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I was very intrigued by the title of this book After reading the brief excerpt on the author s blog, I was even intrigued I m happy to write, I was not disappointed in this read Having read several of this author s books, I knew I was in for a treat The book is nothing you would imagine from the title Yes, it does have magic, voodoo and the bit about the obeah woman, but the overwhelming theme is a powerful love between a man and his wife The love scenes are passionate and powerful, but very well done Even their first lover s spat was well done The bit about New South Wales was an added bonus, I was always intrigued by the Aborigines of Australia I loved Todd and because of the way he loved and adored his wife Would that someone would love me like that. White Magic WomanByJu EphraimeTodd Montgomery has a problem one most men would salivate over But Todd is a devoted husband and what s happening is destroying him and his marriage His work in Malaria Research takes him to St Lucia in the Caribbean, a place where the locals believe in black and white magic Todd never did until the spirit of Lenora, an island beauty, visits him repeatedly throughout the nights, using her magic to bring him to heights of arousal never before felt Her assaults with her mouth and her driving him into erotic never ending climaxes leave him exhausted, bruised and battered He feels raped.Todd is no match for her sexual intensity and confides in a friend who gives him advice from an obeah woman for help in warding off the seductive witch who only comes to him in spirit evil spirit When all the traditional ways told by the obeah woman do not work, Todd decides he must leave the island and his work, and go home to his wife, Simonia The horror of the situation is that the spell on him leaves him impotent with his own beautiful wife Worse, the nymphomaniac of a witch follows him home, clear across the ocean.Ju Ephraime writes a steamy, intoxicating erotic romance, intermingled with startling paranormal events Will Simonia and Todd be able to save their marriage and destroy the white magic witch This well written tale comes to an unexpected and fearsome ending Simonia is determined no witch will take her man, and she has some tricks up her sleeves from her own aboriginal background.The author s characters are well developed and likable, and her detailed scenes, plus hot sex will make the readers crave even making this book a page turner Most importantly, it is a genuine love story that will melt even the coldest heart.Micki Peluso writer, journalist, and author of And the Whippoorwill Sang @Download Pdf ß White Magic Woman à Newly Married, Todd Montgomery Was Happy With His Life He Had A Job He Loved And A Wife He Adored, Life Couldn T Be Better Or So He Thought, Until He Became The Obsession Of A White Magic Woman His Work As A Research Scientist Took Him All Over The World, But Now Stationed On The Tiny Island Of St Lucia In The Caribbean, He Had Become The Night Time Plaything Of One Of The Most Powerful Sorceress On The IslandSimonia Was Passionately In Love With Her Husband, Todd, And Lived For The Moments They Could Spend Together, Whenever He Got A Break From His Demanding Job But, When On One Of His Trips Home, He Could Not Perform His Husbandly Duties Simonia Was Beside Herself She Thought He Was Cheating On Her Not Knowing How To Handle Such Deception, Simonia Became Very Despondent And Cold To Her HusbandBut When Todd Came Home Suddenly And Told Her He Was The Object Of A Sorceress Obsession And It Had Gotten So Bad, He Had To Leave His Job And Return Home To Seek Help She Believed Him, Especially Since The Witch Had Followed Him All The Way To New South Wales Todd Was Helpless To Fight The Witch, So It Was Left To Simonia To Save Her Man, And Her Marriage Together These Two Lovers Set Out On An Adventure Of A Life Time, To Capture And Destroy A Powerful Witch Who Was Hell Bent On Destroying Their Marriage Will They Succeed Against The Power Of Evil Todd Montgomery, one of the main characters of the story, is a very sexually aware individual His line of work takes him to the Caribbean, leaving his wife behind, but it isn t all tropical paradise for Todd this is a place where black and white magic prevail Todd was one that thought magic was just a wild concept until he began to experience sexual encounters that leave him highly aroused, but also with the feel of being violated Todd thought his problem was all in his mind has a problem until he found he could no longer perform with his wife or get any type of arousal except for the dream lady.Todd relays this information with a local who tells him he has been cursed by a witch, an evil spirit He seeks different avenues of thwarting her attempts of seduction, all were unsuccessful Todd finally had to confide on his wife, Simonia, what was happening Does there love stand the test of time and will Simonia really believe that Todd has a sexual curse on him I loved the character of Simonia and how she willingly believed her husband without ever witnessing any of the mystical events that had occurred most of us would assume he was covering up something with all the talk of a witch and curse Todd and Simonia have a love and respect for each other that is usually not witnessed in today s society When the going gets rough they stick together to get it sorted out and not try to place blame or accusations on the other The characters in Ju s White Magic Woman come to life from the first page This was a novel of high heat to the umpteenth degree Ju s has a writing style that not only depicts a well versed storyline, but also adds in the extra benefits of knowing what happens behind closed doors a place where many authors fill is the forbidden zone to write about I can honestly say that this is read that one who likes a true romance will thoroughly enjoy this paranormal enticing read Looking forward to arousing reads from this highly creative artist. Every night, Todd is visited by a witch who doesn t care that he s married In fact, she takes him for a wild sexual ride without his permission This story is about him breaking the witch s control over his body and getting the loving relationship with his wife, Simonia, restored.Having read several of this author s books, I can honestly say, I enjoyed this one the most The flow is good, though the details are overly done in some areas eg the real estate description of the St Lucia rental home could have been left out entirely, in my humble opinion , and the paranormal element kept just enough suspense to keep me guessing about what would happen next Ju s novel, The Man In the Black Top Hat, features a