jennifer wasn t dead Jennifer is conflicted She wants Shelli to pay She MUST pay She tries to keep strangling her but is unsuccessful She just can t do it with the heart pendant around her neck So she stops and hugs Shelli and then starts fading away for good.After all that Shelli heads home to find her parents waiting for her They have her College Placement Exam scores Remember those Shelli, of course, has a perfect grade Her parents have news, however Mayra WAS found to be cheating on the exam, as was another kid in a different state So Shelli s current CPE score won t count The tests are being thrown out, and everyone has to take them all over again.Gaping Plot Holes If Jennifer can t kill Shelli with the necklace on, then why doesn t she just rip it off her neck Scream, Jennifer, Scream was a great book I love the twist on who kills who and how she does it R.l Stine is a great author I have read many of his books and many books in the series fear street. Left it open at the end I mean I know what happened to her but how was explained to everyone else Not a favorite R L Stine book, but still enjoyed it Plot twists are always bomb *E-pub ⇬ Scream, Jennifer, Scream! (New Fear Street, # 3) ☠ They Knew Cheating Would Be Risky But They Never Thought It Could Be Deadly When Shelli And Her Friends Cheat On Their College Placement Test, They Think They Have Just Secured Their Future Until Shelli S Best Friend, Jennifer, Threatens To Turn Them All In Now They Must Prevent The Truth From Being Revealed And They Will Stop At Nothing, Even Murder But Their Plan Backfires And They Suddenly Realize That They Are The Ones In Danger I ve read this one about 3 months ago I didn t think it was super amazing great, and it s definitely not the best one of the series, but it s for sure a good one and a 100% must read The story starts off good immediately from Chapter One, when Jennifer says that she s going to betray her friends at the school principal because of their conspiracy of cheating at the entrance exam for college The five friends do anything what s in their power to stop Jennifer, the sixth friend of the group, and to talk her out of it But Jennifer isn t giving in, and she s determined to turn her best friends in, because her consience is bothering her As it seems there s no other way to stop Jennifer from destroying their lives, the friends decide they ve no choice than to kill her And that s when all of the five friends, one by one, are being gruesomely described twisted murdered, in their attempt of killing Jennifer What s going on Is it Jennifer Does she know of their plan Why does everyone die before they have the chance to kill her The end was as shocking as the story itself Although I did have kind of a hunch from about the half of the story that this was what was going on, because a few weeks before I read i Scream Jennifer, Scream i , I read i Night Games i , and the plot of that story is kind of like pretty much actually spoiler Love and friendship always defeats hate and evil spoiler roll the same as the ending of this book But for readers that haven t read many Fear Streets yet NOT meaning that every FS book is like this lol , or better say people who haven t read Night Games yet, but if you first read this one, and th n Night Games it also doesn t make a difference mrgreen , is this ending still very surprising and will the outcome be as a smack in the face, like you d just never expect 8 And that little ironic twist at the end again LOVED IT o Well.that s nice lol All this shit for nothing mrgreen But be sure to read it 3,5 out of 5. This book had a pretty flimsy plot, and it definitely felt like it was just a mash up of a few other Fear Street stories The end was pretty awesome, though.