similar theme of body possession, except a ghost is the culprit there and it is based on a true story, according to Ju She was able to allow her imagination to run freely with this one.As with her novel, State of Ecstasy given a subtle nod in the current novel , I am left feeling like I need to travel Ju takes me to these exotic islands around the world in her books and makes me feel like I need to visit them in real life And maybe stay there. I received this book to give an honest review I previously got to read another sexual ghost story kind of like this one And I enjoyed it With this story it was no different I stayed up later to finish the book as I wanted to know what was going to happen next This is not your average ghost spooky story, this has a touch of cultural magic to it, which I loved You are taken into the world of St Lucia and you are met with Todd who has caught the eye of a island woman who will stop at nothing to keep him to herself sexual When Todd ends up telling his wife after trying to get rid of this White Magic Woman his wife stands beside him which I found to be awesome because that is what a wife or husband should do Yes of course she was a bit jealous and wondering if he cheated who wouldn t but when she found out the truth she didn t hesitate to help me figure out a plan I loved how we got a bit of background to his wife s cultural on her mother s side I enjoyed how there was different ways to end the magic this witch had on Todd, and how he did try them even when he didn t believe I enjoyed how the author weaved in the magic, the cultural, the occult s of both the Aboriginals and St Lucia Now I would have liked character building with Papino Simonia s grandfather What exactly did he put Todd through This was never fully explained I also would have liked the ending to have been better Don t get me wrong I liked the happy ending but there was never any confirmation that they got the right witch They never went back to the restaurant just to make sure I would have liked that in there Besides those two issues I had, the overall story was wonderful Full of magic, sex, a love that will stop at nothing. I was very impressed with this book I think what really made me connect to the story was the love affair between Todd and his wife Simonia It was a beautiful story weaved around amazing details in voodoo, magic, and the supernatural The author obviously did a lot of research or has a wonderful understanding of the magical world Not only was the story unique and quite enjoyable but it was a cultural lesson as well The love scenes in this book were well done They didn t go over the top but were descriptive enough to draw the reader into the love these two characters shared with each other Ju Ephraime weaved a marvelous story that will leave you breathless for I can t wait for the next book I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in delving into the dangerous world of magic. Todd and Simonia are a very happily married couple, however Todd works away from home for long periods at a time Whilst in St Lucia, he has unexplained sexual occurrences, which leave him baffled and disturbed He is not an unfaithful husband but rather a man under a spell This is where I leave the story for fear of spoiling it for others I will say that this is an usual story with some great plots and interesting characters involved in the occults.The author writes in an easy, straightforward style and develops each character with care I particularly enjoyed the romance between Todd and Simonia It proves that love goes a long way to conquer all.Ms Ephraime is a talented author and this is not the first book I have read, penned by her A very enjoyable and engrossing read, which managed to take me away from my hectic life, for a while. I was asked to review this for the author in exchange for a copy of this book.I started reading this last night and I was wondering where all the sexual talk was leading I am still unclear where it was going, but I tried to understand the concept of the story.I am sorry if this doesn t help, but I feel I can t connect to the characters in this book as I have no idea who the woman is in the story. Todd Montgomery is a newly married man who works with the Malaria Researach and Reference Reagent Resource Center He has been sent to St Lucia to discover a cure for a new strain of Malaria that is not responding to the usual treatments His assignment is for two years keeping him away from his wife for long periods of time But, in spite of the time he spends apart from her he does not seek out other women.For the past three months something strange has been happening to Todd, he has been having dreams of a woman using his body like her own personal play thing It doesn t take long for what he believed to be a dream to actually be reality A woman is essentially raping him nightly and his greatest fear is that it will destroy his marriage Not knowing what to do he returns home for a short visit and finds out that he is unable to have an erection even with the woman he loves than life itself Unwilling to explain the situation to his wife Simonia he returns to St Lucia and seeks out the help of an Obeah, a woman with a knowledge of magic that may be able to stop what is happening Apparently a sorceress has taken a liking to Todd and even when he uses the tools given to him by the Obeah he is still visited nightly With no other choice Todd leaves his position and returns home He is convinced that the witch will not be able to follow him back to New South Wales, his home Things between Todd and Simonia are once again back to normal, their sex life is as active as it ever was and he is beginning to believe he was right, the witch could not follow him One night his belief is shattered when he wakes up in the bathroom covered in bruises and bite marks He can no longer hide what is happening and confesses to Simonia She immediately contacts her Papino who is an aborigini for help Simonia and Todd have no choice but to return to where the trouble all began, St Lucia It is there they must stop the witch Todd believes the witch is a new waitress at a restaurant he used to go to, she is beautiful and makes him feel strange when he is around her, but is it her She seems to be the most obvious one but magic can be very powerful and can make you believe something that is not true Can Todd and Simonia stop the witch Is there love stronger than the witch s magic This was a very interesting novel and there were surprises, suspense and magic Simonia and Todd are two characters you just can t help rooting for, their love for each other is beautiful.Reviewed By Linda TonisMember of the Paranormal Romance Review Team